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Soundproof doors guide – Comfort and tranquility

Soundproof doors

What are soundproof doors? Soundproof doors fulfill two functions: they keep the noise outside (e.g., they protect the living space), or they hold the noise where it originates (e.g., in the machine room). Good sound insulation is essential for well-being, healthy sleep, and life because noise causes stress and, in the worst case, disease. Soundproof doors increase the quality of life significantly with the soundproofing effect. An apartment entrance door equipped with good soundproofing protects against noises from streets and stairwells.

function doors

Advantages of soundproof doors:

  • Reduce noises
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Promise a pleasant rest

The international noise protection standard

Soundproof doors must be manufactured by the international soundproofing standard DIN 4109-1. This specifies the sound insulation requirements for rooms to be protected. Noise from external rooms (e.g., adjacent apartments), from technical facilities (e.g., in industrial operations), and the outside (e.g., traffic noise) should be particularly prevented.

The sound insulation classes

A distinction is made between the sound insulation classes 1, 2, and 3. Specific sound insulation values specified in Rw and P apply to each sound insulation class. The sound insulation test value Rw and P is determined in the laboratory. The soundproof door can be equipped with the desired soundproofing class as needed and required.

Sound Insulation Class

Test value RW, P

Application Field

Sound insulation class 1

32dB Rw, P

  • Doors leading from stairwells into hallways
  • Doors to private work space

Sound insulation class 2

37dB Rw, P

  • Schools
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Office area

Sound insulation class 3

42dB Rw, P

  • Doors that connect stairwells with living spaces
  • Hospitals and medical practices
  • Offices with increased noise levels


Floor seal

Since sound waves can penetrate through the smallest openings, floor seals are vital for an excellent soundproof door. This is included as standard with most soundproof doors.

Design Variety

soundproof doors design

Due to the different locations, different surface types can be realized with soundproof doors. Coated with CPL, the soundproof door is exceptionally durable; white varnish promises a pleasantly bright living atmosphere. Anatural wood veneer is well suited if you want a homely atmosphere.

The matching frame

A soundproof frame must be combined with a soundproof door. Only then can a sound insulation test certificate be issued.

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