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Plastic Windows For New And Old Buildings

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are popular and common in both new and old buildings. They have many advantages, but also disadvantages. Plastic windows are windows with frames and sashes made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and stabilized by other materials such as aluminum, steel or fiberglass. Plastic windows are very cost-effective and therefore very popular. From this article, you can learn more about the properties of plastic windows and how they are useful in your house.

Why Plastic Windows?

Plastic windows are easy to care for, have a long lifespan and are affordable. Considering physical properties, care costs, weather resistance and load-carrying capacity, plastic windows are the best choice.

Plastic windows have few design limitations, and they can all be customized to your needs.

If you choose plastic windows, you can choose from a variety of window shapes (e.g. round, rectangular, trapezoidal, arched). In addition, there are many options in terms of colors and decors: plain, metallic, wood decor, single- or double-sided tinting.

The types of window openings, decorative elements and fittings can all be tailored to your personal preferences. Do you want to choose some inconspicuous fittings? Do you want a handle with a special shape? Or do you prefer offset window frames? A lot is possible with high-quality plastic windows.

advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows


– The manufacturing process is relatively simple and cheaper than other materials

– Lightweight construction

Easy care

– Almost completely recyclable several times

– Inexpensive


– Harder to fix

– Maximum blade width: 1.6 meters

– Cannot be repainted

– Refurbishment/restoration not possible

Thermal Insulation Through Multi-chamber Profiles

The frame of the plastic window is made of profiles with many air chambers inside. Combining several air chambers into a multi-chamber profile can obtain the best thermal insulation effect and is not easy to lose heat. Coupled with suitable triple glazing, the U-value can even reach 0.77 and Kelvin per square meter, which is very energy saving.

Modern multi-chamber window profiles
Modern multi-chamber window profiles

Maintenance, Care And Cleaning

Careful and proper cleaning and maintenance of plastic window can extend its service life, even if you’ve used it for a long time. Well-preserved windows are still visually eye-catching in your house. We know that PVC windows are easy to maintain and require little maintenance.

Maintenance Of Plastic Windows

Plastic windows require little maintenance. Just put a few drops of lube on the hinges and check the seals every year. Seals should be replaced every 15 years to maintain optimum thermal insulation. Because gaskets age, become porous and leaky over time.

Damaged window frames, such as burned holes, scratches or breaks, these cannot be repaired, and in severe cases, even a new window can only be replaced.

Cleaning plastic windows

Care And Cleaning

Plastic windows are easy to clean. Window frames are easy to clean with a sponge or rag using a simple vinegar-based cleaner or soap-based cleaner. Microfiber towels are not recommended because dirt in the fibers can scratch the surface of the window. And because PVC windows can build up static electricity, they attract dust and dirt particles and require more frequent cleaning.

The frequency of cleaning is affected by the location of the house and the degree of settling of the environmental substance such as pollen, tar and iron particles or ferrous lawn fertilizer. Cleaning 2 to 4 times a year is best.

Advice on cleaning and maintenance:

– Use plain soapy water

– Clean windows and frames 2 to 4 times a year

– Clean the window frame first, then the panes

– Clean and lubricate seals with resin and acid-free grease

Lubrication of handles and hinges

– Check and clean the drainage openings for dirt

RAL color of plastic windows
RAL color of plastic windows

Color And Decoration

Many RAL colours are available. The color of the plastic windows is not painted with paint, but a foil with the desired color or decor is glued to the PVC profile during production, which is then tightly bonded to the window. The advantage of foiling is that the plastic window does not peel off the paint like a painted wooden window, and the disadvantage is that it cannot be repainted afterwards.

Applied To Monument Protection

The robustness of decorative wood foil and its further development give plastic windows an appearance that approximates the historical and almost indistinguishable wooden windows at first glance. Nevertheless, the traditional building materials such as wood should be given priority when preserving old windows.

However, in the future, the application of plastic windows in the protection of monuments will become more and more popular. As more and more young buildings are now classified as historic monuments, PVC windows will continue to play an increasingly important role in the field.

Rungs And Decorative Elements

Not only do plastic windows have their uses, they can be an attractive style element to a house.

With window frames, decorative posts and decorative strips, it enhances the visual effect of plastic windows and highlights the exclusive style of your house.

plastic window with bars

Window Bars

Window bars divide a window into smaller areas—especially needed for a larger window, and are now becoming a popular style element. Like the most modern houses, it also has an elegant appearance. In addition, light glazing bars reduce the burden on the window cavities.

Sprouts Between Glasses

Separating sprouts

Internal and external rungs

Bars with triple glazing

Triple glazing with internal rungs

Window slats can be inserted between the glasses or optionally also glued to the outside. With triple glazing, it is also possible to use bar between the two panes, but bars running inside and out makes the window look more valuable. The window panes can also be separated by sashes as in the traditional design.

Window Jamb Decorative Profiles

In the case of multi-leaf windows, the mullions between the leaves can be individually designed with a decorative profile. Decorative profiles can be used, for example, for classic column designs. Of course, PVC decorative profiles are weatherproof.

Window Transom Mould

If the windows (transoms) are divided horizontally, for example in the case of windows with skylights, the transoms can be optically adjusted with decorative strips that match the decorative profiles of the posts.


Like windows made of other materials, plastic windows have various functions:

– Anti-theft

– Heat insulation

– Sun protection

– Soundproofing

Amenities And Comfort

High-quality plastic windows add to the comfort of the home. Open monitor on windows is part of smart home technology, thanks to a magnet installed in the sash that automatically reports a “closed” state when it touches an element in the window frame. You can also control ventilation preferences and an alarm when windows are open (keyword: anti-theft) through your smart home.

plastic windows with roller blinds

With automatic roller blinds, you can simultaneously improve the sound, thermal and safety performance of your windows. You can use the remote control to set it up as you like without ever getting out of bed. It’s even more convenient if you integrate your roller blinds into your smart home system – use your smartphone or tablet to control the opening and closing while you’re out and about. When using venetian blinds (external blinds), the incoming light can be controlled as desired, shielding you from outside sightlines in addition to optimum thermal and glare protection.

The accessory grill on the plastic window can keep mosquitoes out of the house, which is effective and environmentally friendly. Depending on your preference, you can install insect nets permanently or variably. If you wish to improve the comfort of your new windows, please contact our expert consultants directly. There are many possibilities for plastic windows.

Recycling Of Plastic Windows

PVC is easy to recycle, so recycling plastic windows is great for saving raw materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

The PVC used in the profile can be reused 7 times while retaining the properties and quality of the material. Plastic windows made of recycled PVC are as stable and weather resistant as newly manufactured PVC windows.

When recycling, the material is first separated. Modern recycling plants separate and sort the following raw materials: glass, metal and plastic.

The plastic is processed in the next step, and the resulting processed PVC is further processed into a single variety of PVC granules. Profile manufacturers then use this granule to produce new window profiles. The material cycle is closed, saving resources.

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