Parlun Building Materials

Global Opportunities

Parlun Building is developing globally, and we want to be your favorite construction materials supplier as well!

We aim to deliver high-quality building materials at the most competitive costs in order to fulfill the worldwide demand for construction project supplies.

Thousands of developers, builders, distributors, and retailers have selected Parlun Buildings as long-term business partners.

Here’s your opportunity to dominate the market and earn a lot of money! Parlun Buildings is seeking franchisees and partners all around the globe.

Profit from our decades of successful expertise in offering integrated solutions in the construction sector, as well as from our strong staff of over 300 product experts, designers, and engineers. Because of your strong local social network and marketing impact, you can develop more successful local marketing tactics and provide more convenient local services to meet the demands of clients in your local market. We are stronger together. We will win the market if we work together.

Requirements & Support

Project Dealer Applicants Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  1. The applicant must have at least two years of expertise in the building materials industry or outstanding resources in the local real estate market.
  2. The applicant must possess, or intend to build, a showroom larger than 100 square meters.
  3. The applicant must have more than enough cash for operations and project orders.
  4. The applicant must have a company operations team as well as a staff to deal with after-sales issues.
Free showroom design assistance

Dealer Support for Parlun Buildings Project:

  1. Preference for Project Dealer Pricing: A discount for showroom samples and project goods.
  2. Free showroom design assistance is provided.
  3. Operation Team Training Assistance
  4. Make your own website for a fee or for free.
  5. Complimentary customized relevant catalogs
one stop building materials from China

Becoming a Parlun Buildings Dealer in 6 Steps

  1. Fill out the dealer information form to apply.
  2. We introduce you to the firm and then tell you what procedures you need to follow to become a Parlun Buildings distributor. Then we look into the real estate market and developments in the application dealer’s area.
  3. The candidate pays a visit to the Parlun Buildings headquarters, plant, and showroom to learn about our quality standards and manufacturing capabilities.
  4. We evaluate dealer qualifications.
  5. Following a good assessment result, the applicant pays a deposit for dealer training and operational assistance. On subsequent purchases, the deposit will be repaid equally.
  6. As the collaboration progresses, we will provide near-perfect service coordination and pricing support in order to establish a win-win scenario.