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As interior doors, functional doors meet specific security requirements for you and your home. Whether fire protection, sound insulation, air-conditioning, or security doors – at Parlun, you will find an extensive range of functional doors. We will deliver the robust functional doors to the address of your choice in the best retail quality, securely packaged.

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Functional doors with diverse requirements

Functional doors are the ideal choice for security in your living space. Whether as a transition from the garage to the house, as an end to the basement, or as classic interior doors – functional doors can be used in many ways. With their various requirements, they are considered particular doors. In some places, they are even required by building regulations. In addition to private living areas, functional doors are primarily used in public buildings.

In our door catalog, you will find functional doors made of robust steel and safe, functional wooden doors.

The functional doors are designed according to their individual requirements and, in some cases, meet exceptional DIN standards. The stable structure and the robust surface contribute to the functionality and durability of the doors. The seals and fittings of the function doors are specially designed to meet the relevant requirements. Decades of experience from Parlun ensure reliable brand quality that you can rely on.

Smoke, sound, and fire protection doors

Classic functional doors are smoke protection, sound insulation, and fire protection doors. The respective robust functional doors significantly slow down the spread of smoke and fire and minimize noise. With T30 doors, a fire can be prevented from spreading for up to 30 minutes. The doors thus protect life in an emergency. The global safety standards are permanently adhered to when manufacturing the functional doors.

Test certificate for fire and smoke protection doors: The combined purchase of door leaf and frame certifies your functional door.

Versatile, functional doors for different living spaces

In addition to the classic functional doors, you will find other particular doors at Parlun designed according to your specific requirements. With their increased burglary resistance, security doors offer protection for your home. The robust interior doors are ideal for transitioning from the garage to your living space. They also have a certified examination. With cellar doors, you set a thermally insulating border to the cellar area.

Security doors are divided into different resistance classes and manufactured according to your requirements.

With their various functions, multifunctional doors meet various room requirements. You create an ideal transition between rooms with different climates with climate doors. You reduce your energy costs thanks to high thermal insulation values with energy-saving doors.

Functional doors for damp rooms

Rooms, such as the bathroom or private pool areas, also have special requirements for the doors. From Parlun, you will also find suitable doors resistant to moisture. The high-quality wet room and damp room doors impress their robustness and the hard-wearing CPL or HPL surface. Therefore, they are the ideal interior doors for rooms with an exceptionally high humidity level.

Order functional doors cheaply

Parlun offers you a large selection of functional doors that are ideally suited to the various requirements of your living space. Thanks to the different designs, the functional doors can be integrated unobtrusively into your living environment and, at the same time, offer reliable protection with their functionality. Please choose a suitable model for yourself and contact us for a fair price.

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