Outdoor stone look tiles

Outdoor stone look tiles represent a contrast to the current modern-urban design concepts. Wild coasts, rough mountain passes, and untouched nature – is what outdoor tiles in stone look embody and radiate a special grace, wildness, and naturalness, just like real natural stone.

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Advantages of outdoor stone look tiles

In contrast to real natural stone, terrace outdoor stone look tiles offer many advantages: They are very robust and durable, which means you can enjoy your terrace or garden for a particularly long time! Natural stone, on the other hand, is very susceptible to weather, UV rays, and various stains.

With outdoor stone-look tiles, you only need a little water for your daily cleaning, which saves you a lot of time and most importantly, a lot of hassle! Minor stains can also be easily wiped off with a damp cloth . At the same time, the unique surface structure is completely unaffected and not damaged.


The 2 cm thick outdoor stone look tiles for your terrace or garden are suitable for intensive use and and won’t break easily. Whether it’s heavy outdoor furniture or frequent BBQ gatherings, with outdoor tiles made of 2cm thick concrete, nothing will stop you.

Various types of laying are suitable for terrace outdoor stone look tiles, including loose laying, fixed laying, or on pedestals. Loose laying is remarkably modern. This creates a particularly natural atmosphere, while the tiles can easily be replaced even after years.

The loose laying of outdoor tiles in stone look, which are surrounded by grass and other plants, is lovely. A natural image is created that is reminiscent of real rocks and wild landscapes.


Our unique selection of terrace outdoor stone look tiles includes many natural stone imitations, such as the design of granite, limestone, sandstone, and other rocks. Depending on the type of stone appearance, the surfaces are produced using the latest production processes, while having a unique structure of soft or hard. Contact us and you can see the details of these processing technologies. Buy outdoor stone look tiles from China and you can still feel them. Whether walking on it or looking at it, stone patio decking can provide you with some special nature-feeling experience!

Get wild nature in your patio or garden – contact us to buy outdoor stone look tiles at the best price. We look forward to seeing you!

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