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There are many choices of table lamps for chests of drawers, bedside tables, tables, dining rooms, and kitchen tables. The main thing is you want to use the lamp for what? Use for simply lighting or decorating a room? Or preferably both? If used for decoration, you can choose your favorite table lamp according to the room’s decoration style. If you want to be more practical and have additional features, such as charging your phone, choose a desk lamp with a USB.

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Checklist for the perfect table lamp

Answer these questions for yourself with yes or no. And the decision becomes more accessible.


  • Should table lamps be functional or decorative?
  • The table lamp’s design and function are both important?
  • Should table lamps have smart home functions?
  • Is the remote control of the table lamp necessary?
  • Do you want a light-colored table lamp?


With the help of this practical list, you can approach your dream model step by step. And if you have any further questions, our specialist advice is happy to help. You can find contact details below.


Which bulb is suitable for my table lamp?

For table lamps, some models feature permanently installed LED technology. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the light source. You can replace the bulb in some models if necessary. You can usually choose between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps. The most common and recommended today are LED lights.


How many watts does my table lamp need?

When buying a light bulb, you can no longer base it on watts – unlike in the past because wattage refers to energy consumption, not brightness. Since LED lights consume significantly less energy (up to 90%) than conventional incandescent lamps of the same brightness, you can safely forget about watts as a comparison value. The value that describes brightness is called lumens. That should guide you.


How many lumens table lamps should I buy?

Table lamps generally use 300-400 lumens, which are bright enough for area lighting. A table lamp does not exist to illuminate the entire room; it should provide comfort and set the focal point of the lighting. Then you will be very comfortable sitting on the sofa and reading at 300-400 lumens of brightness.


Where should my table lamp be best placed?

The table lamp can be placed on a side table, chest of drawers, or windowsill. In this way, it creates beautiful lighting in the room. Suppose the focus is not on comfortable lighting, and you need a table lamp for writing or handcrafting. In that case, you should take care: the table lamp should be placed on the left side for right-handed people to avoid annoying shadows.

If you have to work longer hours, you should turn on ceiling lights in addition to table lamps.


Are there dimmable table lamps?

We all love dim lighting at night, and it would be very comfortable if the table lamp could adjust the brightness of the light. Table lamps with touch dimmers are particularly useful, as the light intensity decreases in stages with just a light touch. To adjust the light, some models must tap on the base, head, or other parts.


Do clip-on table lamps also work on the desk?

Using a clip-on table lamp is a space saver. It is convenient, especially on a desk full of papers. Space-saving clip-on table lamps are also handy in other places on a bookshelf, bedside table, or kitchen shelf.


Is my lampshade washable?

The cleaning of the lampshade depends on its material. For example, while you can wipe polycarbonate lampshades with a damp cloth without hesitation, you should carefully handle paper lampshades with a feather duster.

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