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Buy Entrance doors cheaply online

The entrance door is the business card of your house! First and foremost, entrance doors ensure a safe home and protect against unauthorized access. From Parlun, you will find a large selection of high-quality entrance doors, including solid, inexpensive entry-level models and premium entrance doors that impress with the highest security precautions.

Decisive quality criteria when buying a new entrance door are:

  • Resistance to weather influences
  • Very good, reliable burglary protection* (*The burglar resistance does not offer 100% protection against burglary, but: the higher the technology, the better the protection)
  • Good thermal insulation values
  • High energy efficiency

Entrance door design: everything is possible!

Entrance doors come in many designs. The product range extends from classic elegance through traditional appearance to a modern, puristic style. Entrance doors with a side panel or a glass section and decorative glass also give your entrance area a stylish touch. The choice of material has a decisive influence on the look:

Buy aluminum entrance doors

An entrance door made of aluminum combines functionality, durability, and design in one. The light but robust material is particularly hard-wearingeasy to care for, and weather-resistant. Aluminum entrance doors also have excellent thermal insulation.

Buy wooden entrance doors

An entrance door made of solid wood is a kind in nature. The ecological material is characterized by sustainability, good thermal insulation properties, and burglary protection. With appropriate care, you will enjoy your wooden entrance door for a long time.

Buy plastic entrance doors

Plastic entrance doors are generally cheaper than entrance doors made of other materials. They also have good insulating properties, are hard-wearing, and are particularly easy to care for. You can get plastic entrance doors from us in many variants, including timeless traffic white, modern anthracite, and a wood look.

Buy the right entrance door online

When building a house, you have the opportunity to fulfill your wishes. From Parlun, you not only get entrance doors in standard dimensions but also configure individual dimensions of your entrance door.

Entrance doors standard dimensions (shell dimensions)

  • Height: 2010mm
  • Width: 1020mm

Solid entrance doors are also ideally suited as side entrance doors. This is the ideal way to protect the side entrances of your house while subtly placing them in the spotlight.

What should you consider when buying an entrance door?

Entrance doors come in a variety of materials and designs. In addition to the look, security, i.e., the most excellent possible burglary protection and heat protection, is also important.

You should pay attention to this when buying an entrance door: thermal insulation and burglary protection

The RC class tells you how secure an entrance door is. The abbreviation stands for Resistance Class. A distinction is made between classes 1 to 6. The higher the resistance class, the lower the probability that a door can be forced open by external influences, which means the longer it takes for the door to break open.

For an entrance door to be certified with a high resistance class, the following points are crucial:

1. Locking

The more locking points between the door element and frame, the more protected the entrance door is.

2. Door Hinges

When closed, the door must be connected as firmly as possible to the frame to prevent it from being levered out.

3. Security Fitting

Quality of the security fitting: In addition to profile cylinders with an emergency/danger function, core-pulling protection devices are recommended.

4. Glazing

Laminated safety glass should be used

Laminated protective glass, e.g., P4A glazing, makes it difficult to reach through in the event of a break-in. They are relevant to RC2 classifications.

Thermal protection for entrance doors

The second important point when buying an entrance door is thermal insulation. To ensure the heat from the living room does not escape through the entrance door, the entire construction must meet certain criteria.

How good the insulating properties of an entrance door depend on the structure of the entrance door and the quality of the seals. The heat transfer coefficient, or Ud value for short, is a good starting point for better assessing the insulation capacity of an entrance door.

The lower the Ud value, the better the insulating properties of an entrance door. Ud values of up to 1.8 W/m²K are ideal for passive house entrance doors even below 0.8 W/m²K.

To ensure that all building regulations are complied with, you should have the professional installation carried out by an installation company you trust. In this way, professional attachment to masonry can be guaranteed.

Entrance door types in comparison

Regardless of structure, material, or equipment: every entrance door has unique advantages. You can find all the information at a glance in our entrance door comparison.

Entrance doors are differentiated according to their construction materials. Aluminum, plastic, and wood entrance doors are the most common designs. Materials are being combined more and more frequently in modern construction. Timber-aluminum or aluminum-steel entrance doors are also available.

entrance Door Type

Aluminum entrance Door

Plastic entrance Door

Wooden entrance Door

Sound Insulation

















You can see the advantages and disadvantages of the three most common entrance door types in a direct comparison.

In addition to the materials, entrance doors also differ visually. While modern entrance doors rely on straight lines and a subtle pilaster strip or gap look, the classic, traditional design is reminiscent of the popular country house style.

Parlun: one of the best entrance door manufacturers in China

Parlun is one of the best-known manufacturers in China, offering high-quality entrance doors at a low price. Parlun entrance doors guarantee safe living, and many of the products impress with burglar-resistant locking, secure glazing, and good thermal insulation. There is something for every wish and every budget! The essential equipment, supplemented with additional configuration options, is usually convincing here.

 At Parlun, you can also get interior doors and apartment entrance doors from China!