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For the sake of the environment and wallet! Many initiatives in countries around the world aim to reduce the energy demand of households. Here, especially in the heating sector, there is still an immense untapped potential that needs to be exploited. energy efficient windows are a crucial element in achieving ambitious goals and saving valuable energy.

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Worth knowing about the energy efficient windows

Our society has changed a lot over the past decades. Terms such as ecological footprint, climate change, and renewable energies are shaping our media and becoming more and more popular. energy efficient windows can help save resources because better-insulated windows require less heating.

In fact, several billion liters of heating oil and millions of tons of CO2 could be saved if all old windows were replaced with energy efficient windows. But it is not only worthwhile from an environmentally friendly point of view: the wallet is also relieved in the long term since the energy efficient windows can save a lot on heating costs.

The UW value should be used for a window comparison. The UW value, also known as the heat transfer coefficient, describes how much heat is lost through the frame and glazing. So the smaller the value, the better the isolation.

energy efficient windows - many requirements, one solution!

In order to be considered real energy efficient windows, they are supposed to have specific properties. The individual component of the window must not exceed the specified limit values for the heat transfer coefficient, which means that the entire window also has an optimal efficiency value ultimately.

What used to be the weak point of windows is now their greatest asset: glazing. In energy efficient windows, double, triple, or even quadruple glazing and warm edge compound are integrated between the window panes. The plastic elements prevent the heat, and thus valuable energy is passed on. In addition to the glass panes, the window frame plays a crucial role. Plastic frames and those made of aluminum consist of a stable multi-chamber profile and optional thermal inserts that prevent energy transmission. Wooden windows, on the other hand, have natural thermal insulation, which makes them the ideal energy-efficient window.

Special window seals have been developed to ensure the necessary tightness, which prevents condensation and thermal bridges on energy efficient windows made of wood, aluminum, or plastic.

energy efficient windows for every individual need

Energy efficient windows by no means automatically mean that these windows only meet purely functional requirements. The thermal insulation windows are available today in the materials like plastic, wood, aluminum, or wood-aluminum, and you can get a wide range of window colors from white and anthracite to mahogany.

You can enjoy a wide selection of structured and ornamental glass that gives your energy efficient windows the finishing touch without losing their primary function of saving energy. You can also have the option of increasing burglary security and soundproofing with the use of laminated safety glass.

So nothing stands in the way of individual design desire, and you can perfectly combine your dream of a house with sustainable building elements. Discover a variety of innovative energy efficient windows at Parlun, which reflect the current state of innovation and technology.

energy efficient windows Compare prices and save sustainably

Whether it’s a new building or a renovation, before you really get started, you have to plan, plan, plan. Offers are obtained and compared, negotiations are conducted, and decisions are made.

One thing is particularly important in this process: do not rush things and think long-term! Browsing our catalog and contacting us, you have the option of configuring energy efficient windows made of wood or plastic according to your ideas. You can then easily compare the energy efficient window prices and select the best price-performance ratio for you.

Of course, quality is in the foreground, but it doesn’t always have to be the expensive wooden window; plastic windows with a 7-chamber profile are a cheaper alternative with optimal energy efficiency and with absolute ease of care. For larger construction projects, it is particularly worthwhile to find out about huge cost savings.

The right glazing for your energy-efficient window

An inadequate seal can allow cold air to enter the house. But the glass surfaces also conduct cold and must be adapted accordingly to the energy efficient window. It is therefore always advisable to use multiple glazing. Depending on the insulation quality of your window, you can choose between double or triple glazing. The individual glass layer can prevent thermal bridges.

Thermal insulation glazing should be selected to match the multiple glazing. The window frame has a thin metal coating and directs warm rays into the interior of the room to provide your house with additional heat.

In addition, a suitable window profile should be selected, such as a plastic window with a multiple chamber system. A wooden window or a wood-aluminum window are also excellent energy savers.

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