Kitchen Sink:

The right sink plays an important role in properly equipping the kitchen of your dreams. At Parlun, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality sinks. A good kitchen sink should be easy to care for. And it is also the highlight of your countertop.


With Parlun planning your sink together with you, the material, shape, and color of your new sink match your kitchen perfectly.

Materials for kitchen sinks: stainless steel, granite or ceramic

When it comes to materials, you can choose a sink made of classic stainless steel, granite, ceramic, or glass.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel is highly resistant to heat and corrosion but is also flexible enough to absorb impact so that any dropped dishes won’t break easily.

stainless steel kitchen sink


Granite Kitchen Sinks

Granite sinks are made of quartz composite, which makes them very durable and sturdy. In addition, they look very elegant and provide a good drainage surface. You can choose from black or white for an attractive contrast effect or complement your kitchen palette.

Granite Kitchen Sinks


Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic sinks are chic and sturdy. They are fired at high temperatures. This produces a very dense material with a smooth surface. It is resistant to bumps, scratches, and hot pans, easy to clean, and simply beautiful. Ceramic sinks impress with their simple and elegant appearance.

Ceramic Kitchen Sinks


Glass Kitchen Sink

The glass sink combines the advantages of both stainless steel and safety glass with a very smooth surface. This guarantees both easy care and hygiene as well as outstanding robustness and stability.

Glass Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Sink Shape

The style of the kitchen determines the shape of the kitchen sink. Rectangular or square shapes are best suited for modern kitchens or designed kitchens. On the other hand, cornerless shapes, such as round or kidney-shaped models, harmonize well with country kitchens. Besides that, you can also find different variants of asymmetrical and trapezoidal sinks at Parlun.

The different shapes also allow you to place the sink flexibly. There are suitable solutions for L- or U-shaped corners of the kitchen, trapezoidal and kidney-shaped or small and round sinks look great on the kitchen island.

shapes of Kitchen Sink

When choosing a kitchen sink from the Parlun range, you can also choose the material, color, and shape. On top of that, our kitchen experts will plan for you how your sink will fit on the worktop. Whether surface-mounted, flush-mounted or as an under-counter basin, we will be happy to show you their advantages and disadvantages.

kitchen cabinet from China

As you can see, when it comes to sinks, the possibilities for choice are diverse. We will be happy to provide you with suggestions.

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