Bay windows

Bay windows are window panels attached to a ledge of a building. The window front can be rectangular or curved. It allowed a better view of the street and was popular in the Middle Ages, and the bay windows also come in modern versions. The classic bay window, also known as the bow window, is arched. Variable angles bring together the window elements. However, more modern versions of the bay window called a bay window, form a rectangular window front.

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Bay window for more space and lighting conditions

The bay windows are closed and protrude from a house or a facade. Individual bay windows are manufactured for this stylistic design. The multi-leaf window construction ensures the most significant possible incidence of light and an optimal view, even to the sides.

Individual bay windows for an extraordinary look

Bay windows are a popular style element; they also ensure enough light. Fixed glazing or a tilting function is often chosen for the bay windows.

In addition to the choices of materials between plastic, wood, or aluminum, the bay windows are manufactured according to the architectural requirements in various shapes and sizes. Unique geometric shapes are possible, from circular to trapezoidal to arched bay windows.

The most famous bay windows are multi-sash windows with a skylight. They can also be decorated in different ways. In addition to glued-on and glass-dividing bars, there is also a choice of glazing bars in the space between the pane. You can see a lot of bay windows designs from Palrun’s windows catalog. Contact our expert to design your bay windows according to your wishes.

Ideal for bay windows - the practical corner couplings

Not every house has perfectly straight walls or is in the shape of a regular rectangle. Some buildings have rough edges, but they are so popular and unique.

The 90° corner coupling and the variable corner coupling are available for the accessible design of your home. With the help of these practical elements, you can couple and design the bay windows together: Classically at right angles or in any number of degrees.

The plastic couplings serve as a connection between the individual window elements. This way, you can connect large and small glass surfaces that form an impressive window front.

With the help of decorative films, the practical corner couplings and window frames can be designed in the same color. This provides you with a uniform and coherent overall view.

Roller shutter for bay window

Mainly modern bay windows are often found in combination with roller shutters. The most important reason is that the Bay window sill is easy to accumulates much heat because of the large area of light. Relaxing in the bay window is not possible due to the dazzling sunlight. With practical roller shutters, you can easily protect yourself from the annoyingly intense sun in summer. Roller shutters also offer many other benefits. They also protect against noise and cold. Even with bay windows on the ground floor, roller shutters can serve as additional burglary protection.

Have you decided to buy roller shutters? Parlun Building offers front-mounted roller shutters and top-mounted roller shutters, which are popular types of roller shutters today. You can choose them during the bay windows design communication process. Top-mounted roller shutters are trendy because the plaster is placed out of the wall, resulting in a smooth and beautiful appearance.

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