CPL interior doors

CPL interior doors have an extremely hard-wearing surface. CPL ( Continuous Pressure Laminate ) describes a type of laminate and initially only describes the surface of the room door Ultimately, CPL doors always have a laminate surface – with similarly robust properties.

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Structure of a CPL room door

When manufacturing the firm door surface, several layers of melamine resin are pressed under high pressure with a reproduction(printed decorative paper). The resulting surface is resistant to impact and damage. It is:

  • resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • easy to clean
  • scratch resistant
  • shockproof
  • stain resistant
  • heat resistant
  • insensitive to light
  • does not darken!

CPL interior doors are used for commercial buildingsrental apartments, and high-traffic areas.

The production of a CPL door is called reproduction. That is why CPL doors are also called repro doors.

Due to its highly resistant properties, CPL is also used as a laminate and surface coating in the commercial sector for tables, worktops, kitchens, and floors. This plastic coating is also used on room doors. The color-determining print determines the design.

Everything is possible, from simple, one-color prints to highly complex wood imitations. Even tactile surfaces can be created! As a result, the wood surface is not only visually reproduced but also structured. Due to the printed paper, almost any design and type of wood can be reproduced. White CPL interior doors are also indispensable in living spaces.

Production of a CPL door

When applying the CPL plastic to the interior door, abutting edges are created, which look ugly and lead to dirt. They are also the starting point for damaging a CPL door with long service life.

The post-forming edge for CPL room doors can help here. A small detail makes a big difference with CPL doors! In contrast to the lacquer, CPL surfaces cannot be applied seamlessly. A new start must be made at each edge.

Without the post-forming technique, the edges get dirty and attract moisture at the transitions which lead to long-term damage.

The post-forming technique was developed to avoid unsightly dirt or damage. A production plant for post-forming is an investment in the millions and is often avoided by low quality suppliers.

The post-forming technique can produce seamless round edges for long-term and high-quality CPL interior doors. The laminate room doors manufactured in this way look more high-quality and are also comparatively durable. Pay attention to this small detail!

All CPL doors with rounded edges that you can get from Parlun are manufactured using the post-forming technique.

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Thanks to efficient and fast manufacturing processes, you get surfaces similar to natural wood or lacquer. That is why CPL doors are available at an affordable price. The surfaces and decorative structures are identical for every CPL door. Depending on the furnishing style, this can appear monotonous due to this uniformity.

CPL doors are a choice for strength and surface resistance. The selection is vast – we will help you to decide! Draw on our extensive experience with CPL doors. We are happy to help! As interior door experts with manufacturing expertise, we have the right laminate door for every building project!

  • White CPL interior doors
  • CPL interior doors with a longitudinal look
  • CPL interior doors with pilaster strips

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