Wood look tiles ensure a warm and inviting indoor climate. Beyond that, it combines two key components: aesthetics and innovation. Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, the surface of wood look tiles from China can hardly be distinguished from natural wood. Another advantage is that tiles with wood look tiles are also excellent for expanding the outdoor area or other funny room concepts.

Be inspired by our wood look tiles catalog and transform your living space into a cozy place.

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Wood look tiles have the advantage that they can hardly be distinguished from natural wood. In addition, they have the characteristics of tiles. It means they are highly robust, easy to care for, and moisture resistant.

Compared to natural wood, wood look tiles require very little cost maintenance on a daily basis. Especially in the bathroom or outdoors. Moisture and humidity can easily damage natural wood, the opposite wood look tiles will not have any problems.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, wood look tiles surfaces are in no way inferior to natural wood. The regular size of wood look tiles in 20×120 cm or 26×160 cm ensure a remarkably natural wood look.

The surface of the tiles is also highly imitated with wood details. Typical wood grain and structure can be seen and felt. So you can feel the natural wood structures even if you walk barefoot on the tiles. In combination with warm colors, wood look tiles are particularly authentic.

By the way: Tiles are ideal for underfloor heating. Since stone conducts heat excellently and stores it for a long time, wood look tiles are the perfect solution. Not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of their practical advantages, the wood look tiles are convincing across the board.

Typical tiles sizes, detailed designs, and natural colors are the reason why wood look tiles become so popular and make a great impression on different people.

Wood look tiles are available in a wide variety of wood types, from very light wood tones to warm wood tones and dark and rustic colors.

Tip: If you have trouble choosing the tile, please keep a few basic points in mind: How big is the room you want to design? Does light get into the room? Do you prefer a bright, friendly room style, or do you choose a more rustic ambiance in dark wood tones? What do other floors look like? Does your dream tile match them?


Wall or floor tiles with a wood look have a homely character. To get the most out of this tile, proper laying must also be considered. Depending on which tile or tile size you choose, there are different laying options.

Whether you lay the tiles in a random combination (striped pattern), a third or quarter combination, or a herringbone combination is always a matter of personal taste.

The random combination is a type of laying, according in which the wood look tiles are laid one after the other without a fixed structure. The end of the last row serves as the start of the next row

A third or a quarter of the tile-to-tile does not overlap – as the name suggests – are offset by a third or a quarter. The staggered positioning of the tiles results in a lively floor pattern as a whole.

In contrast to this laying is the parallel combination. The tiles are laid lengthwise, parallel. Overall, this type of installation appears much calmer. However, if you want to underline the character of natural wood, the best way to do this is with a staggering laying method.

An additional laying style that highlights an authentic wooden floor is the herringbone pattern. To achieve a perfect result, the tiles must be cut at a 45-degree angle.

Attention: We don’t advise laying wooden tiles in a semi-bond

With a semi-bond, the tiles are offset by half their length. However, the wood look tiles are pretty narrow and long, most of them have a natural curvature in the center of the tile. This curvature can lead to a slight height offset. In the worst case, this will result in unwanted edges (shadow gaps) during installation in the form of tripping hazards. Therefore, it is advisable not to lay the tiles in a semi-bond on the floor. In the case of a smaller size (on the wall), the semi-bond can be implemented without any problems.


So that the whole effect is consistent in the end, the grout color should come as close as possible to the tile color. The more similar the grout color to the tile, the less noticeable the grout and the more uniform the entire tile pattern appears. Since there are both light and darker wood colors, we offer you a large range of grout color choice. To make the best choice for the grout color, we would also be happy to advise you.


Wood look tiles can be used to create different furnishing styles. Whether a  rustic country house style or a  modern style  – the designs of the wood look tiles are diverse.

Wood look tiles create a warm and comfortable ambiance. However, it appears more rustic due to its natural wood grain. Therefore, both the colors and the tile structure are decisive for their final effect. For example, wood look tiles with dark surfaces correspond to a rustic style.


Whether in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. Wood look tiles are suitable for every room and can be combined very well. In short:  the tile combines design and functionality.

Since tiles are very robust and hard-wearing, they are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy their flooring for a long time. For example, if you have pets, using wood look tiles is a great option. Because tile is more wear-resistant than wood floors. Compared to engineered hardwood flooring, tile is not afraid of dog bumps and dirt. Likewise, there is no odor left in the tiles, and cleaning is quick and easy.

Wood look tiles can also be laid perfectly in the kitchen or bathroom. Especially in the bathroom, the wall or floor with a wood-look often causes astonishment. Because at first glance, it can hardly be distinguished from natural wood. And you can’t imagine using wood in the bathroom. But the tile also defies water and humidity, so what a delightful design concept for wood look tiles.


Wood look tiles are not only suitable for the cozy design of interiors. It also ideal for creating terraces and gardens. The natural feeling of the wood look tiles blends particularly well into the garden or outside area.

Unlike a natural wooden floor, which is exposed to various influences, especially outdoors, the wood look tiles does not require any special care. The daily sunlight, dirt, or frost do not affect the terrace slab with wood look tiles. Unlike natural wood, the tile can retains its color and structure for many years. Even higher loads, such as setting up a heavy parasol, cannot harm the tile.

With the correct tile for the outdoor area, correspondingly spacious living concepts can be realized. Seamless transitions from the living room to the outdoor area are no longer a problem.

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