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A sliding door connects rooms and can be installed to save space. Parlun has sliding doors made of wood and glass. You will find inexpensive and flexible sliding doors for modern or rustic interiors. The visible quality lets your rooms shine in new splendor! No matter which interior door you ultimately choose, Parlun will deliver everything securely packaged to the address of your choice.

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Advantages of sliding doors: real miracles of space!

There is no doubt that sliding interior doors score thanks to their versatility highly. Space-saving room dividers can be attractively used in niches and corners! Here you can find out about the advantages of sliding doors:

Interior sliding doors: true accessibility

A sliding door can be operated from a wheelchair. The system running in the wall offers a maximum passage width. Innovative sliding door systems are suitable for the disabled because they can be opened and closed easily and conveniently. For a wheelchair-friendly living environment, you should look at sliding doors.

Visual expansion of the living space

Sliding glass doors allow light through when closed! Therefore, rooms appear brighter and larger. The adjacent living space is even more open. The door takes up less space than traditional interior doors. With a sliding door, you can optimize your living space.

Sliding doors: Not just practical but beautiful

Thanks to the versatile design options on the door leaf, sliding doors provide space for your ideas and the actual artwork.

Smooth-running sliding door systems

Sliding door systems can be opened and closed silently. The solid structure is well-considered and lets you enjoy your door for a long time. You can choose between sliding door systems running in front of the wall.

Sliding doors are suitable for walk-in closets or to create storage space in the kitchen.

Find the right sliding door

Interior sliding door systems can run in front of the wall. Sliding door systems running in the wall are particularly space-saving.

The material of the interior door varies: At Parlun, you will find wooden sliding doorsglass sliding doorsCPL sliding doors, and white sliding doors. Whether made of natural wood, in bright colors, or transparent glass, you can choose from an extensive range and find the right one at a reasonable price!

Sliding doors for damp rooms – practical for every application

At Parlun, you can also get damp room sliding doors and enjoy them for a long time, as they are specially designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms and are particularly water-resistant. You are also guaranteed pollutant-free, high-quality interior doors with long service life.

Order made-to-measure sliding doors online

The sliding doors at Parlun are all manufactured to a high standard in specialist retail quality. They impress with their stability and longevity.

In addition to standard dimensions, we also supply sliding doors in particular sizes. With the individual product configuration, you can quickly and easily order any door made to measure. At the same time, you can combine your door with the matching running track – for a stable hold and a perfect fit!

Sliding doors as complete sets at Parlun

We deliver your sliding door with fittings and the matching system directly to your home with a complete sliding door set. Buying doors from China is so easy!

You can find everything about sliding doors and the different sliding door systems in our door catalog.

Buy cheap sliding doors and accessories online at Parlun

At Parlun, you will find a large selection of sliding doors. Special equipment and configurations are also not problems. In addition to the doors, you can order the right accessories, and we will safely pack and deliver them to your desired address.

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