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52+ Blue & Grey kitchen designs ideas and tips

Blue & Grey kitchen designs ideas

Table of Contents

Blue and Grey Kitchen with Brass Hardware

With its modern interior design, this kitchen satisfies almost all design styles. The cadet blue cabinets with grey-veined marble countertop provide a calm and serene tone for this kitchen and its countertop complements the marble backsplash. The backsplash manifests the beauty of ink wash painting and adds dynamic energy to the cooking environment. Moreover, the wood range hood, the wood built-in closet, and the wood floors offer a warm and gentle vibe with their texture and  natural color. Brass hardware on the cabinets, brass faucet sets, and brass cover of the pendant lights give a luxurious glow to this kitchen.

Deep Blue Cabinets with Grey Marble Countertop and Multicolored Backsplash

The multicolored porcelain backsplash behind the stove pulls the attention between the white semicircle panel and the blue cabinets and instantly creates a unique feel to this transitional kitchen. Also, deep blue shaker cabinets add a serene texture with their style and color and the grey-veined countertop illumines the dark navy blue cabinets and connects the cabinets with the white wall and marble backsplash. Besides, the island in the middle of the kitchen expresses its uniqueness with its deep wood texture and elegant shape and it warms up the kitchen feeling with the brown pentagon tile floors. Brass hardware and the brass faucet set match well with deep blue cabinets and the deep wood island and integrate the whole kitchen with its texture and color.

About blue and gray kitchen

Blue color, a symbol of sea and sky, represents tranquility and peace, while grey, a neutral color, betokens sophistication and elegance. Some kitchens will use grey as backdrops or pick blue for accents respectively and some innovative kitchen owners will use these two colors to display their independent and creative ideas in the kitchen.
The combination of blue and grey will make the kitchen eye-catching, appealing and unique. They often play with pastels and deep color shades, such as pastel blue cabinets with deep grey countertop, deep blue cabinets with greyish backsplash, and greyish cabinets with blue backsplash. Normally, white, beige and wood color match well with the blue grey and usually they are applied to the countertop, the backsplash or the floor, which will soften the depression of the blue and grey.

Contemporary Kitchen with Deep Blue and Grey Cabinets

This contemporary kitchen produces a trendy vibe of a modern cottage with the elegance desired for a welcoming residence! The blue and grey cabinetry with chrome hardware serves a modern and delicate look. The grey marble backsplash connects the grey cabinets with the metallic appliances, which is a great way to maintain a harmony of color and style. The blue island with the light grey marble waterfall and the bright plank creates an appealing focal point and also provides a dining place for people. The white shiplap wall intensifies the spaciousness of the kitchen and  serves as a pleasant backdrop for the interior design.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Blue Island and Grey Backsplash

What a contemporary and elegant kitchen it is! The blue island with a dark blue marble top forms a calm and steady tone for the kitchen and it also creates a strong contrast with the greyish cabinets and the subway tile backsplash of various grey tiles. Besides, the greyish shaker cabinets equipped with white glass countertop and frosted glass doors brighten up the kitchen and the light cork floors, along with the light wood exposed beams, add pleasant warmth and rustic charm to the kitchen. Warm ceiling lights and the pendant lights with cream color coating soften the vibe of the kitchen and produce an inviting atmosphere.

Blue and Grey Kitchen with Brass and Golden Hardware

In most cases, color schemes concerning blue and grey will choose soft tones to produce a warm feeling in the kitchen and the various combination of different ranges of blue and grey will offer ceaseless options. In a dove grey space, a navy blue island will add sparkle as well as a sense of poise to the kitchen. Besides, bright blue kitchens with light grey marble countertop is also an ideal design for a kitchen, giving a serene atmosphere. Moreover, for a blue and grey kitchen, some golden or brass hardware and decorations or a yellow oak countertop will be perfect sets to provide an eye-catching contrast, blessing it with a pleasant harmony. Let’s have a look at some extraordinary kitchens in blue and grey.

Modern Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Streaked Marble Waterfall

A staring modern vibe pervades the kitchen with eye-catching navy blue cabinets and a grey-veined marble waterfall. Raised-panel shaker cabinets stick to the ceiling, making good use of the space, and the fridge is embedded perfectly in the cabinets due to its custom design, expressing the integrity of color and style. Besides, what responds to the cabinets is the marble waterfall with diverse grey stripes and it expresses a strong modern appeal. Normally, darker colors like navy blue and deep grey give the kitchen not only sophistication and orderliness but also tediousness and bleakness. Therefore, the white square tile backsplash, white pendant lighting with golden decorations, and brass hardware are the sparkles to break that dull space.  

Blue Cabinets with White Countertop and Greyish Quartz Backsplash

White and blue are almost the most matching color scheme and involving different blue shades with white gives diverse feelings. This kitchen with navy blue cabinets and a white countertop with grey streaks offers a classic style. The shaker cabinets with glass-fronted doors can exhibit the white porcelain dining wares and add a crystal texture to the wooden cabinets. The greyish patterns on the quartz backsplash and countertop portray the flowing of a river, providing vitality to the pure white background. Moreover, the whole environment sparkled up with the help of brass pendant lighting, brass faucet sets, brass hardware, light wood stools, and light cork wood flooring.

Deep Grey Cabinets with Blue Island and Brass Hardware

This transitional enclosed kitchen gives a delicate and comfortable feel with its tender color palette. The deep grey base and wall cabinets maintain the integrity of color and form soft contrasts with the white subway backsplash and with the pastel blue island, strengthening the delicacy of the kitchen. Besides, the various materials of the countertop, including wood, limestone, and marble, divide the kitchen cabinets into three areas, namely an exhibition area, a cooking area and a serving area, making the kitchen disciplined and clean. More importantly, the brass hardware is a significant part of this kitchen because it breaks the dark look formed by the grey cabinets, grey countertop, grey floors, and black appliance and it turns magically those grey hues into the manifestation of luxury and elegance.

Dusty Blue Cabinets with Grey Marble Countertop

The dusty blue cabinetry is a unique scenery for the kitchen and narrates its vibrant fineness quietly. The slate grey marble countertop cooperates well with the dusty blue cabinets and flows with a serene vibe. And the cabinets are equipped with glass-fronted doors, which could allow homeowners to exhibit their delicate glasses and dining wares, which provides a crystal and clean look to the cabinets. Color integrity shows with golden-and-ceramic arabesque backsplash tiles, golden faucet sets, and golden hardware, offering glimmers in the sea of serene dusty blue.

Navy Blue Cabinets with Greyish Backsplash in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Blue color shows a great ability to catch people’s eyes. Taking this design for example, blue shaker cabinets stand out supported by the white countertop, white wall, and greyish backsplash, and the brass hardware on them also strengthens their sophistication and elegance in this farmhouse kitchen. Besides, there are plenty of elevated shelves allowing the house owners to place dining ware and seasonings, expressing the vitality of rural life. Moreover, wooden stools, wooden trim of the hood, and dark hardwood flooring matching perfectly with the grey brick structure form a solid rustic vibe for the cooking and dining environment, easing homeowners’ cooking and dining mood.

Blue Cabinets and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

Blue Cabinets and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash with Arabesque Motif Floors

How eye-catching this design of the kitchen is! Blue cabinets look delicate and stunning against the backdrop grey subway tile backsplash and the golden hardware and faucet on it and the modern pendant light make it luxurious. Another catchy design detail is the blue arabesque motif on the floor. The floor integrates the whole color in this kitchen and it also intensifies the deluxe feeling of the kitchen, giving it the grandeur befitting of this palatial estate.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Backsplash

Blue kitchen cabinets are always the most stunning part of a kitchen and they form a feeling of tranquility, seriousness, and peacefulness. To harmonize the blue cabinets, we often use a neutral color backsplash, like grey backsplash. Various shades of grey have different visual effects. The greyish backsplash makes navy blue cabinets stand out and softens the depressing vibe of the cabinets. And deep grey backsplash brings depth and weight to the pastel blue cabinets and saves the kitchen from being too shallow. Even with the same shades of blue and grey, the blue cabinets still match well with the grey backsplash and they can form a geometrical charm and create a modern look. Generally, the match of blue kitchen cabinets with grey backsplash is popular in a kitchen and it has versatile combinations waiting for your exploration.

Blue Cabinetry with Grey Backsplash

The light blue cabinetry forms a serene contrast whilst the white wall and countertop and the greyish subway tile backsplash bring brightness to the kitchen atmosphere. The light blue recessed-panel cabinets with a range hood show the integrity of color and strengthen the delicacy of the kitchen. The color transition between the blue cabinetry and the stainless steel appliance is provided by the grey subway tile backsplash, chrome hardware, and white marble countertop. The deep color floors offer a perfect background for the light blue cabinetry and grey backsplash and it responds nicely with the base of the ceiling light, making the up and the down of the space integrate.

Deep Blue Cabinets and Grey Backsplash

It is truly a modern and exceptional kitchen! The grey wall, the grey backsplash with blur patterns, and the bare concrete ceiling provide a terrific backdrop for the interior design and give the kitchen a stylish look. And its plenty of lights and the high ceiling structure mediate the dark areas of the deep blue island with black top and  the deep blue cabinets with grey countertop. The grey countertop continues the integrity of color running through the wall, backsplash and the range hood, harmonizing the cooking area. Besides, the orange open wood shelves installed against the wall adds the vibrant energy of orange color to the grey world and responds to the inner side of the metallic pendant lights. Laminate floors with a fresh and warm color warm up the space and make the space inviting.

Dusty Blue Cabinets with Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

What a fresh and airy kitchen it is! The dusty blue cabinets put on a tender feeling to the kitchen and they form a gentle contrast with the white solid surface countertop, which shows a sleek and clean touch to the cabinetry. The subway tile backsplash looks romantic and elegant with its marble tiles of diverse grey shades, giving a  similar beauty of oil painting. Comparing to the light and cold colors on the cabinets and backsplash, the color of the floors, chairs and the exposed beam are warmer and deeper, make house owners comfortable and surefooted. And the brass hardware and the brass metallic pendant lights strengthen this feel of coziness and add a luxurious feel at the same time.

Navy Blue and White Cabinetry with Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

The full-height navy blue and white cabinetry provides a wonderful look with the grey subway tile backsplash and the grey backsplash offers a cohesive backdrop to complete a chromatic transition from the white wall cabinets to the navy blue base cabinets. Besides, the light wood hood complements the wood floors to produce a harmony of style while contrasting with the grey backdrop. The brass hardware and the brass-and-glass pendant light make a warm glow throughout the kitchen and bring a warm feel.

Open Concept Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Deep Grey Marble Countertop and Backsplash

The floor-to-ceiling cabinetry provides plenty of storage room and enhances the magnificence of the building. Navy blue shaker cabinetry takes half of the kitchen and it forms a grounded and calm look with its deep grey marble countertop. Its glass-fronted doors and chrome hardware bless the cabinetry with delicate and modern textures. The island sitting in the middle of the kitchen connects the two parts of the cabinetry with the same color scheme and style and the kitchen lights above the island cast warm lights to the space and their unique appearances lighten the cooking environment to some extent.

Light Blue Cabinets and Grey Backsplash

Elegance spreads through the dreamy blue and white cabinetry and grey backsplash. Comparing to the strong contrast of deep blue and white, the set of light blue and white recessed-panel cabinets is weaker and it softens the dimness of the grey subway tile backsplash. The island in the middle of the kitchen consists of light blue island cabinets and the grey quartz countertop and it cooperates well with the cabinetry and backsplash. deep wood flooring, along with a trio of wooden chairs, brightens the kitchen and adds a feeling of warmth.

Beach Style Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Backsplash

The magnificent kitchen incorporates all the necessary parts of a kitchen. Blue cabinetry body blesses the kitchen with a serene tone and a special charm of the ocean. Applying a white quartz countertop with grey veins shuttling through instead of the pure white countertop weakens the contrast of blue and white. Besides, the grey marble backsplash stands out on a white subway title wall and it also gives a tender look to the kitchen. Furthermore, the glass-fronted doors of the cabinetry can clearly display the dinning wares inside and the red color of the cups, the hardware of the stove, the door and the clock offer sparkles to the kitchen.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Chevron Backsplash

This magnificent kitchen catches people’s eyes right away with its stunning color scheme and ingenious details. The floor-to-ceiling vibrant navy blue cabinets and the base cabinets, island, and range hood share the same color scheme,  casting a catchy and blazing tone of calmness and sophistication to the kitchen. At the same time, the appealing grey backsplash stands out with its chevron patterns of various grey shades and it also forms a strong contrast against the blue cabinets. What makes the navy blue cabinets and grey chevron backsplash harmonious are the grey granite countertop, the natural wood grain floors, and the bamboo chairs. The brass dots of hardware and pendant lights add a look of luxury to this kitchen as well.

Blue Flat-panel Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Backsplash

Tidy, flat, and orderly! Look at this amazing kitchen! With no patterns and veins, this kitchen shows the pure beauty of blue, grey, white and black and no matter which angle you look at it, you only see flat surface. The grey backsplash with white grouting offers a simple but delicate backdrop for the cabinets to form a soft contrast while it also connects the white wall and the black window frame with the ceramic countertop to the whole space harmonious. All appliances are installed perfectly into the cabinets and the small yet useful chrome hardware make themselves almost invisible, strengthening the orderliness of the cabinetry. Moreover, the white grouting of the deep grey concrete look tiles echoes that of backsplash and the edges of cabinetry, integrating organically the space.  

Blue and Grey Kitchen with Blue Island

Kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet that can either match the existing parts of the kitchen or complement the kitchen design plan. The kitchen island is always in the center of the kitchen. It can stand alone to store kitchen wares and it can also be surrounded with chairs to serve as a dining table with storage space. Painting the kitchen island blue to complement the grey cabinets is a genius action to add a strong contrast  to bring vigor to the kitchen. 

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and Grey Backsplash

The grey countertop of the island and the grey glass tile backsplash create a monochromatic look with the blue hue of the island. The freshness is achieved by the harmony of white cabinetry, grey marble countertop, and grey arabesque backsplash. The grey backsplash forms a profound backdrop for the white cabinets and adds a unique charm to the kitchen. As always, the light wood floors create a contrast to the blue and grey hues and the rugs with rustic characters bring vitality to this serene kitchen. All these create an aesthetic look together.

Blue Island and Grey Backsplash

Blue island and grey backsplash base cabinets have a fresh look together. The black and white cabinetry produces a strong contrast of tone whilst the checkerboard floors strengthen the gorgeous vibe of the kitchen, making the kitchen splendid. Under this condition, the pastel blue island and the grey subway tile backsplash cool down the kitchen and produce a perfect chromatic transition from the wall to the floor. Chrome hardware and metallic appliances intensify the harmony of colors and let the cooking environment pleasant.

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and Grey Marble Countertop

This transitional kitchen has some tender and rustic touches thanks to the blue island with grey marble top. The rest of the walnut wood cabinets with a grey countertop creates a bright and classic appeal. The porcelain tile backplash shows its unique beauty with the chevron patterns and it offers a special backdrop for the open shelves and the fresh range hood, adding a comfortable vibe for the kitchen. Besides, the wood cabinets with a grey-veined quartz countertop warm up the kitchen with its wood texture whilst the blue island and grey chair bring some calmness to the kitchen, making the kitchen attractive. The harmony of brass hardware and lighting fixtures put a chick look for this kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and Grey Herringbone Ceramic Backsplash

This classic kitchen gives a sleek and elegant look with its white shaker cabinets, grey herringbone ceramic backsplash, blue island with a grey-and-white marble countertop, light wood flooring, and brass and chrome hardware. The light grey backsplash tiles provide a fresh and delicate look while bringing a modern appeal to the design. The deep blue island breaks the domination of light colors, namely white, light grey, and light wood color, and offers a calm tone to this kitchen. The brass and chrome hardware, chrome faucet, and brass structure of the pendant lights complete the classic style of cabinetry. The black wood legs of the grey counter chairs complement the deep blue island.

Traditional Kitchen with Blue Island and Grey Backsplash

Blue island takes center stage with a mottled natural countertop and a trio of grey fabric stools, putting a trending touch to the white cabinetry. The grey backsplash and the grey countertop on the white cabinets create a monochromatic transition from the cabinets and the wall to the floor and the island. Besides, the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes the best of the kitchen and integrates the whole space while the chrome hardware harmonizes the stainless steel appliances with the cabinetry. The extravagant pendant lights look shining and eye-catching, producing a luxurious vibe to the space.

Blue Kitchen Island with Grey-white Cabinets and Grey Marble Countertop

Sometimes, unique characters can be formed with some slight design ingenuity. In this kitchen, the integrity of grey-white cabinets with appliances embedded perfectly is the favorite design for those people preferring orderliness. And the details of the island with the color of blue and the shape of a wooden logistic box put an industrial appealing to this kitchen, accentuating its distinguishing features. Besides, vinyl flooring and grey marble countertop serve as a bridge connecting the greyish cabinets with the blue island.  Finally, the versatile application of lighting offers sufficient luminosity to the space and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Deep Grey Backsplash and Grey and Blue Island with White Cabinets

What a modern kitchen design it is! The blue of the island catches people’s eyes with the foil of black, white and grey. The white cabinetry fills the whole wall, maximizing the space utilization and enhancing the simplicity of the space. On the other hand, the black backsplash mediates the existence of the appliances inserted completely in the cabinetry with its strong contrast to the white. Meanwhile, the grey top of the blue island, along with the deep grey flooring, works as a smooth monochromatic transition from the white and black cooking space to the dining table. The artistic pendant light over the table shows its unique charm quietly.

Beach Style Grey Cabinets with Blue Island

Blue island stands out under the background of the grey and white cabinetry. The hue of navy blue makes this kitchen harmonious and also brings depth to this light space. White subway tile backsplash with grey grout  looks stylish and fresh and adds another layer of texture to the kitchen, which is strengthened by the chrome hardware on the cabinets. Light wood floor mediates the soft contrast of the blue island and the grey cabinets, flowing a tender and relaxing vibe of the beach.

Beach Style Kitchen with Blue Island and Grey Countertop

How fresh and airy this kitchen looks! The light blue wall provides a bright background for the interior design of the kitchen and the dark blue subway tile backsplash with white grouting forms a strong contrast with the white recessed-panel cabinets adorned with chrome hardware and it also adds a unique layer of texture. The grey quartzite countertop mediates the strong contrast of dark blue and white while the island with blue cabinet body and grey countertop complements the hues of the cooking area. Bamboo stools with navy blue and white braided fabric cast a strong beach beauty to this kitchen.

Blue Backsplash in Blue and Grey Kitchens

From the angle of pragmatical use, backsplash, an important part for a kitchen, saves the wall from water and oil stains and damages from accidental scratches and collisions. However, with the development of aesthetics in a kitchen, it embodies the aesthetic manifestation. The color backsplash usually is picked according to the cabinets,  which can be a complement to the cabinets. Among all colors,  blue backsplash is applied commonly to lighten a greyish kitchen or to form a fresh vibe with a strong contrast of blue and white.  From classic blue subway tile to modern chevron patterns, blue backsplash come in an ceaseless variety of styles, shapes, patterns and texture options.

Open Concept Kitchen with Blue Subway Tile Backsplash and Grey Countertop

In this open-concept kitchen, blue colors are balanced with the white cabinetry and the grey harmonizes the contrast of blue and white. The light blue backsplash provides a cool feeling for the white recessed-panel cabinets while the grey mottled marble countertop offers vitality to the kitchen. Besides, the metallic hood, the chrome hardware, the nickel coating pendant lights, and faucet sets express a modern appeal. The blue island forms a strong contrast to the warm wooden stools with rough steel stands and the wooden floors, bringing warmth to the kitchen.

Beach Style Kitchen with Blue Backsplash and Grey Countertop

This beach-style kitchen gives a fresh look with its blue backsplash and cream-colored cabinets. Recessed-panel cabinets express a luxury and elegant sense with the metallic appliances and the blue backsplash. The mottled marble countertop matches well the blue and cream color and the steel blue island with deep blue saddle stools creates the beauty of classic elegance and calmness. The brown wood flooring adds another layer of texture to the space.  

Beach Style Kitchen with Blue Backsplash and Grey Cabinetry

In this gorgeous New England breach compound, the bluish subway tile backsplash with grey streaks makes a statement and elevates the design. The blue and grey backsplash create a distinct backdrop with the greyish cabinets. Also, color integrity shows in grey cabinets, marble countertops, silvery hardware, stainless steel appliances, and light wood floors. Under this condition, the dark chairs in wood and leather add depth and weight to this space, making the space harmonious.  

Contemporary Kitchen with Slate Blue Backsplash and Greyish Cabinets

Tender textures with plain surfaces create both stylish and contemporary designs. The combination of light grey and slate blue color used for the flat-panel cabinets and the subway tile backsplash produces a charming harmony and they match well with the blue island with a grey marble waterfall and the medium-tone floors. Two small countertop windows invite natural lights in, brightening the countertop, and they form a natural vibe with greenery and wood stools. A pair of white glass-fronted cabinets create a soft contrast with the backsplash and add a crystal texture to the cabinetry.

Light Blue Backsplash and Dusty Blue Island with Grey Marble Countertop

This country style kitchen expresses a harmony of colors of white, blue, grey and wood. Grey wall provides a low-key backdrop for the interior design. White cabinets and range hood act as a perfect transition from the grey wall to blue chevron backsplash, strengthening the vitality of light blue. Meanwhile, the dusty blue island works perfectly with the grey patterned marble countertop to add a misty and serene look to the kitchen. And the brown floor make out with the combination of cold color, releasing its warmth to warm up the space. In addition, a modern and elegant luxury shows in the application of metallic material in the hardware on the cabinets, the gantry-style pendant lights, and various appliances.

Transitional Style Kitchen with Greyish Blue Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Most of the time, the greyish-blue, a neutral and cold color, serves as a backdrop or foil in a kitchen. However, this kitchen design picks it creatively as a focal point in the glass subway tile backsplash and uses white as the shaker cabinets finish to create a coastal feeling. Generally, too many light colors will make people dizzy, so it’s necessary to add some calm colors like deep grey for the island, silver for the stainless appliance, and diverse tans for the granite countertop and island top.

Victorian Kitchen with Blue Mosaic Backsplash and Grey Countertop

This design project incorporates the charm of romance and elegance. The blue mosaic subway tile backsplash consisting of light blue and deep blue tiles provides an energetic backdrop to the white floor-to-ceiling cabinets, flowing with a romantic vibe. The grey natural stone countertop connects the white cabinets with the blue island, which is in harmony of tranquility and serenity. The rustic chairs in bamboo and crochet and the engineered hardwood floors warm up the kitchen and produce a comfortable sense.

Contemporary Kitchen with Light Blue Backsplash and Grey Cabinets

Look at this airy kitchen! It’s like the mint soda water, flowing the freshness of summer morning! The subway tile backsplash consisting of tiles of different shades of blue catches people’s eyes with its fresh and cool look and it also divides the white wall cabinets and slate grey cabinets, just like the sea horizon between clouds and rocks. The grey cabinets are matched with slate blue countertop and they form a serious tone for this kitchen. Besides, a harmonious feeling of tenderness is formed with those wood structures, such as the wood shelves, dining table attached to the island, and the floors, intensifying the charm of this kitchen. Moreover, the pair of lemon yellow stools makes it a focal point with its bright color shade and its contrast to the blue backsplash.

Blue Cabinets with Grey Countertop

Comparing to the blue cabinets with white countertop, blue cabinets with grey countertop is less contrasting and looks more harmonious. White marble countertop with grey vein is one of the most common choice to match the blue countertop, because the grey veins in it can soften the strong contrast of blue and white and can also add characters to the countertop. Grey marble countertop is another common option and it offers a changeable vibe with its natural patterns. Grey countertop can be achieved by grey concrete in a transitional kitchen as well, which maintains the required hardness and bears the simplicity that natural marble one can’t meet. Thus, diverse styles of kitchen are founded with the various grey countertop and blue cabinets with different shades.

Traditional Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Countertop and Floors

The dignified look comes from the view of the light blue cabinets with a greyish countertop. The whole light color kitchen cabinets have a perfect monochromatic transition from the floor to the ceiling. This is a casual kitchen design that makes house owners comfortable and relaxing with its blue glass-fronted shaker cabinets, grey veined countertop, white subway tile backsplash, and greyish floors. The candle-shaped lights with metallic frames, the silvery hardware, and the silvery faucets add dots of elegance, creating a simple but serene look.

Cottage-style Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Countertop

With its blue recessed-panel cabinets, glass and slate backsplash, and grey marble worktop, this farmhouse kitchen serves a fresh and airy feel. The glossy finish of the ceramic backsplash to the stove, the slate backsplash to the sink, and the grey marble worktop are in a harmony with the serene look of the cabinets with black hardware. The natural exposed beams and the brown wood countertop of the bar add a soft and tender texture. The metallic chairs with blue and grey velvet coverings echo the color base of the kitchen, intensifying its unique charm.

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Countertop

The aesthetic view of blue cabinetry, grey countertop, grey slate floors and exposed wood beam creates a natural and soft look for the kitchen design. The choice of steel blue combined with the grey looks harmonious on the cabinets and island and it matches well with floors as well. Besides, what makes the kitchen bright and unique is the white porcelain subway tile backsplash, which also produces a strong contrast with the black metallic hood, adding dynamic beauty to the environment  with its bumpy texture. Brass hardware always is an important decoration for blue cabinetry to enhance its charm.

Traditional Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Marbled Backsplash

This enclosed kitchen shows a vintage style of a traditional kitchen. A classic color scheme of blue and white is applied to the cabinetry and the shiplap details on the cabinets strengthen the classic charm of the cabinetry. The grey marble backsplash endows the cabinetry with vitality and chromatic transition from white wall cabinets to blue base cabinets as well. The characteristic curtains, the staring chairs with streak patterns, and the bright wood floors warm up the kitchen through contrasting to the blue cabinets and blue ceiling.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Grey Countertop and Backsplash

Farmhouse style is to balance new and old, showing the charm of simplicity and rusticity. In this farmhouse style kitchen, blue cabinets with deep grey countertop, black hardware and black faucets create a serene and tranquil grace and show their self beauty. Also, the greyish subway tile backsplash is sleek and mediates the contrast of blue cabinets and metallic appliances. Moreover, the grey square metal look tiles hold the monochromatic harmony with the backsplash and the countertop. The whisky-glass-shaped pendant lights echo with the bud-shaped wall  lambs, casting a feeling of warmth and delicacy to the kitchen.

Deep Blue Cabinets with Bluish Grey Countertop

Deep Blue Cabinets with Bluish Grey Countertop

This compact yet functional kitchen design works as a trendy look with its deep blue cabinets, grey concrete countertop, ceramic subway tile backsplash, and wood shelves. The grey countertop serves as a good bridge linking the light backsplash with the dark cabinets and it also brings a serene vibe with its bluish-grey hue. Besides, dots of classic elegance spread through the black faucet set, the black hood, the black-coating pendant light fixtures, and the black window frame. Furthermore, the open shelves installed against the wall can be placed with seasoning, adding homely warmth to the kitchen.   

White Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Grey Countertop

Small kitchen design plans can refer to this kitchen, choosing the U-shaped layout to maximize space utilization. White backsplash and the white wall cabinets weaken successfully the sense of crowding in the space and the grey grouting adds another texture layer to the wall. On the contrary, the navy blue base cabinets and island strengthen the surefooted vibe of the kitchen and the grey countertop manages to mediate the strong contrast of navy blue and white, creating a harmony of colors. Furthermore, the wood open shelves, flowers, brass hardware, and black pendant lights all together warm up the kitchen, making the space less empty.

Beach Style Kitchen with Light Blue Cabinets and Deep Grey Countertop

The blue, white and grey form a serene beach style for this family kitchen. The light blue base cabinets with a deep grey countertop serve as a serious tone for this kitchen and form a soft contrast with the white wall cabinets. Besides, the blue island is surrounded with chairs and house owners can gather together here to enjoy delicious meals. Black hardware on cabinets offer dots of elegance and the light cork wood flooring warm up this airy kitchen. Moreover, round glass pendant lights hang over the island complement those ceiling lights, producing a warm look.

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinetry in Blue and Grey

All white was the most popular option for the kitchen in the past, but with the development of individuality, more and more people prefer to pick two or more tones in their kitchen. In most cases, the two tones consist of  warm and cold colors or light and deep colors to form contrasts that express kitchen owners’ personalities and creativity. Besides, the plan of using colors for different areas is also popular. For example, a small saturated blue backsplash in a greyish kitchen will lighten the whole space and bring vitality.  

Industrial Kitchen with Gray Cabinets and Blue Mottled Backsplash and Island

The combination of pure color and multiple colors gives this kitchen a stylish and harmonious sense. The grey shaker cabinets with chrome hardware mediate the vibrant energy of the mosaic-style backsplash consisting of black, deep blue, grey and white tiles. The cabinets also lighten the depressing feeling formed by the stainless steel appliances, the dark wood floors, and the black slate countertop of the island. In addition to the backsplash, the island shows its unique character with patterns of blue hues as well, depicting the picture of a sunny morning of a port full of boats.

Eat-in Kitchen with Blue Cabinetry and Grey Island

This kitchen has a chic look with blue, grey and white colors! The blue shaker cabinets with white countertop and the white subway tile backsplash bring such a stylish look with strong contrast. The grey cabinets of the island enrich the kitchen with a rich look. And the dark wood floors provide a solid base for the cabinets and island and it also strengthens the pureness of the backsplash and wall. Brass hardware, open wood shelves, and pendant lights with brass decorations brighten up the whole space and make the kitchen adorable.

Steel Blue Kitchen Island with Slate Grey Marble Countertop

Look at this modern country kitchen with a harmony of deep and light colors! Steel blue island and shaker cabinets with slate grey marble tops work well with the black appliance, the black kitchen lighting, and the dark hardwood flooring, forming the beauty of poise. On the contrary, the ceramic subway tile backsplash, light wood floating shelves, and the white stool surface and feet echo with each other and also serve as backdrops for those interior finishes. Dots of brass, brass hardware, faucet, and dining ware, give slight vitality and brighten up the whole layout.

Blue glass-fronted cabinets with grey countertops

Blue glass-fronted cabinets with black steel hardware, marble countertop with greyish veins, white subway tile backsplash, farmhouse sink, and warm light scheme.

Blue and Grey Cabinets and Grey Patterned Marble Backsplash and Countertop

What a remarkable and eye-catching kitchen it is! The blue base cabinets with rose golden hardware form a profound and calm tone for this kitchen and the blue island with grey marble waterfall responds to the base cabinets in color, maintaining the integrity of color and style. The blue hue is accentuated by the grey wall cabinets, grey marble backsplash, grey marble countertop, and the bright wood floors. Patterned marble backsplash provides a lively backdrop for the grey wall cabinets, which adds a look of dynamic energy. Moreover, the ancient-style chairs with delicate details adorned resolve the strong contrast of blue and grey, making the kitchen harmonious and elegant.

Saturate Blue Cabinets with White Countertops and Grey Details

What a stunning design example of utilizing saturated blue over a large area in a kitchen it is! A lot of people won’t choose blue as the main color base in their kitchen, considering that blue would make the space gloomy and depressing. However, this kitchen tells a different story. The bright blue under the sunlight from the big window looks soft and serene and makes house owners cheerful. In this case, white or bright colors like ceramic are the perfect color to emphasize the beauty of blue and it embodies on the  subway tile backsplash, countertop, wall, and appliances. Grey details adorned on the cabinets diminish the strong contrast of blue and white and link the appliance. Moreover, the metal appliance, hardware, faucet, and stools add modern elegance to this space

Grey Kitchen with Blue Accents

This transitional kitchen has a stunning color scheme in cool shades of grey with vibrant accents of blue ranging from the knife handles to the sliding barn door. A vibe of calmness flows through the grey cabinetry, the grey island, and the grey range hood whilst vitality expresses in the light grey backsplash, the kitchen niche adorned with blue chevron patterned glass tile, and the marble countertop with grey veins. What makes this kitchen unique is its application of blue hues. The peacock blue kitchen wares and the light container are the sparkles for the grey cabinets while the dark turquoise stools add a dose of mysterious beauty and luxury to the island. Let alone light turquoise sliding barn door, it brightens the grey space and makes it less real, more like a comic painting.  

Light grey kitchen cabinets and blue island with white countertop

Grey cabinets with black hardware, blue island, white countertop with grey veins, white subway backsplash, farmhouse sink, and stainless steel appliances.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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