Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets Are Always in Trend

A modern kitchen with grey cabinets gives you the freedom and inspiration to add bright colors on top without being overwhelming and to create the most stylish countertop and cabinet combinations. Grey modern kitchen cabinets are versatile and work well in almost any kitchen setting, space, or layout. They come in a variety of different shades that can be warmer or cooler and easily coordinate with a variety of backsplash designs, countertop materials, and appliance finishes. Whether you have a farmhouse-style kitchen or a more modern cooking space, don’t worry; with the help of Parlun Buildings, you can create a custom kitchen solution to suit your needs—with a hassle-free experience and, more importantly, less money.

Bright Spaces And Modern Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for a refreshing yet calming and soothing color finish for your kitchen, light grey cabinets are a great choice. Modern light grey cabinets are also a top choice for homeowners who like bright spaces but don’t like all-white interiors. They go perfectly with white and look great against a white background. This grey and white color combination creates an elegant and smooth transition from light grey to white. It’s so easy to pair our light grey cabinets with white details like white quartz countertops and a white glass tile backsplash to create beautiful and effortless combinations. If you add stainless steel appliances to the mix, you finally have a modern, light grey kitchen with white and silver accents. This look can be achieved with modern, cutting-edge, minimalist cabinet hardware. Our high quality black  hardware can provide a subtle contrast to the light grey cabinetry, emphasizing the beauty of light finishes in the kitchen.

Not only that, but introduce our premium light grey cabinetry into your kitchen for a cool industrial look and a warm and inviting ambiance. If needed, we can help you with decorative elements such as textiles, hardware, art, and lighting that have been chosen to enhance the look of the modern light grey kitchen cabinets, basically creating a kitchen design that is minimal but not flat.

modern light grey kitchen cabinets
modern dark grey kitchen cabinets with wooden island

Give Your Kitchen A High-end Look With Modern Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Without doubt, dark grey kitchen cabinets are widely used in modern and contemporary kitchen decor. Many homeowners use a dark grey kitchen cabinet door style to create impact, personality, and visual contrast. Modern dark grey cabinets look beautiful with white or any other bright color. However, perhaps the most interesting designs emerge when you combine the elegance and mystery of dark grey with bold colors like yellow or green.

If you are looking for an accent, dark grey cabinets are sure to make a statement. Don’t worry about your kitchen going moody; with our experienced designers, different dark grey kitchen cabinets will work perfectly with other decor and never make it feel too dark. Use wood accents if you want to warm up the decor. Choose an appropriate finish and hardware here; modern dark grey kitchen cabinets can even give off the look and feel of a one-of-a-kind and unique cooking space, especially when combined with brass and gold details. Such a modern kitchen with dark grey cabinetry is a dream compared to other colored kitchens.

If your kitchen isn’t all dark grey, then grey wood cabinets won’t overwhelm you. Our grey wood cabinets not only look great, but they are also well constructed. Consider full-coverage doors with a mortise and tenon structure, an MDF center panel, a solid wood door frame, or a compact soft-close mechanism integrated into concealed multi-directional adjustable hinges. Grey cabinetry like this is elegant and timeless, perfect for a modern kitchen look.

Incorporate Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For a modern, edgy, minimalist design, consider dark grey cabinets or high-gloss light grey cabinets. For a completely modern experience, choose modern gray kitchen cabinets with flat panels or slab doors. Feel free to contact us to find the style that best suits your taste within a reasonable, standard budget. Our designers will be happy to help.

simple design modern gray kitchen cabinets

FAQs About Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Our grey modern kitchen cabinets made of plywood and have soft-close drawers and doors. Some have all-wood doors, while others are made of HDF (a very durable and better alternative to MDF). And some have solid wood dovetail drawers. There are many customization options.

Yes, they are. Our modern grey kitchen cabinets have a silky-smooth finish. Regarding the general construction, both cabinets can be equipped with hardwood doors and smart storage system, soft-close hardware, and plywood boxes, which have pretty much become industry standard features. Our cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and finishes have a hard quality. Above all, you can buy them at a lower cost.

It’s the perfect color for kitchen remodeling because it works well with any type of appliance and is neutral enough to match any floor or wall color. You can even mix two different shades of grey. The most important feature of modern grey kitchen cabinetry is how flexible it is for mixing with other tones. You can also confidently combine it with bold colors and textures, and the grey cabinetry won’t be overwhelmed.

It basically depends on your personal style and design preferences. Lighter shades of grey or white can create a clean, airy feel, while muted blues or greens can add subtle pops of color. Beige or off-white walls can make the space feel warm and inviting, while darker walls like charcoal or navy can give it a dramatic look.

Yes, they do. It’s important to choose the right shade of grey. Lighter ones create a brighter and more open feel, while darker ones can also achieve the same result with a few clever tricks, such as adding under-cabinet lighting and introducing reflective surfaces. Mirror or metallic accents can brighten up the space. Here is the link about: grey modern kitchen cabinets design ideas and tips.

It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. When it comes to the actual customization and design of your modern grey kitchen cabinets, our team will update you with a more accurate production time.

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Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets Trends and Tips

Grey is not just the same: this color is anything but boring and allows numerous design options for the kitchen. Grey kitchen fronts in a wide variety of tones can be found in the ranges of almost all kitchen manufacturers. And the kitchen appliances or the built-in appliances are also available in grey. As you can see, grey kitchen cabinets are trending and also timeless. But does the grey kitchen cabinet also suit you?

modern grey kitchen cabinets trends


If black is too dark for you or white is too light for you, then you are well-advised to go with the color grey for the modern kitchen. Grey combines both colors, making it the ideal compromise that you can’t go wrong with.

Grey kitchens are discreet but still stand out whether light or dark, all shades of grey can be combined well and do not offend with other colors. Light grey tones such as light grey or pearl grey also make the kitchen or room appear more spacious and well-suited for small kitchens. The higher the proportion of black, the more dominant the color tone. Dark anthracite grey, for example, has a reducing effect and is, therefore, more suitable for kitchens in large, light-flooded rooms.

Dark anthracite grey kitchen cabinets

The color grey looks very modern due to its neutrality and simplicity, but it does not emit a lively breath like a bright color. To prevent the kitchen from appearing too “lifeless,” the overall appearance should always be kept in mind during the planning process, and add other colors or materials if necessary. Or you can choose a grey with a red component, and thus a warm background color is created, such as taupe, grey-brown, grey-beige (grey), sand grey, or mouse grey.

modern grey kitchen cabinets combine with wood

Grey can be combined in different ways in the kitchen: the same tone, with wood for more coziness, or with neutral and bright colors.

Modern Grey kitchen cabinets in key points:

  • Neutral, reserved shade
  • Modern look
  • Diverse, due to numerous shades of grey
  • Cool or warm depending on the mixing ratio
  • Modern to the country house: timeless shade suitable for all styles
  • Good to combine with other colors, wood or stone


Grey is a very versatile color with many shades. Materials such as concrete and many types of stone also shine in plain grey. If you take a look at modern grey kitchens, you will notice that some shades of grey are ubiquitous in certain kitchen styles:

Matt grey for the modern country house style kitchen cabinets:

modern country house style matte grey kitchen cabinets

Country house kitchens are available in both light and dark shades of grey. Most of the modern grey cabinets fronts are matte so that the kitchen leaves a warm and cozy impression. Light grey is preferred for the Scandinavian country kitchen, while parquet floors underline the rural style. Tiles, laminate, or vinyl floors, especially those with a wood look, also fit.

Light grey or dove grey for the color combination kitchen cabinets:

light grey and yellow kitchen cabinets

Combined with colors such as yellow, red, or green, whether soft or bright, authentic nostalgic kitchens are created. Patterned colorful kitchen floors complete the look.

Cool grey and concrete for the industrial style kitchen cabinets:

industrial style grey kitchen cabinets

In industrial-style kitchens, you often come across fantastic, rather dark shades of grey such as slate grey, anthracite, or asphalt grey. But the rough look of concrete is also used to create a modern ambiance combined with stone floors or tiles in plain grey.


As a neutral color, grey naturally offers the best conditions to combine with other colors and materials. The basic principle for modern grey kitchens is: Anything that you like is allowed. Nevertheless, certain color combinations are wonderful.

Matching colors for modern grey kitchen cabinets

grey kitchen cabinets with black countertops

Dark grey harmonizes well with soft shades, whether rose, pastel blue, or light green. A white worktop also sets bright contrasts to give the grey kitchen freshness and make it appear less gloomy. The opposite is the case with light grey tones. Light grey kitchen fronts can be set off well with strong colors such as cherry red or teal. But grey kitchens with a black kitchen worktop also look contemporary. A trendy color combination is grey and yellow. For nice color contrast, either a dark shade of grey should be chosen or an intense shade of yellow for light grey.

Modern Grey kitchens cabinets with wood, concrete, and stone

grey kitchen cabinets wood countertops

Wooden elements give the modern grey kitchen a cozy touch. Whether it is a floor, shelves, or a wooden kitchen worktop. The natural material sets a warm contrast. For example, glass or stainless steel worktops can be selected for a remarkably modern and relaxed atmosphere. Grey industrial design kitchens are often combined with concrete surfaces or countertops. Kitchens in grey emit particular elegance in combination with surfaces and worktops made of natural stone such as marble, graniteor slate.


The kitchen planning in a modern country house style proves how cozy grey can be. The kitchen furniture is equipped with a framed kitchen front in matte graphite grey. Typical country house details such as glass fronts or open shelves support the country style, as is the case of many elements made of wood, whether it is the worktop, kitchen splashback, the floor, or accessories. The different shades of brown and the wall in light olive green ensure naturalness.

modern gery country style kitchen with glass cabinets

Modern design idea for a grey kitchen without handles: The tall cabinets in the umbra shade appear simple and recede into the background. In the center is a kitchen island consisting of four elements of different heights. The stone decor with extra high bodies give the kitchen an ultra modern look. Only the sink area and the dining table in light wood stand out in color. The wall is painted in the color aubergine, along with the dark kitchen.

grey handleless kitchen cabinets

Anyone who prefers elegant kitchen designs to lively ones can turn to black as a combination partner. A worktop in black, for example, is ideal for kitchens in light grey, as they emphasize the contours of the kitchen. In this retro-style country house kitchen, the tile in checked design also picks up on the color grey.

Colors and materials provide the ideal atmosphere for the grey kitchen: if light grey kitchen fronts, such as platinum grey, are combined with a wooden worktop, a friendly ambiance is created. Bright colors like pink or blue spice up the kitchen and give it a youthful and fresh look.

Grey, white, wood, and stone look into a harmonious whole in this kitchen idea: the grey kitchen unit with a white worktop is joined by a cooking island with a completely white marble look. A wooden worktop connects both components.

modern grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops

Fitted with grey kitchen furniture and other kitchen colors are built-in appliances in grey: the oven and combi-steamer are designed entirely in Graphite grey, making the kitchen appliances appear very modern, harmonious, and elegant.

Parlun offers modern kitchen cabinets with grey fronts and grey kitchen appliances

From light grey to dark grey – most ranges from Parlun have different kitchen fronts in grey for the design. The reason for this: the shades of grey are versatile and easy to combine.

Many kitchen appliances are designed in black and silver, a shiny metallic color. Grey kitchen appliances look modern, stay in the background, and are always appropriate. The ovens, compact devices, or built-in coffee machines are designed entirely in the dark grey tone “Graphite grey.” Grey granite sinks or stainless steel sinks ensure color harmony in the sink area. For example, stainless steel sinks and faucets are available with a coating in Titanium, a grey metallic color.

modern grey kitchen cabinets with black appliance

In addition to built-in appliances, kitchen gadgets such as food processors, kettles, or toasters are also available in various shades of grey. Small kitchen appliances such as food processors are available in grey too.