Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Become More and More Popular

White cabinets, gray cabinets, and natural wood cabinets have been in style since their inception and will continue to be in style for a long time to come. In contrast to these classic, tried-and-true colors, cabinets in new colors like navy blue are starting to hit the market. It’s not hard to see why. Blue is a very versatile color that can easily be dressed up or down by changing the decor and surroundings. And in recent years, blue has been one of the most popular cabinet colors.

We currently offer some shades of blue cabinetry, such as navy blue, for customers who want to step out of the ordinary and try something new in their kitchens. Feel free to contact our sales team for more details about navy blue kitchen cabinets.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets: An Ideal Canvas For Creating A Sophisticated And Unique Space

If you are worried about blue kitchen cabinets going out of style, rest assured that the chances are slim. You may have already seen some of our design ideas and tips for navy blue kitchen cabinets, which show how to pair brighter colors with darker, more subdued tones. As long as you match your cabinets properly, your kitchen will look glamorous for many years to come.

It’s a low-stakes way to introduce navy blue into neutral or all-white kitchens. Our navy paint colors can range from lighter to darker and are perfect for a variety of kitchen styles, from coastal to traditional or modern. You can reach out to our cabinet experts to select your favorite navy blue for your cabinetry from the Pantone color palette. They will also help you check out some navy blue cabinets kitchen ideas in a range of sizes and settings to show you how to do well with a unique style. For example, pairing the navy blue cabinets with sleek copper or brass hardware, as the red and yellow tones in statement copper and brass both complement and contrast with the deep blue tones, adds a warm touch to the kitchen.

Benefit From The Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets, No Longer On The Fence

At Parlun Buildings, we equip the kitchen cabinets with high-quality knobs and pulls, as well as other hardware, for which modern hardware paired with classic navy blue shaker cabinets creates an impressive contemporary design. In addition to a variety of trim options, there are several door styles for the cabinets. Available in both framed and frameless cabinet box construction, door styles include classic shaker, slab, recessed, raised panel, and variations thereof.

For modern navy blue kitchen cabinets, it doesn’t get much more classic than pairing them with sleek tops, marble counters, or a white-tone island with a waterfall edge. If you want a dark wood-tone countertop, it works to pair the navy blue cabinets with a white wall or have the upper cabinets in white, bringing a two-tone cabinetry design to your cooking space.

Aside from the countertops and walls, you can let light colors match your modern navy blue kitchen cabinetry by applying them to various parts, such as backsplashes, ceilings, and floors, all of which look top-notch in terms of visual appearance. No wonder the kitchen cabinets navy can always contribute to a magnificent space, as it is wildly admired for its high-end appearance and impressively functional drawers. You will see it when you choose us to manufacture your personalized navy blue kitchen cabinets.

It’s a practical option for incorporating navy blue kitchen cabinets into your space. With meticulous workmanship and customer service, we are at your disposal to deliver premium kitchen cabinets navy blue.

FAQs About Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

They pair nicely with neutral colors like gray and white. It also provides just the right base for bright accent colors like yellow, orange, and red.

No, they’re not. Although navy blue is relatively more special than ordinary white and gray, it will not be too bold, like red or yellow. You can choose a soft shade of navy blue, pair it with white countertops, backsplash, walls, etc., and you will get a fresh and impressive kitchen. For more matching schemes, contact our expert.

Parlun Buildings is happy to work with you to create gorgeous navy blue kitchen cabinets. We offer several shades of blue for your reference, and you can also customize a navy blue using the Pantone color palette. In addition, different types of cabinet doors, handles, knobs, faucets, countertops, etc. are available. With us, you can get ideal navy blue cabinets at a reasonable price. Leave us a message for a quote and more details.

It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, but the actual time depends on the materials used and the design of the kitchen cabinets. When you contact our sales team for a detailed customization, they will provide you with a more accurate delivery time for the navy blue kitchen cabinets.

Light wood tones like white oak and maple add warmth and accents to navy blue kitchen cabinets. Pair navy blue with neutral wood tones to create a classic cooking space, or opt for bright yellow and orange accents for a chic, modern kitchen. For more inspiration, browse our product catalog or contact us.

Clean white quartz, white and gray marble, or butcher block countertops are worth considering for kitchens with navy blue cabinets or walls.