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Glass countertops: high-quality countertops with many excellent features

glass countertops from Parlun

Glass has been used in the kitchen for centuries. This material has been used in every conceivable form, such as glasses, kettles, plates, or table tops. But is glass strong enough to be used as a kitchen countertop? What are the reasons for the growing popularity of glass countertops in recent years? In the following, we will give you specific information about glass countertops.

Glass countertop surface: matte or glossy

Clear glass countertops with a smooth surface structure and reflective appearance are particularly popular. Because the glass surface of these countertops reflects incoming light, glass countertops look very bright and friendly.

At the same time, shiny glass countertops give the kitchen a modern design. But matte glass is also suitable for kitchen countertops. Matte satin glass tops have a slightly textured surface that diffuses light.

contemporary matt glass countertops

Tip: Fingerprints and scratches are less visible on satin (milky white) surfaces than on clear glass.


Glass kitchen splashback

The glass is ideally suited as a kitchen splashback. With the help of a special screen printing process, printed patterns can even be applied to the backsplash. Countertops and backsplashes made of single-pane safety glass (ESG) make the kitchen stand out.

Glass kitchen splashback

Kitchen glass countertops: optical diversity

  • Glass countertops can be used in any color.
  • Soft tones
  • Bright and strong colors
  • Tempered safety glass with patterns
  • Clear (translucent) glass surface, illuminated from below

Tip: In contrast to stainless steel and solid wood, glass is the only material that can be used completely and seamlessly, even on large surfaces. This “one-piece” large surface size visually enlarges the kitchen significantly.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass countertops

Glass countertops can be used in almost any kitchen design. Whether it’s a cozy family kitchen, a handleless kitchen, or a colorful kitchen, glass countertops serve as ultra-thin worktops that exude a charming, modern style. This material is especially common in designer kitchens. One reason for this is the price of these high-quality worktops. Depending on the equipment and condition, glass worktops are in the upper-middle price range.



Wide variety of colors

Too smooth

Can be used as a kitchen splashback   

Fingerprints visible

The noble and high-quality optical effect

Not scratch resistant

Relatively unbreakable  

Relatively expensive

Heat resistant


Easy to care for


Clean and hygienic


No fading


Glass countertops are hygienic and easy to clean. Non-porous glass surfaces do not absorb liquids or other substances, so bacteria have no chance to multiply. Glass is resistant to both water and most alkalis and acids. Once molded, the color and shape of the countertop will never change again.

Tip: Do not use an abrasive cloth to remove stubborn dirt. Just wipe gently with a damp cloth.


Manufacture of glass countertops

The glass used for windows is not suitable for kitchen glass countertops. This is because ordinary glass, also known as flat glass (float glass), it cannot withstand the daily pressure of a kitchen.

Tip: The glass countertop is not made of “traditional” glass, it is made of ESG glass.

Tempered safety glass (ESG) is required for kitchen countertops. This is because this glass can meet the requirements of a frequently used work area. In kitchen work areas, countertops are often heated or cooled quickly. But due to its special hardening process of tempered safety glass, it can withstand this pressure very well.

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