Mounted Ceiling Lights

Mounted ceiling lights are suitable for most rooms. Because when you move into a home, you usually install a ceiling light first, which is enough to illuminate the entire room. Other lamps will be determined according to room decoration, for example, the floor lamp next to the sofa and the table lamp on the cabinet.

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How to properly install Mounted Ceiling Lights?

This question varies by model. But don’t worry: each mounted ceiling light has installation instructions and drawings showing all dimensions. After successfully installing the ceiling light following the drawings, you will have a great sense of achievement. If you have any questions before or during installation, our expert consultants will be happy to give you helpful tips. You can find contact details below.

If you do not understand electricity at all, we recommend that you hire an electrician to install it.


Can you hang Mounted Ceiling Lights without drilling?

Due to the law of universal gravitation, the ceiling light will fall, and it is impossible to install the ceiling lights without drilling holes. You must use a drill to install the mounted ceiling light. Gluing is not an option, as the light needs to be fixed to the ceiling for years, the glue will age over time, and the light will fall off easily, which is very dangerous.

Generally, the packaging of each mounted ceiling light will include matching screws and pins. For detailed questions, please feel free to contact our expert advice.


Which illuminant do I need for my Mounted Ceiling Light?

This question varies from model, depending on the light frame and your preference. In any case, you can save the most energy with LED light sources:

  • 90% compared to incandescent bulbs
  • 60% compared to halogen lamps
  • 10% energy saving than energy-saving lamps

The mounted ceiling light adopts built-in LED technology, and there is no problem with light source damage because LED lamps can work for about 50,000 hours.


Is there Mounted Ceiling Light that shines upwards?

Do you want the room to be filled with comfortable and not dazzling light? Then you can choose a mounted ceiling light with a lampshade that reflects light onto the ceiling so that the bulb is not visible and does not irritate our eyes. If you choose a warm white light source, the whole room will be very comfortable.


Mounted Ceiling Lights – better in small or large rooms?

Whether brightening a room with a wall lamp, ceiling light, or pendant lamp is a matter of taste. Mounted ceiling lights are great for rooms with low ceilings so that no one bumps into the lamp. Mounted ceiling lights are also great for kitchens and bedrooms.

Mounted ceiling lights with built-in LED lighting technology are undoubtedly the favorites of interior designers. Mounted ceiling lights also look great in tall rooms and provide good lighting.


Mounted Ceiling Lights with unique features:

Any mounted ceiling light can light up the room. But playing music, remote control, automatic power-on, and changing color or brightness are helpful extras for greater comfort and relaxation.


Mounted Ceiling Lights with motion detector

Every room lights up when you enter it? With a motion detector, this is not a problem. You no longer have to hit the wall switch with your elbow if you don’t have a free hand.


Mounted Ceiling Lights with remote control

You can control the TV remote, but what about the mounted ceiling light? Nothing beats the convenience of a remote control once you’re comfortable in bed and don’t have to get up again to turn off the lights manually. Dimming, changing the light color from warm white to daylight white, and you can do the option to choose color light modes; all of this can be done in bed.


Mounted Ceiling Lights with speakers

Isn’t it enough to turn on the lights? Can the mounted ceiling light play rhythmic music to relax you? Then a model with a speaker that can be controlled via your phone’s Bluetooth is perfect for your needs. It’s a pleasure to be able to control the ceiling lights and play music through your phone when you get home. Wonderful!


Mounted Ceiling Lights with color change

Warm light or cool white light, how to choose? You don’t have to choose. You can directly select a mounted ceiling light that can change the color of the light. Choose which light source depends on what you are currently doing, such as choosing white light when working and choosing a relaxing warm light at night.


Mounted Ceiling Lights with dimmer

For some activities, it requires very little light. For example, drinking a cup of wine at night requires far less light. So, it would be a good thing if you could dim your mounted ceiling lights as needed. This can be done with additionally mounted dimmers.

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