Engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring made of natural wood is a renewable and beautiful material. Each wooden plank is genuinely unique. Engineered Hardwood Flooring today is mainly produced in several layers with click connections, which prevents the formation of gaps and thus dramatically simplifies laying.

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Engineered Hardwood - beautiful and natural floors

Engineered Hardwood Flooring – the type of wood alone gives you creative freedom. The surface treatment provides numerous other possibilities.

The type of wood

In our flooring catalog, you will find parquet made of different types of wood, including:

  • Oak
  • beech
  • maple
  • ash
  • larch
  • cherry

Engineered hardwood flooring has different color gradations. Maple is light-colored wood, while medium-brown parquet is made from beech or oak, among other things. If you want dark engineered hardwood flooring, walnut is a good choice. The original color can change by liming, smoking, or colored oil. These methods are used particularly often with oak engineered hardwood flooring and other types of wood.

The grain of Engineered hardwood flooring

The numerous types of wood differ in their grain and the number of knots. The latter make the floors look natural, lively, and sometimes rustic. Brushing the surface brings out the natural structure of wood even more clearly. While engineered hardwood flooring made of the wood with a less pronounced grain radiate calm.

The engineered hardwood flooring type and the bevels

The choice of engineered hardwood flooring type has an equally large influence on the overall appearance of your floor. With one-strip engineered hardwood flooring, one piece of precious wood is attached to each plank. The same applies to engineered hardwood flooring in a country house look. With three-strip parquet or long strip, several strips of fine wood are attached to one plank. Also, note that all four edges or the two edges on the long sides can be chamfered. These slight bevels – called bevels – create small gaps between the individual planks of a engineered hardwood flooring. They have a visual effect similar to the joints between tiles.

The surface of engineered hardwood flooring

You have the choice between oiled, waxed, or lacquered engineered hardwood flooring. There is a reasonable air and moisture exchange with an oiled or waxed engineered hardwood flooring. This promotes the indoor climate. A engineered hardwood flooring sealed with varnish is easy to care for because the completely closed surface is easy to clean. It prevents spills and dirt from penetrating the wood. If you have unique ideas about how you would like to design your new engineered hardwood flooring, you can also buy untreated parquet from us.

The wear layer

With parquet, pay attention to the thickness of the wear layer. Ready-made engineered hardwood, which is ideal for do-it-yourselfers, consists of several layers. The top layer is the wear layer made of precious wood and should be as thick as possible so that you can sand down the engineered hardwood later. In this way, you remove unsightly signs of use. Your floor will look new again after decades. You can repeat the sanding more often the thicker the wear layer is. Their thickness is usually in the range between 2.5 and 3.5 millimeters.

The middle position

Another important criterion when buying a engineered hardwood flooring is the middle layer. It gives the floor the necessary stability when walking on it. It should make of high-quality material. Parlun offers engineered hardwood flooring of excellent quality. Therefore, use softwood or so-called HDF boards (“high-density fibreboards“) for the middle layers. The latter consists of fabulous wood fibers that are pressed into panels under high pressure. They are therefore very stable and resilient.

Buy cheap engineered hardwood flooring

If you don’t mind scratches, dents, and other signs of wear that give a wooden floor an extraordinary charm, you can buy second-rate engineered hardwood flooring. However, it has minor optical defects and is offered remarkably cheaply by Chinese manufacturers such as Parlun. Of course, this does not influence the functionality – you enjoy real brand quality here.

Lay the engineered hardwood flooring yourself

Laying a parquet floor yourself is not difficult, because most of the products in our showroom are engineered hardwood flooring. Thanks to the click connections, an even and level surface is created. Renowned manufacturers such as Parlun provide detailed installation instructions for engineered hardwood flooring. If you enjoy manual work, we recommend laying your new parquet floor yourself.

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