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about Parlun

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Foshan, Parlun is a leading building material and home furnishing brand in China and the largest Chinese manufacturer of building materials.

Parlun Buildings has implemented a comprehensive quality control system for all processes and pipelines to ensure that everything we produce is of the highest quality. From the very beginning of our business operations, every product coming from our production floor has met strict international quality and environmental standards.

Product Line of 6 Manufacturing Centers

Parlun Buildings has 6 manufacturing plants in Foshan with a combined area of over 2 million square meters. This allows us to offer the largest output of building materials, fixtures, and decorations in all of China. Our factories produce doors, windows, marble, tiles, stone and wood flooring, bathroom fittings, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes.

Lighting Factory

Kitchen Factory

In addition to our kitchen cabinets, we sell worktops, accessories, and appliances.

Customized Furniture Factory

We manufacture and sell custom home furniture, including wardrobes, sideboards, bookcases, TV cabinets, beds, and nightstands.

bathroom vanities Factory

We manufacture and sell a comprehensive suite of bathroom fixtures and essentials, including cabinets, showers, steam rooms, toilets, bathtubs, and more.

Door and Window Factory

We manufacture and sell aluminum alloy doors and windows as well as wooden doors.

Lighting Factory

We manufacture and sell both standard home lighting, including LED lamps and chandeliers, and a variety of lighting options for commercial settings.

Stone and Tile Factory

We manufacture and sell marble and granite floor, bathroom, and pool tiles.

Production Capacity & Flexibility

Don't waste time managing multiple suppliers. Get all of your building materials, fixtures, furniture, and decorations from one source. Parlun Buildings is a leading international supplier of building materials and can provide you with comprehensive, full-service solutions for your construction product. We'll save you time, money, and work by getting you all of the products you need from the same place while helping with design, material selection, and installation.

Parlun Buildings has the largest production capacity in Foshan, allowing us to offer a huge range of materials, colors, and customizable options. We've got the flexibility to deliver the exact materials, fixtures, and decorations that you need to make your project a success.

China Top Suppliers Worldwide

Parlun Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around China to ensure continuous deliveries of the materials we need to keep our factories running smoothly. Our partnerships help us provide quality products made from the best materials, even when global supply chains are experiencing interruptions.

Automatic & Intelligent Machinery

Parlun factories employ the latest advances in automatic and intelligent machinery systems to help manage processes and systems at all levels of production. We've integrated careful quality checks at every stage of production, enabling us to ensure that everything we produce is of the highest quality. Every product that leaves our floor meets strict international quality and environmental standards.