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Whether you are still looking for inspiration or already have a concrete idea of your dream tile: Tiles from China will amaze you with their high quality and affordable prices. Whether concrete or stone look, marble or wood look, decorative or XXL tiles: Browsing through our tiles catalog becomes an experience! All matching tiles list in our tile catalog, so you have first to decide which tile world you want to immerse yourself in.

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Every floor covering has its advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to modern technology, tiles have a decisive advantage over all other coverings: the same look and better properties. In the meantime, tiles with a wood look, concrete look, slate look, and stone look have become popular and put their role models in the shade. This is due to their easy care, robustness, longevity, and hygienic properties.


Tile is hygienic because the closed surface means that no germs can develop. Some Chinese manufacturers, use this natural property to reinforce sanitary protection. The closed surface also ensures resistance to stains and dirt. Additional impregnation is not necessary. Clearwater is sufficient for cleaning. Tiles are also environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers offer series that are made entirely or mainly from recycled material. In addition, most of our well-known tile manufacturers from China have optimized their production according to environmentally friendly standards. Wastewater is reused, scrap becomes recyclable material. From an optical point of view, there is also no reason to decide against tiles. Lovers of wooden floors will find what they are looking for in the wood look tile range.

Meanwhile, the tiles look so deceptively real that only a detailed examination reveals the ceramic properties. In addition, tiles also offer wood looks that do not exist as regular hardwood flooring due to their strength or sustainability. Tiles come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Whether in the living room or on the terrace: there is the perfect tile for every area. Let our service staff advise you and find your dream tile!



Tiles are mainly used for bathrooms, wellness areas, and guest toilets. The quartz, feldspar, and clay material is easy to drill. This means that sanitary facilities can be installed more quickly, and pipe penetrations and recesses can be optimally drilled or cut. Earthenware tiles are not frost-resistant, so they can only be used indoors. As fine ceramics, tiles are made of earthenware using the so-called dry pressing process. As heavy clay in the extrusion process. After the glaze, the stoneware tiles are fired between 850° and 1000° Celsius.


Stoneware tiles are often confused with earthenware tiles. However, the application areas are different, so you should pay close attention to the name. Stoneware tiles are usually frost-resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Just like porcelain stoneware tiles, they are available glazed and unglazed. At 1100° to 1300° Celsius, the firing temperature is slightly higher than that of earthenware. As a rule, stoneware tiles are used as floor and stair coverings. Stoneware tiles are also used in heavily used areas.

Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware tiles are the most commonly produced for private use due to their optical properties. Due to the deficient water absorption and the solid structure of the tile, they are straightforward to care for. The tiles are fired under high pressure between 1200° and 1300° Celsius. The surface finish is very robust from the start. Still, it can be more or less non-slip and scratch-resistant, depending on the manufacturer.

What are the choices for the appearance of the tiles?

Whether you are still looking for inspiration or already have a concrete idea of ​​your dream tile, our tile catalogs are confident to conquer your aesthetic. Whether concrete or stone, marble or wood, decorative or XXL tiles: Browsing through our catalog of tiles becomes an experience! All matching tiles list in the six categories, so you have first to decide which world you want to immerse yourself in.


Between chic and industrial look, tiles with concrete regard unfold a minimalist living character. Expressive yet straightforward and reserved, the concrete look in the classic shades of gray is convincing.

On the contrary, a concrete look no longer stands for prefabricated buildings and lacks inspiration! In the 21st century, the concrete look has developed into a look that has established itself both in architecture and private living areas. Concrete look tiles are trendy for modern-urban room concepts that create a timeless atmosphere with unusual furniture and modern accent colors.


 Tiles with a wood look combine all the advantages of wood and bring the favorable properties of fine stoneware. Wood conjures up a warm and cozy atmosphere, a homely room character, and at the same time conveys naturalness. But wood also requires maintenance.

For example, wood look tiles from Parlun offer a wide range of options for designing subtle, timelessly beautiful floor surfaces in bathrooms and living areas. It is easy to care for and impresses with its particularly authentic feel.

Whether natural grain or the most delicate reliefs indistinguishable from real wood, you can bring a piece of nature into your own four walls with wood look tiles.


Stone look tiles  – Rough and natural. The tiles in stone look are just as diverse as stones from all over the world. Stone look tiles stand for elegant living concepts with a touch of wild nature.

Stone look tiles range from dark, cool tones to warm, Mediterranean nuances, giving you complete freedom of design in your own home. Many stone types, including limestone, sandstone, granite, and others, are perfectly imitated in tiles with a stone look.

Whether the rough coast of Norway or the special shades of Mediterranean landscapes, with tiles in the stone look you can design your terrace or garden according to your wishes.


Decorative tiles surprise with a variety of breathtaking patterns and colors. They can be perfectly combined with basic tiles and create dynamic rooms and areas that become a real highlight.

Depending on the design, combination, and installation, decorative tiles always look different but are always exciting and individual. Decorative tiles from Parlun, for example, create an extraordinary design, countless possible combinations, and a nostalgic atmosphere in vintage style.

Show your personality in the form of decorative tiles. Whether unusual and extravagant patterns or distinctive color concepts. With our decorative tiles selection at the best price, you will find a suitable tile for each of your ideas!


Marble look tiles combine elegance and classic modernity. The marble looks particularly noble and has been a famous handicraft for thousands of years. Sculptures and living objects made of marble are considered extravagant and particularly valuable. Marble look tiles also allow this luxurious atmosphere in your home – on the floor and the wall!

For example, with marble look tiles from Parlun, you can give your rooms an exceptional ambiance, reminiscent of the luxury and prestige of Roman halls. Our marble look tile selection imitates a wide variety of marble types through the most modern manufacturing techniques from China. It creates unique marbling in different degrees of expression.


Tiles in XXL format look impressive and have become indispensable in a modern interior. Small rooms appear more significant thanks to  XXL tiles since the number of joints is smaller than with smaller formats.  

Many Chinese manufacturers now offer a large selection of XXL tiles. Discover our wide range of large format tiles in the sizes  75×75 cm, 80×80 cm, 90×90 cm, 100×100 cm and 60×120 cm.

In addition to the large-format tiles and a harmonious choice of colors, you can create unique spaces that appear open with XXL tiles.

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