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Yellow is used in nature and on your own four walls to emphasize and highlight something. Whether it’s a wall, kitchen gadgets, kitchen accessories, or a complete kitchen in yellow: the warm and multifaceted color is ideal for kitchen design. Here you can find out what effect the color yellow has, how yellow kitchen furniture looks, and whether buying a yellow kitchen is the right option.

Table of Contents

Space and mood: what effect does the color yellow have in the kitchen?

Yellow is a cheerful color that gives you a good mood. Because it reminds us of things we like, like sunshine and summer, fragrant lemons, and blooming flowers. The color yellow is often associated with light, warmth, and at the same time, joy and well-being, all attributes that make it a suitable color for the kitchen. In addition, yellow can stimulate appetite and bring us new energy.

Pure yellow represents a warm and energetic hue that conveys security. Because of its brightness, the color yellow has an enlarging effect, especially subtle tones of yellow mixed with white, such as light yellow. Small kitchens in yellow appear larger than they are. However, since the color is quite bright, light yellow tones should be used in small kitchens. The more mixed red, the warmer the yellow tone appears. Shades such as sun yellow, mustard yellow, curry yellow, saffron yellow, golden yellow, and even orange have an exceptionally cozy effect.

Yellow can be combined in different ways in the kitchen: the same color system, coordinated with white and subtle colors, with shades of brown for a particularly warm ambiance, or suited with black.

Yellow kitchen in key points:

  • Eye-catching hue
  • Cheerful and inspiring
  • Warm
  • Visually magnifying
  • Country house to modern: versatile yellow tones suitable for all styles
  • Very popular in kitchen appliances
  • Combines well with neutral colors, natural tones, and wood

Which shade of yellow suits which style of kitchen?

A yellow kitchen can be classic, modern, or rustic. Depending on the shade chosen, you can realize any style by using yellow:

Warm yellow tones for the country house style:

Country house kitchens with framed fronts in warm yellow tones look particularly cozy. No wonder yellow is a good choice for the country style. The comfortable, rustic ambiance can be further enhanced with solid wood flooring or parquet floors.

Bright yellow for the vintage and retro style: 

Vintage styles in the last few years love the bright colors. Therefore, yellow is the perfect color for designing retro kitchens. Typical warm vintage yellow tones for kitchen fronts or kitchen gadgets are mustard yellow, golden yellow, or orange. Patterned vintage tiles are a suitable floor covering for the nostalgic kitchen in yellow.

Cool yellow for modern kitchens: 

Yellow kitchens can also be seen in a contemporary style, where yellow is often used as an emphasizing color. Cool shades of yellow with, for example, a bluish undertone such as lemon yellow or sulfur yellow are suitable for puristic models. Floors in achromatic colors such as gray or granite tiles harmonize with this.

Colors and materials: What coordinates with the yellow kitchen?

Kitchens in yellow can be combined well and harmonized with many materials and colors. However, you should not blindly add colors, so the kitchen is not too bright because yellow is a striking color.

Black, gray and white tones are always suitable

Combined with white, the kitchen looks exceptionally bright but still more discreet than designed entirely in yellow. For clear color contrast and also for the color yellow to continue to stand out, stronger shades of yellow should be used in white-yellow combinations.

Warm natural and brown tones as well as wood tones 

In all, their diversity makes yellow kitchens look even more generous and cozier. The darker the wood tone, the clearer the kitchen outline appears. A cool contrast can be set, for example, with accessories or household helpers such as a food processor in the complementary color blueWorktops made of glassstainless steelconcreteor slate, for example, provide a modern feeling.


Bright colors like yellow are a good choice for small kitchens. The yellow kitchen rear wall lets the compact kitchen shine with white high-gloss fronts. Although the kitchen isn’t large, it doesn’t feel cramped—the colored wall in blue highlights the light and airy ambiance.

Instead of yellow kitchen fronts, a yellow kitchen worktop can also be chosen. The color is particularly effective on glass worktops, for example. The yellow shine effectively and sets a friendly atmosphere in the otherwise dark kitchen with matte, handle-less fronts.

Colorful details characterize this country kitchen with a matte gray frame front. The worktop has a white marble look with a golden yellow edge. In addition, based on the noble color choice, the kitchen rear wall is yellow, and the kitchen handles are gold.

Yellow is a great way to set style in the fitted kitchen, as this example shows. A kitchen in neutral tones like gray looks more energetic with kitchen accessories or a vase in yellow. Individual yellow shelves also look good.

Where to buy yellow kitchens and yellow kitchen appliances?

Parlun offers yellow kitchen fronts in our range. If you want an individual shade of yellow, contact us for more information and free quotes.

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