Concrete look tiles create an authentic atmosphere. They are modern, relaxed, and expressive. With concrete look tiles can make living concepts with a strong character can be created. In addition, the urban look can be combined in many ways.

Concrete look tiles come in a variety of designs. The color palette of concrete ranges from classic concrete gray and anthracite to silver or beige gray. In addition, some tile surfaces captivate with shimmer effects, others with lively shades or a soft color scheme. The concrete look is multifaceted and can hardly be distinguished from real concrete.

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Concrete look tiles come in a wide variety of colors. The surfaces vary from light to dark and from matt to glossy. Both in their coloring and their structure. Whether lively shades, metallic shimmer effects, or various shades of gray – the concrete look is available in multiple designs.

The colors of the concrete look range from dark gray tones through the typical concrete gray to almost white concrete tones. Above all, the lighter colors in the concrete look ensure a stylish and upscale ambiance. The tiles in dark concrete look create an extremely urban and extraordinary flair.

Tiles with a concrete look also differ in their various structures. These can be matt or slightly glossy. In addition, varying shades ensure more dynamics, while an even and uniform surface design appears significantly calmer.


Tiles in a minimalist concrete look can be combined particularly well with different furnishing styles thanks to their puristic look. The look arose in the course of modern architecture and had many faces.

Whether modern, reduced, or invitingly cozy – tiles with a concrete look open up a wide variety of design options with an urban flair. Therefore, not only timeless, simple furniture goes well with concrete tiles. Warm materials such as wood or special materials such as glass can also be combined well with concrete.

Depending on your preferences, you can create rooms in a relaxed industrial style with tiles in a concrete or cement look. On the other hand, there are also rooms with a warm touch, such as country house style. Tile colors from one series can also be easily combined—for example, tiles in a light silver-tone and tiles in a beautiful anthracite grey.

There are also outdoor concrete tiles with an excellent look. It create exciting contrasts to the green plant outside. You will find our top selection of outdoor tiles in our tile catalog.


When choosing tiles, the first thing to remember is that there are both floor and wall tiles. Tiles made of high-quality porcelain stoneware, for example, are particularly robust and are therefore suitable for both floors and walls. Stoneware tiles, on the other hand, are slightly thinner and are designed exclusively for walls.

Note: Our range of tiles primarily includes tiles made of fine stoneware and can therefore be used universally. However, there are also special decorative tiles that have been specially developed to cover the walls. Therefore, please pay attention to the distinction between floor tiles and wall tiles.

If you have already decided on a concrete look tile style, you need to pay more attention to the tile size specifications. The tile size has a significant influence on the later overall picture. A corresponding tile format can, for example, optically enlarge a room, stretch it or lengthen it.

Because the larger a tile is, the fewer joints are visible at the end. As a result, the concrete look tile pattern looks particularly harmonious with XXL tiles. At the same time, large formats require a particular level surface. Tip: Before you reach for the XXL tile, first discuss the possibilities of the form with our expert.


To choose the correct tiles for your room, you should always keep the characteristics of the premises in mind. Is the room long or big and square? Which places are planned to be laid with floor tiles? Where is the light coming from? If you take the various room factors into account, you can quickly narrow down the choice for the correct tile and its laying way.

Wall or floor tiles with a concrete look can be laid in various rooms. For example, the living room, the hallway, the bedroom as well as the kitchen and the bathroom can be designed with tiles in a concrete look. The wide range of different concrete looks enables timeless, puristic, and comfortably comfortable living styles.

In the kitchen, for example, the concrete tiles can dress the kitchen mirror, the floor, or the walls.

Tip: If you are still looking for a work surface for the kitchen, you can also use the “all-rounder” tile. Thanks to its practical properties, the fine stoneware tile is ideal as a work and storage surface. For example, it can be selected to match the kitchen mirror.


Concrete look tiles have the advantage that they look not only stylish but also have beneficial properties. Concrete look tiles are made of fine stoneware and are highly robust and durable. On top of that, they also withstand significant temperature fluctuations and are frost-resistant. Due to these properties, these tiles can be used for a wide variety of room concepts: In the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even on the terrace – concrete look tiles are a real “all-rounder“.

Tiles with a concrete and cement look not only score points in terms of design. Their quality and range of applications are fantastic.

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