Parlun building materials

Shipping and delivery

“Leave most of the shipping arrangements to us”

building materials from China

Parlun Buildings looks forward to managing your construction materials’ delivery and shipment from our plant to the port of loading, throughout ocean shipping, and upon arrival at the destination port.

Use our logistical knowledge to offer you affordable maritime freight, prompt customs clearance, cargo tracking, and insurance services, ensuring that your construction supplies reach you securely and on schedule.

You simply need to supply your target port address and contact information, as well as confirming the arrival time of the goods at the port of destination, and we’ll handle the rest.

Delivery Method

When it comes time to transport your construction supplies, Meghnas Buildings can offer packing services to ensure that they reach their destination safely and securely. We utilize strong packaging materials, so you won’t have to worry about your items being damaged in shipment.

Customer Order

The customer should provide the Chinese forwarder with your target port address and contact information. Completed by Customer

Parlun Factory

Parlun Factory will supply the Chinese forwarder the volume and weight of the merchandise.

Export Transportation (Chinese Forwarder)

The Chinese forwarder will make contact with a shipping business to inquire about available cargo space. Chinese Forwarder responsible for export shipping also set up trucks to transport the goods from the production to the origin port.

Chinese freight forwarder

The Chinese freight forwarder will also handle customs clearance for exports. They also arrange for vehicles to transport the merchandise from the destination port (warehouse) to the customer’s specified location.

Shipping Company

The Ocean Transport (Shipping company) will transport the goods by sea.

The Chinese Forwarder

Arrival at the destination port the Chinese forwarder Keeps track of the cargo’s status. Informs the client if there is any issue with the customs declaration.

The Local Forwarder

The Local Forwarder will handle Import Customs Clearance, and transportation to the customer address.

The Customer

The Client Confirm the products’ arrival time with the Chinese forwarder.