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Lights for inspiring looks

With our lighting ideas, we make your environment brighter and more beautiful! We offer you lights for every taste, every requirement, and budget, providing the perfect lighting atmosphere for any occasion.

Over 80,000 lamps and lights

Parlun cooperates with leading manufacturer of lamps and lights in China, with thousands of satisfied customers. We have 80,000 lighting ideas in all styles for homes and gardens in our range. What our customers particularly appreciate about us:

  • Consulting service & specialist advice
  • Top availability of our lamps and lights
  • Save on shipping costs from an order value of 500 dollars
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free returns 
  • Personal contact for returns or complaints

A desire for change – with popular light trends

If you are currently building, renovating, or making a change, you are in the right place in the world of lights because we have trendy lamps and lights in all styles in our range. For example, in modern style or ethnic chic, in the evergreen styles of the country house, retro, or vintage. Do you prefer the industrial style with a touch of shabby chic? No problem. Just browse our range of products.

Lamps & Lights for stylish lighting concepts

With us, you will find multifaceted lighting solutions: Are you looking for the right ceiling light for your living room or the suitable reading lamp for your new armchair? Is your new kitchen still missing functional cabinet lights, or is it time for a new desk lamp in your home office? We would be happy to advise you – individually and free of charge.

Entry into Smart Home – with smart lights

Lamps and lights with smart functions have many advantages:

  • Convenience – turn on the light with your smartphone!
  • Variety – Choose a different light color depending on your mood!
  • Safety – program a presence simulation!
  • Routine – create recurring lighting scenarios in your everyday life!
  • Fun – Let the colors do the talking!
  • Flexibility – Access to your smart lights on the go!


We will be happy to support and advise you on getting started with Smart Home.

Stylish outdoor lights – stage the garden

The right lighting design should not be missing for the garden either, because it ensures safety there: for example, when paths, driveways, or house entrances are illuminated without glare. In addition, an attractive lighting concept gives the garden atmosphere and individuality. With the right lighting, comfort and convenience will be created due to the motion detector. The lights start automatically and some lights disappear. The handle is easier, too.

Which kind of light bulbs would you like?

When it comes to lighting design, the selection of the bulbs is far from over, unless you have chosen a model with permanently installed LED. Otherwise, the question of the right bulb arises. A wide range of options is available, from smart bulbs that you can use to convert your favorite lights into a smart home, to pretty filament bulbs. These bring a nostalgic atmosphere to your room as a tribute to the light bulb.