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21+white quartz kitchen backsplash ideas and tips

Table of Contents

Colorful modern farmhouse kitchen with pure white quartz

It’s the perfect combination of modern and farmhouse style! This kitchen is very good at using color combinations to add flair and liveliness to the kitchen. The sage green flat panel cabinets with the yellow high chairs make a striking statement. The white quartzite backsplash and wood upper cabinets complement the light wood flooring to create a warm and cozy feel, and the Waterfall island with dark island and shelving allows you to be as creative as you want. Four minimalist pendant lights and plenty of natural light add to the brightness and cleanliness of the kitchen.

White contemporary kitchen with Marble-like patterned quartz stone

When you walk into this kitchen, the first thing that strikes you is the distinctive pattern of the quartzite backsplash, which has more of a man-made pattern of refinement than the plain white quartzite. The Waterfall island also uses the same elements to make the kitchen a coherent entity. The mid-tone wood cabinets are inlaid with stainless steel kitchen appliances, which are very stylish and complete. The concrete floor, farmhouse sink, and minimalist pendant lighting give you the best kitchen experience.

about white quartz kitchen backsplash

A stylish and timeless quartzite backsplash, it’s a great choice for the kitchen! Quartzite is made up of ground or crushed minerals – quartzite – which can be mixed with many different resins or pigments to create unique textures and colors, even simulating the texture of marble, but not as expensive as marble, so it is a great alternative. Quartz stone has many advantages, such as it is very durable and hard, and it is non-porous and does not need to be sealed. In addition, it is very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with simple soap and warm water.

The backsplash can be a creative place in the kitchen, which is very practical and aesthetically pleasing. The white quartzite backsplash is a great fit in the kitchen. The simple, unpatterned one is understated yet timelessly stylish. Those with artificial patterns add a luxurious touch to the kitchen. In the following, we will introduce you some of our ideas for white quartz backsplash.

White classic modern farmhouse kitchen with light wood floor

The perfect combination of modern style and farmhouse kitchen! The framed design of the pendant lights, waterfall island and classic shaker cabinets are very consistent with the idea of modern style. The light wood floors and ceilings add warmth to the kitchen. The white quartzite backsplash has a marble-like texture, creating highlights and luxury in a white setting, while making the kitchen dynamic. The island features the same design and is very lustrous under natural light.

White transitional kitchen with Glossy quartz kitchen backsplash

In this mid-sized transitional kitchen. The white cabinets are complemented by polished nickel oversized hardware, and the dark walnut interior is attractive, with a stripe-like design that gives the whole a stylish look. The white quartzite backdrop is very visible and striking in the white cabinets. Together with the accent of led light strips, the backsplash reveals a premium texture, which is very luxurious. The light-colored wood-colored island and light-colored wood flooring give the space a very clear sense of layers. Undercounter sink, paneled appliances give you the best kitchen experience.

Quartz vs Marble

Quartz is a man-made stone, while marble is a natural stone, which means that marble veins are unique, so just because you choose on marble doesn’t mean that the one in your home will be the same.

  • Design
    The options for patterns and motifs in quartzite are endless, however, this is not the case with marble, which has very limited options because it is simply a naturally occurring texture.
  • Durability
    Quartzite is very strong and is non-porous in design, it is not sensitive to any substance. In contrast, marble is porous and it is particularly sensitive to acids, which may leave etched residues on it upon contact. In addition, quartzite is scratch resistant, while marble can leave scratches over time.
  • Price
    Marble is relatively 25% more expensive than quartzite.
  • Maintenance Effort
    Quartz stone is very easy to maintain and requires no sealing or polishing. Marble, on the other hand, needs to be sealed once every three to six months and requires frequent maintenance.

To sum up, quartz stone is the choice of most people. Of course, if you want to integrate the advantages of quartz stone and the veining of marble, you can choose products from Parlun to add charm to your kitchen.

Two-tone white and blue transitional kitchen with quartz stone worktops

Does the two-tone transitional kitchen grab your attention? The blue island is prominent in this gray kitchen, and with the bronze chairs, the kitchen is colorful and layered, making this kitchen classic and stylish. The white quartzite backsplash has an artistic texture that complements the pure white beaded built-in cabinetry. The small details of the kitchen are also very impressive, such as the different designs of hardware, the island countertop with the same texture, and the slightly blue stereo lights, making this kitchen very sophisticated.

Comfortable Scandinavian kitchen with glass showcase in light tones

A very cozy and comfortable Scandinavian kitchen! The color scheme is warm and uniform, and the U-shaped layout makes the most of the kitchen space. The white quartz stone backsplash has a very delicate pattern, which is understated but not lacking in design, adding charm to the kitchen with its details. The backsplash is echoed by the large stone block at the top. The upper cabinetless design ensures an airy and open kitchen, and the glass display shelves allow you to showcase your favorite items. The high chairs and minimalist pendant lights are designed in the same color, and the strong contrast with the kitchen makes the kitchen more stylish as a whole.

Gorgeous green farmhouse kitchen with chic pendant lights

A gorgeous green farmhouse kitchen! Green is the most lively and vivid color, and also very stylish. The dark green cabinets are very high class. The white quartzite backsplash has some man-made texture that looks very much like marble, creating a clean backdrop, and with the wood floating shelves, the space looks very spacious and expansive. The pendant light is designed like a bird’s nest, which looks like a beautiful artwork, and echoes the light-colored wooden floor. Stainless steel kitchen appliances reflect light that fills the entire kitchen.

Premium luxury minimalist modern white kitchen with glass black kitchen cabinets

What a luxurious modern premium kitchen! The entire kitchen is in a cool black, white and gray palette, which never goes out of style. The bright colored chairs play a nice accent role to create a visual highlight in the kitchen. The white quartzite backsplash has a faux marble pattern, which is very noble, and the white cabinets in the flat panel are very prominent and echo the waterfall island. The black translucent glass cabinet doors add a sense of mystery to this kitchen. This is undoubtedly the best choice if you like a simple and noble kitchen.

White traditional kitchen with brass Hardware

In this large traditional kitchen, the majority is classic white, but the raised cabinet design and brass hardware accents keep the white from looking monotonous, the light wood flooring gives you a soft touch, the built-in LED lights and windows ensure enough light, and the simple white quartzite backsplash is not only very durable, but blends perfectly with this kitchen. The kitchen island adds a sense of layering to the kitchen with its high and low drops.

Blue-green modern style kitchen with quartz stone kitchen worktops

This blue-green modern style kitchen pays close attention to the balance between colors. The two-tone color scheme makes the whole kitchen very classic and stylish, with bright yellow as an accent to make the environment lively and alive. The white quartzite backsplash provides a pure white background, and the block color separation gives the whole a layered look. The flooring is arranged in a herringbone shape, and the uneven touch adds a stylish touch to the whole. The quartzite island top adds a faux texture that enriches the design of the kitchen.

Does white quartzite backsplash dye?

Quartzite, being a man-made material, is not porous like natural materials, it is non-porous and the surface is sealed, so you don’t have to worry about residual bacteria hiding in the pores, and it is very easy to clean. So you don’t need to worry about staining the backsplash of quartzite, even if it is white.

Monochromatic gray modern kitchen with light wood floor

A gray monochromatic kitchen is made less monotonous and more sophisticated with a white quartzite backsplash and a white worktop. The flat panel cabinets have no extra decoration other than the black hardware, which is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist, premium style. The white and gray colors echo each other, creating a sharp contrast without being too abrupt. The light-colored wood flooring ensures your feet feel comfortable in the kitchen and brings you a soft feeling.

Grey traditional kitchen with Marble-like quartz kitchen backsplash

When you walk into this kitchen, at first glance you will feel that there are many elements in the kitchen, but in fact the elements are arranged well with each other. The gray custom cabinets and the white countertops echo each other, while the white quartzite backsplash has a very delicate texture, and is very much like the texture of marble, making the kitchen full of fashion. The original wooden window frame is very lively in color, bringing life to the kitchen. The stainless steel farmhouse sink complements the kitchen appliances and electric fan to give you the best kitchen experience.

Pure white streamlined contemporary kitchen with brass faucet

The streamlined look and minimalist design of this contemporary kitchen in pure white. The brass faucet accents and artistic pendant lighting collide with this white kitchen to add luxury and perfection. The white quartzite backsplash has a unique pattern that is prominent among the white cabinets, creating a visual focal point, and with the LED light source illumination, its texture is very clear, making the kitchen more stylish. The mid-tone wood flooring is matte and soft to the touch and feel, which is very comfortable.

White blue traditional kitchen with recessed spotlights

The low saturation tones of the kitchen are very elegant and noble. This traditional kitchen features custom white built-in cabinets with a white quartzite backsplash whose delicate patterns enrich the design of the kitchen. And blue and white are a great pair, with blue being natural and fresh, playing an accent role in this kitchen. The light-colored flooring also has a natural texture, and with this flooring, the kitchen is more welcoming. The transparent pendant lights are also very simple in design, and together with the recessed spotlights on the ceiling, they make this kitchen clean and bright.

Farmhouse style kitchen with white quartz backsplash

When it comes to farmhouse kitchens, what is the farmhouse style? Classic farmhouse kitchens pay a lot of attention to natural materials, for example, kitchens mostly use flooring made of hardwood paper, cabinets or countertops. In the choice of hardwoods, cherry and oak are the most commonly chosen materials.

White and wood colors go well together, and a white quartzite backsplash will add a chic atmosphere to a farmhouse kitchen, while white never goes out of style and is very classic. Here are some ideas to be creative in white quartzite backsplash in farmhouse kitchen, you can check with us.

Black and wood-colored farmhouse kitchen with Slanted textured quartz stone backsplash

The double island has a very luxurious design, which caught my eye. The island body is made of hardwood solids and the natural grain makes him very unique. The white quartzite backsplash is complemented by the brown cabinets with a pattern that has a very rustic and classic feel. The black cabinetry contrasts with the white worktop and is accented with brass chair legs to give you a luxurious feel. The chandelier is cleverly designed with a different design and white tones, echoing the white backsplash.

White industrial style farmhouse kitchen with exposed beams

This farmhouse kitchen has been infused with new industrial elements, giving the kitchen a combination of sleek and rustic look. The hardwood floors and exposed beams allow for a warm ambiance that is not cut in any way, which is very rustic and classic. The raised cabinets and white backsplash create an integrated design, and the pattern adds another visual focal point to the kitchen, which becomes rich in design and color. The lighting, faucets and stainless steel appliances incorporate the modern industrial style well into this kitchen and everything is so perfect.

Sage green farmhouse kitchen with polished worktops

Fresh colors and clean lines come together perfectly in this sage green farmhouse kitchen. Raised cabinets catch the eye with their classic design and create a layered look to the space. The white and green backsplash is a perfect fit for this kitchen, it is very functional and understated. The simple white shelves above the backsplash are paired with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, making the kitchen very open and airy. The worktop is polished, which is very shiny.

Walnut kitchen cabinets with pure white kitchen backsplash

Simple design but not lacking in sophistication, that was my first impression of this farmhouse kitchen. The cabinets are custom walnut cabinets with a natural feel at your fingertips, and with the floating shelves shelving and natural light, the kitchen becomes very warm and cozy. The white quartzite backsplash is only a small piece, and the less obvious man-made texture completes the kitchen’s details. With the stainless steel hood and kitchen appliances paired with the tile flooring, the kitchen is very trendy.

Scandinavian style kitchen with white quartz stone backsplash

Before the creativity begins, let’s get to know what is meant by Scandinavian style? Scandinavian style follows the idea of minimalism very well and pays much attention to the functionality of the kitchen, using soft tones to create a comfortable and warm scene. Besides, wooden furniture and wooden decorations are often the best choice in this style of kitchen. So, unlike modern style, if you prefer a warmer style, then Scandinavian style is your best choice.

The white quartzite backsplash is also a perfect match for this kitchen, as white and light colors belong to the same hue, making it a perfect and stylish match. Here are some creative designs of Scandinavian kitchens with white quartz backsplash.

Wood tone Scandinavian style kitchen with beadboard cabinets

The warm wood tones add warmth and comfort to the kitchen. The white cabinetry is raised and paired with beadboard cabinets for a design versatility that takes the monotony out of the kitchen. The white quartzite backsplash uses the same design as the waterfall island and adds an artificial faux marble pattern that matches the overall perfectly, thanks to which the kitchen becomes very luxurious. Chair legs and wood floating shelves in light wood tones contrast with the heavy black pendant lights, which enrich the color of the kitchen.

Mid-tone solid wood Scandinavian kitchen with black lamp posts

This small kitchen in medium tone solid wood is very sophisticated, although the space is small, but the elements are not crowded, but very well organized. The functional partitioning is very reasonable. The white quartzite backsplash glows with the light and is the best choice for a small kitchen because of its durability and beauty. A black lamp post is very noticeable and has a sense of design that balances the overall color.

Pure white Scandinavian kitchen with built-in kitchen appliances

Unlike large kitchens, this small kitchen is very sophisticated, but also very functional. The overall color of this Scandinavian kitchen is white, and with the other elements, everything is perfect. The built-in kitchen appliances do not take up kitchen space and are very practical. The backdrop is made of classic quartzite, which is very cost-effective and stylish, and the kitchen blends together to make this beautiful kitchen. The design of shelves and topless cabinets make the whole open and airy.

White and green Scandinavian-style kitchen with stylish quartz stone backsplash

Green and white are a perfect pair! The green color gives this kitchen life and vibrancy, while the white quartzite backsplash creates a clean backdrop on which you can let your imagination run wild, which is wonderful. A small wooden dining table allows you to enjoy your meal. The cabinets have a flat panel design, which is very minimalist and stylish. The black island chandelier provides plenty of light, making the whole look bright and clean.

Symmetrical Scandinavian Style White Kitchen with Vinyl Flooring and beautiful quartz backsplash

The entire kitchen is designed with classic raised cabinetry, with vertical lines that have a symmetrical aesthetic and are visually very attractive. The white quartzite backsplash and cabinets blend perfectly into one, making the whole look very sophisticated and complete. The brass faucets and pendant lights add a touch of luxury and sophistication, and the green plants bring a sense of nature that makes you feel good about working in the kitchen. The mid-tone vinyl flooring enriches the kitchen’s color levels, and a rustic and beautiful Scandinavian-style kitchen is created.

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