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Are you looking for a new sink for your bathroom or guest toilet? You will find a large selection of bathroom sink here in the Palrun online shop. There are a large number of washbasin variants on the Chinese ceramics market today. It is not only the design and shape that differentiate washbasins; different materials also create a unique atmosphere in your bathroom. Palrun offers a vast selection of high-quality, modern bathroom sink in different shapes, colors, materials, and designs. Whether it’s a countertop washbasin or built-in washbasin, oval or square, cast mineral or sanitary ceramics, you’ll find the washbasin you need to make your dream bathroom a reality in Palrun online shop.

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Find the right sink for the bathroom or guest toilet

Hand washbasins and washbasins are usually wall-mounted. This selection is supplemented by built-in washbasins, semi-built-in washbasins, under-counter washbasins, and single, double, or furniture washbasins. Countertop washbasins are also finding their buyers and can provide a unique eye-catcher in your bathroom. In addition to the different designs, our range offers a vast selection of high-quality washbasins in other materials. Ceramic washbasins are certainly among the classics. Cast marble and mineral materials are attractive alternatives that allow a wide range of colors. Glass has also gained an essential share because it provides for effective play of colors. The trend is towards extravagant designer pools with sweeping contours and rounded shapes.

double sink

Would you like even more comfort in the bathroom? You can share the bathroom with your partner or children with a double sink. That means: finally no more long waiting time! Especially in the morning, when you’re usually late anyway. Or even if several people have to leave the house simultaneously and there is no second bathroom available, a double washbasin proves to be an efficient solution and makes the family’s daily routine a lot easier. A double vanity is equipped with two faucets and one large basin or two separate basins. You also choose between a double sink with or without an overflow. In the Palrun online shop, you will find modern double bathroom sink.

countertop washbasin

Countertop basins are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. And not without reason, because countertop washbasins impress with their attractive design and diverse shapes. Whether oval, round or square – a countertop washbasin provides something specific in your bathroom. An oval countertop washbasin is ideal for a small bathroom or guest toilet. On the other hand, a round countertop washbasin requires quite a lot of space and is, therefore, more suitable for a large bathroom. However, the most common are square countertop washbasins because the compact and precise shape gives the basin a timeless flair and makes it possible to use it in any bathroom. Whether without a tap hole or with one or two tap holes – at Palrun, everyone will find a suitable countertop washbasin for their wellness oasis.

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