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Bathroom windows with decorative glass combine a unique look with perfect privacy protection. The windows are mainly used in toilet and wet rooms and in the bathroom, where you do not want to be prying eyes but where sufficient incidence of light and brightness is required. The structural glass used in bathroom windows is often used as glass partitions for the shower, bathtub, or room division.

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Advantages of the bathroom window with privacy glass

At Parlun Building, you can choose from a large selection of decorative glass. The choice of the exact structural glass determines the aesthetics and the degree of privacy from the bathroom window.

Although there is still a visibility in the case of privacy glass, even if you look closely, you can only distinguish the approximate color. The privacy lenses are installed between the panes, which means that the outer surfaces remain smooth and easy to maintain.

This glass structure makes insulating glazing possible for optimal heat insulation or soundproofing of the living space.

Likewise, safety glazing can also be equipped with decorative ornamental structures for better burglary protection. The large selection of motifs and shapes of decorative glass offers a wide range of designs for the bathroom and toilet.

Diverse selection for privacy protection in the bathroom

A bathroom is a place that must guarantee maximum privacy. Accordingly, the windows must offer optimal privacy to stay in the bathroom without any worries. For excellent privacy protection, there is not only the option of decorative glass in the form of frosted glass, chinchilla glass, or other structured glass.

If you want to save the cost and effort of replacing a window, it is possible to apply a privacy film to the windows. Even the privacy film is particularly popular with a frosted glass effect and is also available in various variants.

You can also give your bathroom a privacy screen from the inside using pleated blinds, roller blinds, or curtains. If required, roller shutters can also be used as a privacy screen. They can protect your windows from the outside and ensure optimal privacy for the bathroom windows.

Variety of decorative glass for the bathroom

Chinchilla glass
Chinchilla glass has an excellent structure and allows much more light to enter the room.

Cathedral glass
Cathedral glass consists of cast glass with an irregular, sizeable hammered surface.

Delta glass
Delta glass is the right solution for high spatial brightness and, at the same time, a unique living design.

Silvit glass
Silvit glass is one of the more structured glasses and is particularly suitable for bathrooms and toilets.

Strip glass
Line glass is one of the elegantly structured glasses with stripes in the ornament.

Frosted glass
The trendy frosted glass has a matt film for more privacy and privacy.

Advantages of bathroom windows with decorative glass:

  • Perfect privacy protection for the bathroom, shower, or toilet.
  • Smooth surface and easy care due to decorative glass installed between the panes.
  • Available in a variety of structures and designs.
  • Depending on the choice of decorative glass, sufficient incidence of light for a high level of brightness.

Additional privacy options for bathroom windows

  • Smart glass uses an electric current to transform a transparent pane into a privacy screen.
  • Foil as a privacy screen for bathroom windows, providing plenty of daylight and preventing peeps.
  • Pleated blinds, roller blinds, or curtains can be attached to the windows for privacy from the inside.

Plastic bathroom windows: easy to care for and inexpensive

Decorate your windows for the bathroom or the shower with ornamental glazing and make the design unique. The unique glass construction ensures plenty of daylight in the rooms and, at the same time, protects your privacy from unwanted views. These plastic bathroom windows are equally suitable for dry rooms or areas with high humidity. The windows are mainly chosen in bathrooms, wet rooms, or toilets. For high thermal insulation, we recommend the energy-saving windows profile.

Privacy screen to improve anti-theft

The decorative structural glass is installed in the space between the panes of the windows. It makes the windows equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use and easy to clean. For bathroom windows with additional safety protection, safety glazing can also be manufactured in combination with structured glass. Many customers like to order the laminated safety glass redesigned as decorative frosted glass. For this purpose, the laminated safety glass also can coat with matt foil.

Bathroom windows with decoration

Choose your bathroom windows quickly and individually in Parlun Buildings’ windows catalog. Different materials, brands, and profiles are available in our product catalog. Contact us to order your bathroom windows in just a few steps and fully suit your budget and requirements. Buy bathroom windows from China online in various colors, including decorative foil for plastic windows or varnish for wood and aluminum windows. You can also benefit from a large number of windows accessories options.

Frequently asked questions about the bathroom windows

How much do bathroom windows cost?

The price for the bathroom windows depends on different factors and the size of the window. The color, glass choice, and frame material directly affect the costs. The type of opening also plays a role and must be included in the price calculation. To counteract the high humidity and the risk of mold formation, an openable bathroom window or a windows ventilation system should be configured.

Which windows are suitable for the bathroom?

A window with a plastic or aluminum profile is recommended for the bathroom windows, as these are particularly resistant to moisture. Plastic windows are particularly well suited and offer an affordable price. For more privacy, we recommend ornamental glazing in combination with multiple glazing.

How can I make the bathroom windows opaque?

The bathroom windows can easily be opaque with the help of decorative glass without registering high losses in light quality. Our popular ornamental glass includes frosted glass and silvit glass. A privacy film can also be attached to the bathroom windows.

Which glass is recommended for the bathroom?

The decorative frosted glass is particularly recommended. It is popular because it covers the entire silhouette and looks very modern and timeless. In addition to the frosted glass, other patterns you also can choose. For further advantages, the decorative glass can be combined with heat insulation, safety, or sound insulation glazing.

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