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White can also come in different shades and textures of white. So if the shades of white do not match correctly between the kitchen, walls, and floor, it can spoil the ambiance of your new white kitchen. When choosing white kitchen cabinets, choose a glossy or matte kitchen? This question also plays an important role. In this article, we summarize for you everything related to white kitchen cabinets, including how to choose the right shade of white, kitchen style, and open design issues.

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Take a look at the catalogs by Parlun kitchen cabinet manufacturers and you can see that there are many different white variations.

Change of white tones from warm to cool white

Arctic white

Alpine White

Crystal White


There are various bright white tones in Parlun’s catalog. A few years ago, people preferred clear white tones for cabinets because of their high gloss. And now, the popularity of matte white kitchen cabinets is now on the rise. And slightly warmer, darker whites, also known as beige or vanilla. The warm white shade of magnolia is one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. It is popular in both classic and country kitchens.

Pros and cons of white kitchen cabinets

In the kitchen, usually, only a few kitchen cabinets are white. In the following article, we will analyze the pros and cons of white kitchen cabinets.




Sensitive to dirt

Light reflection

Sometimes cool effect

Optically extended spatial effect

Optically very clean

Very well combined


Good resale value for rental apartments


Which kitchen style do white kitchen cabinets suit?

No matter what style your kitchen is, white kitchen cabinets are a great choice.

  1. White kitchen cabinets in country style: Modern country style retains the charm of comfort while incorporating modern elements.
  2. White kitchen cabinets in Scandinavian style: White kitchen cabinets are also ideal for the Scandinavian kitchen style. The light, soft colors and simple shapes of the handles make a strong impression.
  3. White kitchen cabinets without handles: no handles enhance the perfect fit for those who like modern minimalist style.

White kitchen cabinet fronts: matte or high gloss?

The type of finish determines the look of white kitchen cabinets. Ultimately, the choice of white kitchen cabinets depends on personal taste and fashion.

You can choose between two variants.

  • High-gloss
  • Matte

High gloss white kitchen cabinets look like mirrors and are perfect for small kitchens. They reflect light best and make the room look brighter and larger. Matte white fronts are particularly suitable for open, handle-less living concepts with kitchen counters. Thanks to the anti-fingerprint coating, fingerprints on the matte surface are no longer as visible as before.

Whether you choose high gloss white kitchen cabinets or matte cabinets depends on your personal preferences and the size of your kitchen space. If you don’t know how to choose, you can contact the experts at Parlun and we will provide you with advice and an integrated buying process. This way you can easily buy the white kitchen cabinets of your choice.

Many possible combinations of white kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are often combined with accent colors, such as dark stone or wood countertops. Basically, almost any wood tone can be combined with white, whether it is soft or bright. This adds a lot of possibilities to designing a kitchen.

Wooden decorative white kitchen cabinets

White and wood tones complement each other. The white is clear, pure, and clean, while the wood is warm, natural, and somewhat raw. The combination of white and wood enhances each other’s effect.

For an open-plan living concept, you need to pay attention to how the wood tones in the kitchen match the other wood tones in the room.

White kitchen cabinets combined with black

White and black are the perfect color combinations. When used properly, the contrast can have a fascinating effect. So, how about white handleless kitchen cabinets with black countertops, black faucets, and sinks?

Marbled white kitchen cabinets front

In addition to plain white kitchen cabinet fronts, you can also design your kitchen with marble. The marble texture makes the kitchen look more vivid. In addition, the white color of marble is very elegant. Moreover, it can even be not real white marble, such as faux marble texture.

A white kitchen with different colors

If a white kitchen is too boring for you, you can bring color into your kitchen design. For example, colored gemstone countertops, colored sinks, and kitchen accessories, colored splash backs, or colored kitchen appliances. Or you can use paint on the walls.

What flooring matches a white kitchen cabinet?

Aesthetically, when it comes to white kitchen flooring, the question arises again whether contrast is needed. The combination of white kitchen cabinets and white flooring enhances the space-expanding effect of a white kitchen. However, it is important to note that when using white shades, make sure that the white tones are in harmony with each other.

Dark floors can also be matched with white kitchen cabinets. Moreover, when you use dark flooring, the dark flooring, and light kitchen cabinets front change the spacing effect by 180 degrees and the kitchen will look more compact. In addition, dark flooring has another great advantage. Dirt is less visible on dark floors, and white kitchens will look neater and cleaner.

The parquet flooring also complements the white kitchen cabinets. The wood tones of the flooring, both glossy and matte, give a comfortable feel. When using a parquet in a kitchen, you need to consider the parquet’s oil or wax seal and coordinate the wood tones in the room.

If you are interested, please contact Parlun which is the kitchen cabinets direct manufacturer from China, we have high-quality and cost-effective white kitchen cabinets. Besides, we have a professional foreign trade team to solve your problems of logistics, transportation, after-sales service, and so on. We are committed to providing you with the best service.

Cost of white kitchen cabinets

The price of kitchen cabinets usually does not depend on their color. White kitchen cabinets can be divided into entry-level and luxury mediums. So the price difference is usually caused by the surface used. Cheap aluminum foil fronts are not as impressive compared to expensive high gloss lacquer finishes.

Where to buy white kitchen cabinets and white appliances?

You can find white kitchen cabinets in various shades in Parlun’s catalog. Examples are vanilla, beige, and magnolia in cool white. You can also see the different effects of matte and glossy kitchen cabinet fronts in Parlun’s showroom through videos.

If you are looking for white household appliances, you will find what you are looking for in Parlun’s catalog, where you can find white stoves and ovens. Contact us today, buy white kitchen cabinets from China is so easy!

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