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Exclusive outdoor furniture from Parlun

The warm temperatures in spring and summer lure many people outside. If you have your garden, you are so lucky, as the perfect conditions for outdoor activities are already on your doorstep. Outdoor furniture manufacturers from China have responded to this need and offer their customers outdoor furniture in numerous designs, colors, and materials. The exclusive outdoor furniture that you can order from Parlun provides you and your guests with practical and chic seating to meet specific needs. We pay attention to high-quality workmanship and materials that withstand all weather conditions.

What should be considered when buying outdoor furniture?

An essential selection criterion when buying outdoor furniture is the available space. For people who only have a balcony or terrace and have relatively little space, furniture with a stacking and pull-out function is perfect. Other important criteria when buying outdoor furniture are practical(functionality, quality, and material), and visual aspects (design and color) will be discussed below.

Outdoor furniture, according to Art

The first thing you should consider is what type of outdoor furniture you want and what functionality it needs to have. Do you only need individual outdoor chairs and a matching table, or would you rather have a complete lounge set? You can also create your relaxation area with comfortable hammocks, bean bags, or porch swings so that you can enjoy your outdoor furniture as long as possible, we also offer a large selection of accessories. To discover your perfect outdoor furniture from Parlun!

Outdoor furniture by material

Next, you should consider what material best suits your outdoor furniture. Natural teak, weatherproof poly rattan, or lightweight aluminum- All depend on your furnishing style, and you can select your outdoor furniture from us in suitable types of material. Since outdoor furniture is usually exposed to higher loads than its indoor counterparts in the protected four walls, the decision for material should not only be made from a visual point of view but also from weather resistance. Therefore, one focus of our range is on poly rattan furniture, which is not only very robust but can also be flexibly assembled. Thanks to the modular system of our poly rattan furniture, you can put together your lounge individually and adapt it ideally to the space you have.

Outdoor furniture by manufacturer

Of course, high-quality materials must also be optimally processed. This is the standard for Parlun when manufacturing outdoor furniture, as they guarantee quality and design. Therefore, outdoor furniture purchased from Parlun is durable.

Optimum care for long-lasting outdoor furniture

Proper care is required to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for a long time—the good news: Compared to older models, modern outdoor furniture is easy to clean and maintain. Especially with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic, wiping with a damp cloth or flushing with a garden hose is often sufficient. Outdoor furniture made of wood, on the other hand, requires a little more care since the basic dipping site (used to prevent moisture) needs to be renewed again and again. In addition, the care oil should be used regularly.

Of course, you can also get the proper care products from Parlun- take a look at the “care and cleaning” article.

What are the advantages of buying outdoor furniture from Parlun?

  • Large selection from our outdoor furniture catalog
  • Convenient online ordering around the clock
  • We provide you with a one-stop delivery service
  • Outdoor furniture from China is cheap and high quality
  • Top service (24/7 online service)
  • Extensive additional information in our blog