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What could be better than relaxing and recharging your body in the sauna at home during the dreary fall and winter seasons? The restful calm, the sizzling feeling of infusion in a sauna room is unmatched by the intense tingling sensation that fresh air brings to the skin as it cools! Regular sauna bathing in a dry, hot environment can strengthen the heart, blood circulation, and immune system, relax the body, and train blood vessels.

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What kind of sauna room are you looking for?

There are almost no limits to the selection of desired saunas. You have the choice between the Palrun building

  • element sauna
  • log sauna
  • Solid wood sauna
  • Plug&Play Sauna
  • Outdoor sauna: barrel sauna, sauna house, or hot tub

What size should your new sauna be for your home?

In our product line, you will find indoor and outdoor saunas with different base areas, heights, widths, depths, and other heaters. There is a sauna in every room. Also, consider whether you want a front-entry sauna or a corner-entry sauna.

In the guide to installing a sauna on our website, you will determine which requirements should be met for your home sauna.

You can find out how to install a sauna room by contacting us and talking to our staff during the process.

In our product range, you will find different sauna types and sizes

  • Finnish sauna 
  • Karib sauna 
  • Weka Sauna 
  • Wooden sauna

It doesn’t matter whether you decide on a sauna for inside or outside – you will also find the right sauna equipment and technology for control, e.g., sauna ovens, in our range.

What wood is a sauna room made of?

A sauna is generally made of natural, resin-free wood: spruce or hemlock wood. The wood is only pre-treated in various ways with hot and cold water to not warp as much. Corkboards, plasterboard, or lightweight concrete blocks are unsuitable as glued or soaked wood. There is also an insulating layer because of the enormous temperature differences between the sauna cabin and the ambient air. The insulating materials must be water-repellent, non-combustible, dimensionally stable, odorless, and withstand high temperatures without releasing toxic gases.

Buy the sauna room from Parlun building - your benefits

We assure you: Parlun building offers high-quality saunas at affordable prices! Contact us on the Parlun building website to order your sauna and we will deliver it to your home quickly and easily.


Other categories in the sauna range

  • sauna heaters
  • Sauna lamps & sauna speakers
  • Sauna Hygrometer
  • Sauna buckets and sauna spoons
  • sauna stone

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