Outdoor Wall Lights

Where are the outdoor wall lights installed? It’s right next to the front door, so it’s convenient to take the key to open the door when you come home at night; otherwise, it would be difficult to insert the key into the keyhole in the dark.

For a prettier look, outdoor wall lights can also be installed behind the patio door, one on the left and one on the right of the door.

Installing outdoor wall lights on your house’s facade can illuminate garden paths. This way, you won’t stumble and fall when you pass the garden path at night.

Of course, there are also outdoor wall lights on balconies, in garden sheds, behind cellar stairs, etc. You can install the outdoor wall lights according to your needs.

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LED or halogen – which light source is used for an outdoor wall light?

In principle, you can use both in your outdoor wall light. Because if it is equipped with a standardized socket, both halogen and LED lamps can be screwed in. But before you decide between LEDs and halogens: Pause for a moment and read the following lines before adding the bulbs to your cart:


  • LEDs mean current light source. Halogen lamps mean lamps of the past
  • Compared to halogen lamps, LEDs can save 60% of electricity. Compared to incandescent lamps, it’s even 90%!
  • LEDs are anti-switching – frequent switching is not a problem
  • The LEDs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Halogen lamps? Only about 4000!
  • LEDs are mercury-free – compared to CFLs
  • LEDs are also great for motion detectors. They provide instant 100% brightness when signs of activity are detected.


What degree of protection do outdoor wall lights need?

Yes, outdoor wall lights are not accessible. In winter, it’s exposed to snow and ice, cold, rain, or any other foreign object that can make it very uncomfortable. Constant weather changes, extreme heat, or endless rain can also easily cause damage to outdoor wall lights. Every outdoor wall light has an IP degree to protect sensitive electronics and the light itself.

The protection level of an outdoor wall light depends on where the light is hung. Because the hanging position directly or indirectly reflects the weather conditions to which the outdoor wall light is exposed. For this reason, it is not possible to give a generally applicable answer on the level of protection required and must be decided on a case-by-case basis.


What are the advantages of outdoor wall lights with motion detectors?

Like many other outdoor lights, the outdoor wall light is now equipped with an integrated motion detector. It makes sense. Why? Well, because of this:


  • Save electricity and save money.
  • Outdoor wall lights with motion detectors do not work when no one is passing by the garden. There is no annoying constant light in the garden and no light pollution.
  • Power saving, we have to stress it again. You can save twice as much electricity with modern LED lights and never worry about excessive electricity bills again!
  • Thanks to the motion detector, you want the area to be lit up right away when you pass through a dark place!


Our tip: When it comes to motion detectors, it’s best to stay away from energy-saving lamps. They have a reaction time and take a while to light up when they detect activity. Waiting for lights when there are motion detectors is really annoying and sometimes dangerous. LED lights are best used here as they provide 100% brightness right away!


Are there any outdoor wall lights with solar power?

Solar technology is used for decorative items and practical lighting – such as outdoor wall lights. Here too, solar technology offers many convincing advantages:


  • No extra electricity bills
  • Equipped with modern LED lights
  • No need for extra power cords – reducing your workload and stress.
  • Especially handy for hard-to-reach places or places without a power connection
  • Automatic work when night falls thanks to the twilight sensor
  • Installation without specialist knowledge
  • Working hours are usually between 8 and 10 hours
  • It can also be flexibly integrated into existing lighting concepts
  • Additional functions are also available: motion detector.


Our tip: It’s best always to expose your solar modules to direct sunlight—best facing south.


Are there outdoor wall lights that glow up and down?

There are down or up outdoor wall lights. Or in every direction, if you prefer. It’s up to you to decide how your outdoor wall lights will illuminate your garden or home entrance. And there are many options, especially when it comes to outdoor wall lights—one of them: is up and down light emission.

Outdoor wall lights that emit light upwards or downwards provide security when walking and offer a beautiful view of the house at night. For example, on a house wall directly above a garden path, such a light not only provides safety – i.e., good lighting conditions on the passing path. Beautiful light highlights are also created as the light travels along the house’s walls efficiently.

Our tip: Install a few of these outdoor wall lights at a distance, and your neighbors will be amazed by the beautiful night view of your home.


Are there outdoor wall lights with a camera?

Outdoor wall light with a motion detector is wonderful; it relieves the wallet and the environment. And it also increases the security of your own four walls. So great. But is it possible to go one step further in comfort and safety through light? Yes, you can. With outdoor wall lights with a camera. In addition to the best light properties and an integrated motion sensor, these offer numerous other advantages:


  • Easy assembly and alignment
  • Control via the smartphone app
  • Camera with a high-resolution wide-angle lens
  • Live transmission of images with notifications
  • Video and image storage
  • With loudspeaker and integrated intercom system
  • Adjustable alarm signal

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