Marble has always stood for luxury and elegance. Our marble look tiles are, therefore, the ideal choice for anyone who wants to give their rooms a particularly stylish and upscale ambiance. Because the extraordinary marble look was recreated by different manufacturers, the decorative material enjoys great recurring popularity. Not only can prestigious living spaces be created with tiles in a marble look, but they can also be used to realize super modern and unusual design concepts.

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Thanks to the advancement of modern production methods in Chinese tile factories, our marble look tiles can hardly be distinguished from real marble stone. The most nuanced cloud-like shades and delicate veins – typical of marble – also characterize our tile surfaces.

Due to its properties, carbonate rock has been a popular material for sophisticated architecture and the manufacture of sculptures since ancient times. The surface of marble stone can be very different. The famous white marble appearance is imitated by most tile factories, and its delicate dark structure and tones are loved by consumers. However, marble look tiles also comes in many different colors

Because marble is widely distributed, it can vary greatly in appearance depending on the mining area. So our marble look tiles are also available in many different colors and textures. The color palette ranges from classic cool white to shades of cream and gray to black marble. There are also different surface finishes such as matt, polished or glossy. Create unique tile textures with a marble look based on color, structure, and surface finish.


Whether it is a special luxury or a more ordinary image, the effect of marble appearance tiles is also different. Tiles with many prominent grains and with varying inclusions of color appear more prominent overall. On the other hand, tiles with delicate marbling and a soft color scheme appear reserved. So if you want to choose a style of tiles, marble look tiles always stand out. In this context, the question also arises as to whether the tile should only cover the floor or the wall.

I believe that most people who use marble look tiles will have the right furniture in the center of the room. In this case, no more eye-catching decorative objects are necessary since the beautiful tile already stands for itself. Stylish, puristic rooms can also be created with tiles in a subtle marble look. Last but not least, marble look tiles in different colors can be perfectly combined. There is no limit to personal taste.


Marble look tiles are popular with customers who prefer a classic and subtle marble look. Our marble look tiles include different types of marble, such as the typical look of marble: a pure white surface and a delicate silver texture.

Marble look tiles from China have a more unique marble look. Tiles come in different forms of surface finish, imitating marble in its purest form.

Browse our tile catalog and let us advise you personally. Of course, the final choice of which marble look tile design is up to you.

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