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The shape and function of the kitchen sink

shapes of different kitchen sinks

The built-in sink as a multifunction center

In the following, we summarize for you the shapes of sinks, which functions they each have, and which requirements they are best suited for. In addition to this, you can also learn about the function of the drainer and the special accessories that are practical in a sink cabinet. Besides, you should also learn how the right waste separation system can make everyday kitchen life easier.

Single sink

A single basin sink is also known as a single sink in the profession. This built-in sink variant is more likely to be used in small kitchens, tiny kitchens, and compact kitchen plans.

built-in single basin sink
built-in single basin sink design

This is the solution with the smallest footprint in the sink area, but it also leaves enough area for the flushing step.

The single sink is available in round and square shapes with a base cabinet width of approximately 45 cm. The largest single basin sink can be used in combination with a base cabinet of 90 cm.

You can also choose between a single bowl sink with or without a drainer. If you do without the drainer, you can use the full width for the sink.

Double sink

Before dishwashers were available everywhere, double sinks in the kitchen offered great convenience. Dishes, pots, and pans were washed in detergent in one basin, then soaked in fresh water in the other to remove detergent residue.

Double kitchen sink design

Today, it can still be practical to divide the sink into a primary and secondary sink. For example, a split sink with two basins is a convenient solution if you want to pour food waste down the drain while washing dishes.

In terms of width, a double sink can be combined or planned in various ways, but it requires a corresponding sink base cabinet.

Corner sink

A corner sink is installed in a corner. This means that the sink is located in an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. By being placed in the corner, this area can indeed be used wisely and optimally.

Corner kitchen sink design

A corner cabinet is required to install a corner sink. Corner sinks are available in many variants, such as a single sink without a drainer or a double sink with a drainer behind or in the middle of the sink. Therefore, corner sinks prove to be a very flexible and individual planning element.

Oversize size sink

The oversized sink is spacious and very comfortable. The prerequisite is that you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate it. An oversized sink like this is a highlight. Anyone who has ever washed a skillet or large frying pan in a small sink will understand this idea.

Oversize size kitchen sink design

Some oversize sinks are reminiscent of the laundry sinks of the past, and oversize sinks play an important role in kitchens where there is a lot of manual work.

This form of built-in sink does not restrict your freedom of movement. You can effortlessly soak baking pans or clean large pans. If you like, the sink cabinet can be used for the sink over almost its entire width.

Built-in sink with drainer

The draining board next to the sink, which is usually slightly corrugated, is mainly used to put down dripping dishes. Depending on the material of the countertop, you should be careful to avoid placing items directly on the kitchen countertop to dry. It may cause water damage and water stains.

Built-in sink with drainer

Therefore, you only need to place pots, pans or food ingredients on the draining board. You this also not only protects the work surface, but also expands it.

However visual effect is a problem. Drainboards are not popular in design-oriented, open kitchens. But sink manufacturers have come up with some solutions for design lovers, such as wooden draining boards.

Sink accessories turn the sink into a multifunctional center of the kitchen

Modern recessed sinks have multiple functions. As a drain board and as an additional work and preparation surface, it often comes with an ergonomic drain surface, utensil basket, cutting board, storage options and a small waste collection point.

Modern recessed kitchen sinks

The kitchen sink accessories category also includes:

  • detergent dispenser
  • container for dishwashing brushes and sponges
  • cutlery baskets
  • crockery baskets
  • drip grid
  • draining rack, (anti-)slip mats
  • screens for fitting or inserting
  • cutting boards and work boards

The sink works as a very important part of the kitchen. With the help of more than 30 available accessories, it functions from a salad spinner to a grinder to a colander.

cutting board placed over the sink

Kitchen work is concentrated in the sink area. A cutting board placed over the sink makes work easier.

Waste system in dishwashing area

Most of the waste is generated around the sink. Therefore, a dumpster or waste sorting system integration should be integrated in the sink kitchen area. This saves you working distance and you can dispose of the waste where it accumulates.

What waste systems are there for the kitchen?

A single waste bin is not enough for proper waste separation. It is therefore advisable to equip the sink cabinet in the kitchen with a waste separation system.

kitchen sink with waste separation system

Depending on the manufacturer, there are bins for kitchen cabinets with drawers or flat doors. Bins with ergonomic handles on the unit are at a comfortable access height to ensure comfort.

There are several versions available, which differ in the number of inner bins and compartment sizes. Thus, you can choose the waste system that matches your kitchen cabinets and your individual needs.

Sink, kitchen faucet, and the waste system as a unit

kitchen sinks with waste separation system

There are system for modern kitchens that treat the entire sink area as a single unit. That is, a complete solution including kitchen accessories, kitchen sink, and waste system. Parlun’s kitchen system illustrates how to best coordinate the different functional areas. Parlun’s waste system makes full use of the space available in the sink base cabinet, and sink accessories can be stored in additional drawers.

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