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Planning To Buy New Plastic Windows? You Have To Consider These Prices!

plastic windows

Plastic windows are especially cheap compared to other types of windows. In addition, they have good thermal insulation and long service life. This article will help you get the best deals on plastic windows!

Cost factors of plastic windows

Cost Factors Applicable to Plastic Windows

– First, of course, the size of the window greatly affects the price.

White windows are usually the cheapest, as colored frames cost more.

– Additional fittings such as blinds and window bars are available for an additional fee.

– Special shapes, such as semi-circular arched windows, can sometimes be costly.

– A single-leaf window is certainly cheaper than multiple leaves windows.

– The tilt and turn functions add to the cost.

Double glazing is very cheap, and windows with triple glazing or 5-chamber systems cost much more.

– You should also pay attention to the sound insulation level when purchasing. Good sound insulation and good value for money!

The Price Range For Modern Plastic Windows

What Is The Price Range For Modern Plastic Windows?

Small plastic windows are sometimes available for well under 100 dollars. These are usually single-leafed with no tilt and turn function, though satisfyingly, the windows are double-glazed.

For a standard window size of 1.20mx1.60m, the price should generally be between 250 and 450 dollars. This applies to white plastic windows with no additional features, single leaf, but with turn and tilt function.

At the lower part of the price range above, there may be triple-glazed windows, while at the higher part of the price range, you can get windows with 5-chamber system.

Most windows come standard with level 2 soundproof glazing. If your house is next to a busy road, it is advisable to use glass windows with level 3 sound insulation, which will cost around 50 to 150 dollars extra, depending on the size of the window.

Remember that delivery and installation costs are usually added to the window price. If the journey is not too far, home delivery will cost around 30 to 70 dollars.

Installing standard windows requires installation costs of around 100 to 200 dollars. Usually also paid to the installer for labor.

Reference Price For Plastic Windows

An apartment owner purchased four new triple-glazed plastic windows with special sound insulation. The windows are single-leafed, one with mullions and arches, and the other three are rectangular and measure 1.20mx1.60m.

Cost Overview


1. 3 soundproof windows 1.20×1.60

$ 1,320

2. Arched window with mullion

$ 1,075


$ 2,395

Plastic Windows Are Mostly Recyclable

The relatively low price of plastic windows is because the material is usually fully recyclable. This is an inexpensive way to protect the environment!

Recyclable plastic windows

Tips And Tricks

Before you buy plastic windows, shop around as window prices fluctuate wildly.

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