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Limestone countertops: elegant look, but not suitable as a worktop

limestone countertops from Parlun

Limestone is a natural stone that is used to make countertops. What should you know before choosing a limestone kitchen countertop? If you cook a lot and put a lot of pressure on your countertops, is limestone really the right choice? In the following section, we will give you specific information about limestone.

Limestone: the appearance of natural stone

Limestones are found throughout the world. The color intensity, brightness, or a number of grains varies depending on where it was quarried. Limestone countertops are usually very light in color, predominantly gray to grayish-yellow. This natural product is also mined on a large scale in China.

modern kitchen cabinets with limestone countertops
modern kitchen cabinets with dark brown limestone countertops

Limewash: a popular limestone

One of the most popular limestones is beige travertine. The reason for this is its noble, sometimes marble-like appearance. Limestone or travertine is a natural stone and therefore very easy to work with. Due to their warm and comfortable appearance, countertops made of travertine and travertine are perfect for installation in high-quality Mediterranean-style country kitchens.

Advantages and disadvantages of limestone countertops

Limestone such as travertine is special in the interior. Delicate travertine countertops make every kitchen look great. However, due to their soft and sensitive surface, they are only suitable for kitchens where there is little pressure or where they are not suitable for use as worktops.

white kitchen cabinets with travertine countertops
white kitchen cabinet with travertine countertops

Tip: Instead of using it as a countertop, a limestone countertop is better used as a niche wall or floor covering.


The limestone surface is full of pores and irregularities that make it very susceptible to staining and rapid absorption of liquids.

Tip: Larger holes are filled with putty on the inside and therefore not visible.


Limestone countertops must be surface protected before first use. Acidic liquids should still be kept away from kitchen countertops, as they can damage natural stone countertops. Compared to other materials, limestone slabs are very soft and should therefore be handled with care. Otherwise, scratches or other damage (e.g. cracks) can occur very quickly.



Exclusive optical effects

Porous natural stone

Natural Glamour

Porous surface


Very delicate material


Not resistant to liquids and acids


Very soft natural stone

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