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Marble countertops: Very noble, but easily stained

contemporary Marble countertops

When it comes to marble, the first impression people have of marble is noble and elegant. Marble is very suitable for the modern minimalist style, for example, it can be used as a decorative countertop for luxury kitchens, and its flawless white natural stone countertop makes the kitchen look very simple and premium in elegance.

modern kitchen cabinets with marble countertop

Besides, the experts at Parlun have found that marble countertops in China apply a special surface treatment through research on marble countertops. This significantly reduces the stone’s sensitivity to acids, which means that liquids such as red wine, balsamic vinegar, or citric acid cannot penetrate the stone. So, at Parlun, you can buy high-quality marble countertops that will make your life more comfortable.

Visual characteristics of marble: marble texture

Generally speaking, marble countertops have a distinct texture that looks similar to veins. This marbling is a typical feature of this natural stone. White marble countertops are usually used for unique interior designs. However, marble is not only available in white, but also in various shades. Therefore, you can choose different countertop colors to match your kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops in the kitchen

Marble countertops are ideal for food because marble is very stable, does not change under any conditions, and has no smell. Therefore, it is very safe and suitable for placing food. In addition, the decorative effect of marble is very good. The stone has the artistic effect of natural texture, thick and heavy, and majestic. Marble is also very good optically. By polishing, it can even reflect portraits and scenes as clearly as a mirror.

Besides, China is extremely rich in marble mineral resources, with large reserves and many varieties, and the total reserves are among the top in the world. So there are various colors of marble.

various Marble countertops sample

Nevertheless, Marble is generally soft in nature, which is relative to granite, and the wear resistance of porous natural stone is much lower than granite. Marble countertops are not widely used in kitchen countertops because the cost of marble material is very high because it is a natural stone.

In addition, the surface of the marble is particularly sensitive to stains. To prevent impregnation on marble, when there is water, fruit acid splash, or other liquid on the marble surface, it should be removed immediately. And in terms of maintenance, it must be treated with protective varnish, so maintenance and cleaning are a big job.

cleaning marble countertops

Moreover, as time goes by, marble slabs will inevitably show scratches and abrasions caused by daily kitchen work. Then the appearance of its countertop will change, it can be said to be “aging“. Gradually it acquires the typical “marble luster“.

Advantages of Marble

Disadvantages of marble

Food Safety


Beautiful natural stone optical effect

Stain-prone stone surface

Attractive marble patterns

Stain-prone stone surface impregnated

Color variations

High purchase cost

What is marble?

Marble originates from deep within the earth. It is a carbonate rock. Marble is composed of three main minerals, the first is calcite, the second is aragonite and the third is dolomite.

Marble is related to and very similar to limestone. The formation of marble is due to the transformation or metamorphism of limestone in the interior of the earth caused by intense pressure and high temperatures. The so-called marbling can be seen on the white natural stone countertop, half of which is in the form of gray veins. This is a typical characteristic of marble.

In China, this rock, which is easy to work and shape, is rare. The deep-formed rock is quarried in a variety of colors. For example, yellow, green, and white marble, so there are various colors of marble in nature. So no matter what color you like, you can buy your favorite marble kitchen countertops.

kitchen cabinet from China

If you are interested in marble countertops, you can come to consult Parlun, we are a professional supplier from China. Here, you can also visit our showroom with various colors of marble countertops via video conference. This way you can get a clear idea of the texture as well as the look and feel of marble. Moreover, we provide all the services you need to buy kitchen countertops in China so that you can successfully buy cost-effective, high-quality marble countertops with best price.

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