L-shaped kitchen cabinets

More and more people are living in cities. So it is important to make the best use of the available living space. But generally speaking, rooms for kitchens are not very large. At Parlun, however, you can get a sense of spaciousness even if it is only 15 square meters and less. In direct comparison to a U-shaped kitchen or an island kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen or a corner kitchen makes full use of space. Because it is ergonomic and full of possibilities.

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Parlun’s L-shaped: kitchen Pure ergonomics

The highlight of the L-shaped kitchen is its functionality. Because it minimizes working distances, because the four most important kitchen areas, preparation, cleaning, storage, and cooking, are logically arranged close to each other. This allows you to work efficiently and ergonomically. In addition, all the appliances and electrical equipment required for the relevant areas are installed in the right place. And due to the short distances, you can save energy.

If you have ideas for designing your dream kitchen, please consult Parlun and we will measure your floor space precisely, including wall heights, niches, etc., and work with you to design the optimal working and living space. At Parlun, you will find your dream kitchen.

Optimized storage space for L-shaped kitchens

To make really good use of every room, we have equipped our range with special corner cabinets with interior fittings. At Parlun, you will also find many other spatial solutions that save space and impress with their functionality. In a Parlun-designed kitchen, there is more freedom of movement, even when two people are cooking.

The carefully planned L-shaped kitchens often provide you with space for a lounge area. This shape is also ideal for rooms with fairly square cuts and multiple windows and doors. As with each of Parlun’s fully equipped kitchens, you can also consult Parlun’s kitchen planning to assemble the L-shape individually according to your wishes.

Many design options for L-shaped kitchens

In our collection, you will find more than 300 models in different styles, from modern and stylish kitchens to cozy country kitchens. Soothing shades of brown, fresh white or cool gray. Wood, stone, or high-gloss lacquer finishes? Everything is included in your L-shaped kitchen. And you’ll find different kitchen shapes in our catalog.

Whether you start the day with a delicious breakfast at the bar, or try a new dish or bake cookies in the modern oven, your L-shaped kitchen can do anything.

At Parlun, our experienced team of service professionals will be delighted to advise you on the planning of your L-shaped kitchen and customize it to your wishes and needs. We have the materials to meet your needs for your countertop. You can immediately book a free consultation and we will help you implement your dream kitchen.

Kitchen design and kitchen equipment

Here you will find everything you need to give your kitchen the finishing touch

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