Parlun Buildings is committed to delivering products that meet the highest international environmental standards. We use non-formaldehyde board in accordance with American NAF and CARB certifications, GreenGuard certified milestone, Caesarstone, and other imported quartz, and NSF certified quartz.

Each stage of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored, from sourcing to building to shipping. We work hard to ensure that all of our products meet with EU, USA, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand’s environmental standards.

Control of Hazardous Substances


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Parlun Buildings takes your safety seriously. All of our materials, furniture, and manufacturing processes meet the European E1 standard, ensuring that they don’t pose a health risk to you or your loved ones.

Our commitment to quality isn’t a new thing. We’ve led the Chinese cabinetry industry in quality control since the 2004. Our company has held the belief that it doesn’t make economic sense to continually fix and rebuild low-quality work. Instead, we focus on doing it right the first time, so that our furniture is long-lasting, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly.

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