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custom kitchen cabinets from China

Kitchen cabinets offer us more than just storage space; they create order in our lives. In the fast pace of our time, the structure is becoming more and more important. But not every piece of furniture is suitable for every room and even for every person. We know how valuable your individuality is and therefore offer you custom kitchen cabinets, smart storage systems, and furniture that are perfectly tailored to your rooms and personal needs. We create built-in furniture for your living space or workplace and implement aesthetic solutions, even for difficult space requirements.

custom kitchen cabinets from China

kitchen cabinets types

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Kitchen cabinets – custom made for your kitchen

The various models of kitchen cabinets in different dimensions, heights, and shapes offer solutions for every kitchen and every storage space – even for small niches.

Would you like to have your cooking utensils and kitchen appliances stowed away after cooking? Thanks to various designs of  custom kitchen cabinets, you can get all the equipment and ingredients within reach. This is because kitchen cabinets can be placed systematically around the refrigerator, sink, and stove and offer storage space and shelves throughout the kitchen. You will find kitchen cabinets ideal for your taste from various cabinets with different dimensions, designs, and materials.

  • Custom-made kitchen cabinets – every kitchen shape with individual kitchen cabinets optimally used.
  • Practical storage space – thanks to functional cabinets, all kitchen utensils are close at hand.
  • Uniform style -even hide the appliances behind the visually attractive cabinet front.

You can buy high-quality kitchen cabinets with beautiful designs at affordable prices by contacting our kitchen cabinet experts. Please look at our latest kitchen cabinet catalog, and choose the kitchen cabinet design that matches your needs and desires. You can find out more information on the various kitchen cabinet types above.

Planning the kitchen cabinet quickly and easily

By contacting our kitchen cabinet experts, you can plan many different elements in your cabinets: There is space for cutlery, scissors, and other utensils in large drawers. With a shelf integrated into the kitchen cupboard, you can keep your spices dry and protected. Your custom kitchen cabinets also fit in as a sloping ceiling cupboard between the other cabinets. But even without a slope, the range of options is extensive. For example, in our configurator, base cabinets for the washbasin can be created in a unique design and dimensions. Due to the high-quality processing of the material and equipment, the made-to-measure furniture can be loaded with a good amount of crockery, supplies, and other utensils. Planning your made-to-measure product takes just a few steps in the online configurator. During this process, equip the new kitchen cabinet with sliding doors, doors, and drawers or leave the individual areas open and get a practical custom made kitchen shelf. Our service team can help with requests that go beyond the possibilities of our configurator. Together we will find a way to implement the kitchen cabinets according to your ideas and meet your requirements. After ordering, you will receive an overview with all the information and a picture of the end product. Before ordering, we always recommend our customers to use our free sample service so that everyone can get an idea of our materials and the look and feel of the individual surface. Our robust decor stays beautiful for a long time, even with intensive use, and is easy to clean.

Kitchen cabinets: Different models for every purpose

You can create storage space under the worktop and at head height with suitable kitchen cabinets, thus organizing your kitchen. You can now find out what cabinets are available for the kitchen.

Wall cabinets:

There is usually space for wall cabinets on the kitchen walls, for example, above the sink, stove, and countertop. The hanging kitchen cabinets offer storage space for cutlery and food, which can be easily reached at head height. With a cupboard front that matches the design, you can even hide the extractor hood between wall cabinets if necessary. In addition, kitchen lights and illuminating equipment, such as LED, can be installed on the underside of the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the work area. Before installing wall cabinets in the kitchen, ensure that the intended walls are sufficiently stable.

Tall cabinets:

Due to their variable height and spacious storage space, tall kitchen cabinets also offer various options to accommodate larger kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, and food. Fridges or fridge-freezers can be integrated into many tall cabinets so that the appliances disappear behind fronts that match the kitchen design. You get a consistent style in your kitchen.

Base cabinets:

With solid internal floors and shelves, kitchen base cabinets provide space for more extensive and heavier kitchen utensils such as pots and pans and cutlery in drawers. Corner base cabinets often come with practical round and revolving doors so you can reach everything easily. In addition to storage space for kitchen utensils, kitchen base cabinets form the basis for the worktop. With base cabinets, make sure that the height matches your height to cook, bake, and roast comfortably in the kitchen: the worktop surface should be about 10 to 15 cm below your bent elbow when you are standing at the kitchen counter.

Sink cabinets:

The sink cabinet hides water connections behind the kitchen front and offers additional storage space and space for waste bins and cleaning agents. Alternatively, there are models in which you can integrate a dishwasher or a sink cabinet with drawers.

Apothecary cabinets:

The pull-out cabinets are slim and high, so they can be found in small niches and still offer plenty of storage space. Thanks to the clear shelving structure, small items such as spice shakers, jars, and baking accessories can be stored within easy reach in apothecary cabinets.

Convertible cabinets:

Convertible cabinets are ideal for existing kitchen furniture and electrical appliances, not for the new kitchen. The practical cabinets dress up kitchen furniture and appliances and give a uniform style that fits into the design of your kitchen unit.

How do I properly arrange kitchen cabinets?

Organizing kitchen cabinets functionally and practically makes your work easier when cooking and baking. You should pay attention to this to always have the essential kitchen utensils at hand:

When arranging the kitchen cabinets, you attach great importance to functionality: kitchen utensils, devices, and supplies that you use frequently are always accessible and within reach. Cutlery for everyday use should ideally be stored in cabinets and drawers as close to the sink and dishwasher as possible. After washing up, everything is quickly put away. Larger kitchen knives are stored in knife blocks, magnetic strips, or child-proof drawers.

Pans, pots, and other cooking utensils are best stored within easy reach near the stove and oven. Think about the cookware you often use and store them in cabinets close to the stove. Alternatively, flatter pans can be hung on hooks near the stove. Keep heavy objects below your head height – ideally in the base cabinet.

Kitchen cabinets close to the refrigerator are often suitable for bowls and storage boxes. You have everything you need to pack food for storage in the fridge or freezer. Supplies that do not require refrigeration can be stored in the pantry. The general rule is: to make your kitchen as functional as possible – according to your individual needs. This saves time, completes work in the kitchen more pleasant, and helps to maintain order and cleanliness.

kitchen cabinet from China

Now you know which kitchen cabinets are available for the kitchen and how you can use the space with the various cabinets optimally to maintain sufficient storage space and the functionality of your kitchen. Contact us today to buy high-quality custom kitchen cabinets from China direct manufacturer at the best price. Our kitchen cabinet experts will help you realize the kitchen of your dreams!

Kitchen design and kitchen equipment

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