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Regardless of whether you want to build something new or are in the middle of renovating your old treasure, you are guaranteed to find the right new window for your project at Parlun Building! In our product catalog, you can choose among profiles made of plastic, wood, aluminum, or wood-aluminum and buy new windows. The new windows are tailored exactly to your needs and designed according to your individual taste. In addition to the color, this also includes the equipment, such as security fittings, glazing, and handles. You decide for yourself which functions the new windows are supposed to fulfill. Don’t be afraid of special requests – special shapes, e.g., round or trapezoidal windows, are not a problem. Your inspiration is our command!

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Advantages of new windows

Is it really worth updating windows? Yes, because new windows benefit from new development and higher standard, which bring improvement in key areas such as thermal insulation, stability, security, and comfort.

Modernization with new windows is particularly worthwhile for older ones with single glazing or casement windows, as you can benefit from the significantly improved energy efficiency. This means better air-conditioned rooms and lower heating costs in winter.

New windows also score points in terms of stability and security thanks to improved profile and strong and convenient security system. Last but not least, new windows shine with extensive designs and design variants. After all, windows, as the flagship of the house, make a major contribution to the living ambiance. Thanks to the large selection of different materials, colors, glazing bars, and other decorative elements, you can shape the individual character of your new window.

  • Lower costs in the long term
  • Better comfort by preventing the draught
  • Equipment adapted to your own needs
  • Optional: security fittings with mushroom head locking
  • Sound insulation according to your own needs
  • Better usability through modern technology
  • Possible new functions and window types
  • More modernized design and new color options

How much do new windows cost? Calculate now!

There are no standard prices for new windows, as these cannot reflect the variety of equipment, design options, and the tailor-made manufacture of the windows. The exact costs depend on hundreds of factors such as material, dimensions, glazing, and color.

For this reason, the Parlun team has developed a practical and easy way to calculate window prices. Here you can try out different combinations as needed, and we will quickly calculate a very cost-effective price for you until you can assemble your new windows as you wish.

The prices are constantly recalculated and updated so that you always know the cost of your new windows. One of the most important cost factors for windows is the glass, which can be used to meet special requirements, such as sun protection or sound insulation, by using additional panes or functional glass. The frame material also plays a decisive role in the price. Options range from inexpensive all-purpose plastic to warm and attractive wood windows to modern, highly stable aluminum profiles. Find what you like best and contact us, and our designers will give you a satisfactory design and a competitive price.

Renew windows with decorative profiles & preserve the old ambiance

Old and historic buildings have a very special atmosphere that is very popular. The high ceilings and traditional wooden floors make a living here an experience.

But above all, the long-distance effect of the stucco-decorated facade walls and decorative wooden windows make up the charm of these buildings.

Therefore, make sure that the former style is not lost when you replace the windows. There are many ways to preserve the tradition, for example, through elegant wooden windows that are decorated with horizontal files and trim strips. However, since this variant is very expensive, many builders shy away from the cost of replacing the windows.

Alternatively, we recommend plastic windows with wood decorations to replace the windows. They look deceptively real and reflect the rustic charisma perfectly. You have the choice among various decorative profiles and rungs that are matched to the wood look. In this way, the original character is preserved.

Install new windows

Whether new or old, you should always turn to a professional when you install new windows. This ensures that the frame is precisely aligned. Windows in new buildings are usually simply let into the wall opening and fixed there, while it is more difficult in old buildings. Installing new windows in old buildings sometimes requires a frame extension or a separate window sill connection since the window dimensions at that time did not correspond to today’s standards. You can contact us online and order both. Palrun Building team is happy to help you.

Replace windows, secure funding

Winterize your house! Old windows can leak over the years, allowing valuable energy to escape in summer and winter. Reduce your utility bills by replacing old windows with new ones. You will definitely find the satisfying product in our window catalog. For windows with high levels of insulation, you can even get more competitive prices. This means you can save even more money! Because buy new windows from China will be more cost-effective. If you have a building project coming up, you can start contacting us today.

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