Veneer Wood Flooring

With veneer wood flooring, you get a natural floor covering for a comfortable living atmosphere in your home. It is incredibly versatile and suits every classic, modern or rustic style. Choose the right color and finish from light, dark, natural, oiled, or sealed floors for your taste. Whatever you are looking for, Parlun has the right veneer wood flooring.

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Veneer wood flooring for almost every room

With veneer wood flooring, you have a cheaper alternative to engineered hardwood flooring and a higher quality variant than laminate. It consists of three layers. The top layer consists of a thin layer of natural wood veneer. The middle layer consists of a pressed fiberboard made of HDF or MDF. The bottom layer consists of stabilizing wood. Veneer wood flooring is generally suitable for hot water underfloor heating. The integrated click systems are practical. This lets you lay the veneer wood flooring effortlessly, quickly, and precisely. We have a large selection of woods, surface types, and formats.

Choice of wood for veneer wood flooring

The choice of wood ultimately determines the appearance of your new veneer wood flooring. Each type of wood has its characteristics. What unites us is their high quality. Oak veneer flooring is trendy. The wood is strong, durable, and versatile in appearance. Also robust and noble are maple and acacia with their light reddish tone. Beechwood has long been popular and decorative. Anyone who is stylishly furnished appreciates the dark walnut wood. The resilient walnut tree is usually used for floor coverings. Since wood often does not tolerate water well and tends to swell, veneer wood flooring is less suitable for wet areas.

Veneer wood flooring - design and structure

Parlun offers veneer wood flooring in a plank format, as boat flooring, and in a herringbone pattern. With country house floorboards, the top layer consists of an entire veneer layer of precious wood, emphasizing the wood grain. Especially in large rooms, the plank makes a calming and noble impression. With boat flooring  look, two to three strips of precious wood veneer are attached next to each other on one floorboard. This gives a lively and rustic impression. The herringbone pattern has wooden sticks ground at an angle and is primarily suitable for large rooms. Veneer wood flooring does not work through the type of wood and the design alone. It needs a structure to finish. As a rule, wood flooring lovers decide between an oiled or sealed surface. The slippery surface beautifully showcases the wood grain. The protective film makes the sealed wooden floor particularly easy to care for.

Veneer wood flooring and accessories from Parlun

In our flooring catalog, you will find many beautiful veneer wood flooring and the necessary accessories. Be inspired by the types of wood, colors, and grades. Choose the veneer wood flooring that best suits your rooms and meets your requirements. The best thing to do is choose the right skirting board for you. This completes the parquet decoratively. You can easily attach the skirting board to the wall with a practical clip system, glue it or nail it. And if necessary, you can easily replace the bar at any time. Parlun has the proper care products so that you can enjoy your veneer parquet for a long time. Well equipped with everything you need, your veneer wood flooring is the basis for a completely new feeling of living.

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