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Vintage is trendy – more than ever. In a time of fast pace and constant change, the call for traditions is getting louder and louder. So it’s no wonder that the vintage look is not only taking on more and more space in the fashion world.

The vintage look tiles are also indispensable in our catalog. Whether subtle or eye-catching decorative appearance, strong or faded colors, large or small sizes – vintage look tiles are available in various designs, both as walls and floor tiles.

However, they all have one quality in common: they tell the story of a bygone era. Discover unique vintage look tiles in Palrun’s catalog and design your room in a special artistic way.

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As part of the concrete look trend, decors with a cement tile look have conquered the market. With their geometric patterns and natural colors, they are reminiscent of their 19th-century counterparts.

In contrast to the actual cement tiles, the vintage look tiles are much easier to care for and more durable. The vintage look tiles combine the art of the 19th century with the practical advantages of fine stoneware tiles and the many design options of modern manufacturing processes.

About their design, many tile manufacturers from China are strongly oriented toward historical models. These were originally painted by hand and therefore had a particular artistic effect. A technique that is once again reminiscent of tradition and the tried and tested.

In our vintage look tile catalog, you will find an overview of the different designs. Vintage look tiles are available in bright colors and a black and white look. There are vintage look tiles with patterns and tiles with restrained coloring.  


The color palette of the vintage look tiles includes many different shades. The slightly faded colors are an essential feature of the vintage look tiles. They reinforce the impression of a bygone era.

Most vintage look tiles are suitable for both floors and walls. As a result, the design of vintage look tiles offers countless design options and gives rooms a historical character.

For example, the vintage look tiles go particularly well with wood look tiles. Since most vintage look tiles come in warm and muted colors, they go well with the natural look of the wood. For example, the combination of wood look tiles (floor) and vintage look tiles (wall) is wonderful. Or cobble together vintage look tiles with wood look tiles.

However, tiles with a unique personality are not just for vintage looks. Modern furnishing styles can also be excellently combined with vintage look tiles. It exhibits exciting contrasts that greatly elevate the homeowner’s taste.

In addition, not only living rooms can be staged with vintage look tiles, but also outdoor areas.


The patchwork design is the wild combination of different patterns in a series of tiles. Both collections contain vintage look tiles in different formats (patterns and colors) that can be wonderfully combined. Thanks to the harmonious coloring of the various decors, they also give a coherent overall picture in the patchwork design.

In addition, the eye-catching vintage look tiles can also be combined with single-colored tiles. On the one hand, the single-colored tiles ensure a calmer overall image of the room, on the other hand, they subtly highlight the patchwork design.

However, if the patchwork design is too lively for you, the vintage look tiles can, of course, also be laid as a coherent vintage look tiles pattern.


Fresco is a unique wall painting technique in which wet paint is applied to fresh lime plaster. The word “fresco” is derived from this unique technique. In this design, the pigments enter into a chemical reaction with the plaster and bond permanently and stably to the substrate.

This painting technique mainly resulted in colors in pastel tones that appeared slightly faded. The wall tiles imitate the beautiful fresco style in two different colors, creating exciting accents.


Vintage look tiles create an exceptional ambiance with their unique tile surface. They transform rooms into eye-catchers with a historical flair.

However, vintage look tiles can be used flexibly. Whether in the bathroom behind the sink, in the entrance area on the floor, or in the kitchen as a kitchen mirror. The different styles and colors of the vintage decors open up countless design options for all rooms.

Tip: If you want to design a specific room with vintage look tiles, you should always keep the room parameters in mind. In principle, the vintage look tile can be laid in any room. However, to achieve the best possible effect, you should ask yourself a few questions in advance:

1. Would you like to set specific highlights in the room?

When you lay vintage look tiles, shower walls, kitchen mirrors, or even individual wall sections can be skillfully staged.

2. Do you prefer a calm or wild tile pattern?

Depending on your answer, you should combine eye-catching patterns and different colors accordingly. For example, if you like a soft tile pattern, you can also combine vintage look tiles with plain-colored tiles. However, if you want to create a striking wow effect, you can combine different designs and colors.

3. How big or small is your room? And how is it laid?

For example, if you want to showcase your floor with vintage look tile, You need to consider the following. In a small room with a lot of furniture, vintage look tiles may look better on the wall than on the floor. Accordingly, it would help if you always considered in advance what your finished room will look like.


In addition to the historic vintage design, the size of the vintage look tiles plays an important role. The most common size of vintage look tiles is 20×20 cm.

The small size allows the combination of different tile surfaces, patterns, and colors. In this way, a meaningful tile pattern with a vintage look can be created even on small areas, such as the kitchen mirror or the back wall of the toilet.

However, there is also a larger size of 60×120 cm or 80×80 cm. The large sizes, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for tile surfaces that have less independent patterns and more painterly surfaces. For example, tile surfaces in fresco design. Due to the large size, the tiles look almost like paintings and can dress entire areas.


Tiles with a vintage look not only look beautiful, but they are also a good choice of material when it comes to designing floors and walls. Because our vintage look tiles combine quality, aesthetics, and practicality. Here you can see all the advantages of retro tiles at a glance:

  • 1. Vintage look tiles are made of fine stoneware and are extremely robust, easy to care for, and durable.
  • 2. Vintage look tiles can look like cement tile, but it has the practical advantages of fine stoneware tile. Water and moisture do not affect the cement-look tile.
  • 3. The vintage look tile is suitable for all rooms: the bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway, the living room. The tile is also suitable for outdoor use, on the balcony or terrace.
  • 4. Vintage look tiles can be laid on either a wall or floor.
  • 5. Vintage look tiles create an extraordinary ambiance and highlight the artistic style with their special appearance.
  • 6. The vintage look tiles come in small and large sizes.

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