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Basement Plastic Windows – Advantages And Designs

Plastic Basement Window

Simple and inexpensive steel windows are still used in many basements today. And plastic windows clearly have obvious advantages. This article will cover plastic windows, their price differences, and their available types.

Comparison of basement plastic windows and steel windows

Comparison With Steel Basement Windows

Unheated basements still use steel windows because they are much less expensive than plastic windows.

Since the basement is not heated, the insulation of the its windows is not important. Some steel basement windows are even just for ventilation.

Thermal insulation of windows Thermal insulation of windows

However, this ventilation can cool down the insulated basement ceiling, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the insulation. This applies in the first place when the basement is continuously ventilated through the basement steel windows.

On the other hand, if sealed plastic basement windows are installed, this flow of cold air is essentially excluded. Even tilted plastic windows can significantly reduce the cooling effect on the basement ceiling.

Price Differences

The price of a basement window depends not only on the window material, but also on the design.

Pure tilting plastic windows are still less expensive, while tilt and turn windows for basements, which are thermally insulated, are already significantly more expensive.

tilt and turn windows for basements tilt and turn windows for basements

Once the quality of the windows is comparable to the living room’s, the price will rise significantly.

Burglar Protection For Basement Windows

Steel windows usually come with an integrated steel grille designed to keep rodents and strangers out. It is very effective in preventing theft.

Burglar Protection For Basement Windows Burglar Protection For Basement Windows

However, if it is a tilting or tilt and turn window made of plastic, it must be properly protected. Strangers can easily enter through the basement window, so the window should be sturdy enough to prevent theft.

Installing window grilles alone is not enough. When in doubt, you should ask an expert for what protection is needed.

Tips And Tricks

On the other hand, if the basement can be heated, as in the usual living room, then the requirements for its windows will naturally be aligned with other floors. The U-value of the windows is important, try to choose the right size of the light area as much as possible – a little more than the room on the first floor, for which generally less light penetrates.

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