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Benches and sofas are versatile companions outdoors and serve several purposes at the same time. However, the comfortable seating area is particularly obvious, where you can relax to your heart’s content. Thanks to the comfort of outdoor benches and outdoor sofas, you will enjoy even greater comfort than outdoor chairs, which are used primarily for dining and only then for relaxation.

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The decoration of the outdoor furniture also plays a role

An outdoor bench or an outdoor sofa enhances your green oasis even further. If the design of the benches and sofas are coordinated with the style of the rest outdoor furniture, they can further emphasize the desired look (such as a Mediterranean or farmhouse style). Find a suitable outdoor bench or a comfortable outdoor sofa to suit your taste with us – whether for your terrace or balcony. Do you already know what to expect in our outdoor furniture catalog?

You probably don’t know this outdoor bench yet

From the tree bench (set around a tree trunk), the park bench, the banana bench (shape like the fruit), and the corner bench to the picnic bench – an outdoor bench is a seat with many possible shapes and functions, but always with armrests and a backrest. So your favorite place will undoubtedly look utterly different from that of your neighbors. This is an expression of diversity – and allows you to design your garden according to your wishes.

So-called storage benches or chests are convenient for this. These unique benches have additional storage space hidden under the seat. Suppose you want to save space because you want to place the bench on the balcony or terrace. In that case, this is particularly advantageous because essential items such as cushions can be conveniently accommodated here. But even sofas that are intended for outdoor use often have a storage box integrated as a suitable place to store them.

This is what you can expect from high-quality outdoor benches and outdoor sofas

Every customer has different ideas and sets different priorities. However, there is agreement: high-quality outdoor benches and outdoor sofas should have weather-resistant and durable properties simply by choosing the suitable material. However, other aspects also play a decisive role. Seating comfort is of essential importance. Because even the best back cushion or the softest pad only helps if the manufacturer makes sure that the bench or sofa is very comfortable even without a pad. You get this advantage at Parlun for all outdoor benches and outdoor sofas.

Your invitation to relax and dream: the outdoor sofa

Does a sofa only belong to the living room? Those days are over. Feel free to take a look at our outdoor furniture catalog. With the suitable material as a basis and soft cushions, a cozy atmosphere is guaranteed outside the garden. Especially in the warm months, you can not only enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine thanks to the right outdoor sofa but also create a breathtaking lounge atmosphere.

The effect of your outdoor sofa can not only be influenced by the material used but also by choice of color. Black stands for an elegant look, brown for an exceptionally natural look, and white gives you a dose of Mediterranean feeling. You will also find timeless colors such as anthracite in our range. But you can sit comfortably on any outdoor sofa – no matter what color it is. In addition: The outdoor sofas in our catalog are available as two or three-seaters so that there is room for as many guests as you want. However, the material of your outdoor sofa also plays a role.

Which material is suitable for outdoor benches and outdoor sofas?

We anticipate the conclusion: all the materials we are now providing are suitable for outdoor benches or outdoor sofas. This fact makes purchasing a new beautiful seat considerably easier for you. Now you only have to ask yourself one question: Which material do you like best?

The wooden outdoor bench is still around – and for good reason

Wooden benches fit perfectly into a naturally furnished garden and will certainly give you a feeling of warm comfort. Teak wood occupies a special place among the woods. Teak belongs to the highest resistance class and will stay with you for a long time – even without care. However, if you don’t like the silver-grey patina look of teak that develops over time, you can simply stain or varnish the wood. Although there should be no doubt that a wooden bench is an absolute classic, there are now other materials that are also suitable for high-quality seating in the garden.

Stable, sturdy, the outdoor sofa with metal legs

In addition to wood, which has an extremely natural look and a high degree of weather resistance, metal is a viral material. The usual types for an outdoor metal bench are stainless steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. At the same time, aluminum scores above all with the lightness of the frame, wrought iron (alternatively cast aluminum) convinces with its ornate shapes, which can have a romantic effect on a bench. However, all metals have a high level of stability. So your outdoor bench and sofa are always safe and convinced with a modern design.

Outdoor bench made of stone: almost indestructible

Outdoor benches made of stone or concrete are durable and can also add an elegant or romantic touch to the garden. Thanks to the individual structure of stone, each piece is truly unique. A stone bench fits perfectly into a romantic garden corner, for example, on a large garden pond. When buying, look for a smooth, polished surface so that the bench offers hardly any surface for dirt to accumulate and can be easily cleaned even after years outdoors. On cold, sunny days, simply arm yourself with a seat cushion to relax comfortably on an outdoor stone bench.

Why poly rattan is better for an outdoor bench or outdoor sofa than rattan

The artificially produced poly rattan weave is currently trendy in many gardens. Outdoor sofas made of plastic have proven to be an ideal material for outdoor furniture due to their weather resistance and durability. Another advantage: Moisture and other weather conditions have little effect on the poly rattan models. In addition, the sofas made of this fabric look almost confusingly similar to the models made of the (not so weatherproof) raw material rattan. This guarantees a modern but at the same time natural look combined with the necessary outdoor robustness that natural rattan cannot offer.

Where to put the outdoor bench or the outdoor sofa?

Do you already know where to put your new bench or sofa in the garden? If not, we have a few suggestions. There are a variety of possible uses. An outdoor bench or sofa is recommended, among other things, as an addition to the outdoor lounge and can offer comfortable space for up to 5 people. A bench also looks very inviting when placed in front of a small garden shed. But it can also be ideally put under a tree, on a garden pond, or on a bed to let your thoughts wander.

If you still can’t decide on a place: don’t despair. Such furniture can be carried from one place to another without much effort. In this way, you remain flexible when designing your garden. But now you have to think for a moment.

This is how the decision for an outdoor sofa or an outdoor bench is made

There are still two options:

1.: You have already made your choice – then we wish you good luck and a wonderful time on your new seat.

2.: Take a look around our outdoor furniture catalog again, and you will find a large number of outdoor benches and sofas in different styles and colors. So you can let your creativity run free and create a second living room in the countryside according to your taste.

Of course, you will also find the right outdoor table and other furniture for your seating area with us. Just contact us today.

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