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Tips for using Bay Windows wisely

bay windows in birch look

If you already have a bay window, you can use it well. The bay window was once used for women who were not allowed to peek outside alone, but today, women are free to do so. How useful a bay window today depends on what kind of window it is and how big it is.

A bright place to read

The bay window is still often used today as a seating area. Plenty of light comes through the window, which makes it an ideal place for reading. Especially if the bay window is small, it would be perfect to put a comfortable chair there.

Bay window in the reading area

Greenhouse or storage cabinet

If the bay window is so small that you can’t set up a table or reading area. You can put plants that need a lot of light inside. In such a place, even lemons will grow as long as they are on the south side. You can also put a box or bookshelf in the bay window so that you can use the space.

Seating or Playground

Bay windows are also popular for seating groups or children’s play areas. Toys will no longer be thrown around. However, for this reason, it is best to have a bay window that is a little more than a chair or large indoor plant. 

playroom bay window

Bay window as a dining room

Today, the bay window is often used as a dining room. However, modern bay windows are more suitable for this. The traditional bay windows of older buildings provided little space for tables and chairs.

Semi-circular bay windows

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