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50+ Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Tips

Table of Contents

Navy Blue Cabinets with White Countertop

Beach-style kitchen with navy blue and white beaded insert cabinets and white countertop, white porcelain subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and relaxing bamboo stools.

Navy Blue Island and White Cabinets

Large transitional kitchen with blue island and white and blue cabinets, deep wood floors, brass hardware, and stainless steel appliances.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher block countertop is a unique yet common design detail in a kitchen. It is affordable, durable, and changeable. Butcher block countertop has various types of woods, which can fit different styles of the kitchen. For navy blue kitchen cabinets, butcher block countertop brings warmth and tenderness to the kitchen and  its texture and patterns add another layer of texture to the cabinets.

Eclectic Kitchen with Navy Cabinets and Light Wood Butcher Block Countertop

Open concept kitchen in a eclectic style expresses house owners’ creativity. Navy blue shaker cabinets and island form a calm tone for the kitchen while the bright butcher block countertop breaks the continuity of the navy blue, warming up the cabinets and island.  Multicolored mosaic backplash looks eye-catching and exotic, adding strong vitality to the kitchen. Light cork wood floors, white ceilings, and the white appliance create a strong contrast to the cabinets and brighten the kitchen up. White hardware spread through the cabinets, intensifying the integrity of this kitchen.

Elegant Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Light Wood Countertop

This kitchen has a rustic touch that create a gentle and fresh atmosphere thanks to the brown laminate floors, the navy blue and white recessed-panel cabinets, the white ceramic tile backsplash and the butcher block countertop. The wood countertop and the backsplash provide a natural and elegant look with their creative designs and texture. The pure white farmhouse sink and the chrome hardware increase the delicate vibe while the mint blue wall paint adds a feeling of vitality.

Navy Blue and White Cabinets with Light Wood Countertop

Look at this fresh and airy kitchen! The white ceramic tile backsplash plays a mild backdrop for the cabinetry and it also mediates the soft contrast of navy blue base cabinets and white upper cabinets. The shaker cabinets with chrome hardware, along with a blue island, offer plenty of storage space and cooking and dinning places. The maple countertop warms up the cool cabinetry and the flower-shaped pendant lights also make the space much warmer.

Mediterranean Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Butcher Block Countertop

This open-concept kitchen looks calm and tranquil. Navy blue shaker cabinets are topped with a brown butcher block countertop and they match well to formulate a solid and appealing tone. Besides, the glass upper cabinets display clearly glasses and lighten up the kitchen with its crystal texture. And the greenish ceramic subway backsplash cast a refreshing feel to the cooking space while the huge arched window makes the space lighter and deepens the Mediterranean style of the kitchen. Finally, the ceramic tile floor enriches the texture of the kitchen with its patterns and layout.

Transitional Kitchen with Blue and White Cabinetry

This compact kitchen integrates all parts in a U shape with a butcher block countertop. The white modern upper cabinets contrast strongly to the navy blue base cabinets and the walnut wood countertop, along with the wood open shelves, add a natural feeling to the kitchen. Marble floors and ceramic tile backsplash give a sleek and soft look while the chrome hardware, chrome faucet sets and black appliances make the kitchen modern. The navy blue peninsula serves as a dining table or a bar counter, improving the space utilization.  

Traditional Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinetry and Wood-Stainless Steel Countertop

Bright shades make this kitchen look soft and tender while the navy blue of the cabinetry forms a basic tone. The base cabinets are divided by the butcher block countertop and stainless steel countertop, which is more suitable for the kitchen’s routes. And the upper cabinets equipped with glass front doors are put in a dialogue with the windows with the glasses and the pendant lights build connections with the black frames of the windows. Golden hardware serves as sparkles to bring touches of luxury to the navy blue cabinets. Moreover, the greyish ceramic tile backsplash with a slab texture suits the overall color scheme and echo the grey patterned rug on the dark flooring.  

Beach Style Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinetry with Butcher Block Countertop

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes a stunning view of navy blue. The deep wood countertop cooperates wonderfully with the navy blue cabinetry, creating a solid and calm vibe for the kitchen. The white shiplap acrylic ceiling, deep wood floors, and white stone tile backsplash integrate the beach elements and also express the diversity of materials, enhancing the quality of the kitchen. The glass-fronted doors alleviate the heft of the cabinets while the distressed metallic pendant lights add a historical charm. 

Scandinavian kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Butcher Block Countertop

What a simple but functional kitchen it is! This open kitchen is custom made based on the kitchen’s layout and a long kitchen can take this design for reference. The long base cabinets are attached completely to the wall, maximizing the space utilization. The flat panel betters the smooth and tender feeling of the cabinets while the light wood countertop brightens the navy blue cabinets. With the help of those kitchen niche in the wall, more storage spaces are created. Moreover, the square ceramic tile backsplash matches well with the cabinets in color scheme and lines and the backsplash cooperates with the plywood floor to form a harmony of style. The stainless steel appliances and sink and the chrome faucet add a modern piece to the kitchen.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Gold metal finish on the hardware is a popular decoration for brighten the space up and it’s often applied to the cabinet hardware, faucet sets, pendant lights,  the frame of stools, or others. It’s normal to attach gold hardware to navy blue cabinets because the gold finish is bright and forms a strong contrast to blue. In addition, gold hardware also enhances the luxurious look of the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen with Brass Hardware and Stainless Steel Countertop

This traditional kitchen catches people’s eyes with its extraordinary color scheme, namely navy blue and gold.  The gold trims of the cooking station make the navy blue body of the station noble and classic, flowing an elegant and stylish vibe. The gold hardware on the white cabinets and the gold faucet echoes the blue cabinets and strengthen the delicacy of the white cabinets. Besides, compared to the marble countertop, the stainless steel countertop on these cabinets is easier to clean and maintain, more wear-resistant, and more hygienic, which gives cooks more space for novelty in cooking.

Victorian Style Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Red Interior Designs

There are many things to talk about in this kitchen. The travertine countertops and the navy blue cabinets create a soothing vibe in the atmosphere while the red laminate window frames and the wood-patterned floors put a warm look with their eye-catching hues. The brass hardware, faucet sets and golden pendant lights bolster its welcoming feeling, intensifying the Victorian luxury of the kitchen. And the porcelain tile backsplash and the stainless steel appliances and range hood increase the modern appeal of this kitchen design.

Mediterranean Kitchen with Navy Blue Wall Cabinets and Gold Hardware

The glimpse of this Mediterranean kitchen stands out with its navy blue cabinetry and gold hardware. The full-height wall cabinets are equipped with glass-fronted doors, exhibiting crystal glasses and kitchenware. Butcher block countertop and Carrera marble countertop balance the tone of the island and the cabinets. Gold hardware and gold faucet, and industrial pendant lights with gold finishes add a warm and luxurious texture to the kitchen.

Modern Style Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinetry and Gold Hardware

The gold hardware brings an amazing touch to the navy blue cabinetry. This cabinetry integrates three types of  normal cabinets, including shaker cabinets, open cabinets and glass-fronted cabinets, which improve the practicability of the cabinetry and diversify the functions of the cabinetry. Besides, the window backsplash, along with black ceramic tile and white grouting,  invites natural lights to this kitchen, making it bright and refreshing. While the navy blue cabinetry and the white farmhouse sink form a striking yet pleasant contrast, the porcelain floors and the quartzite countertop enrich the kitchen with a luxurious appeal.

Gold Hardware in a Blue and White Kitchen

The white upper cabinets and the navy blue base cabinets form a striking contrast together, offering a tranquil tone for the kitchen. The white ceramic tile backsplash provides a cool backdrop for those raised-panel cabinets that serve as a noble texture layer. Besides, the solid surface countertop matches perfectly with the undermount sink, forming an integrated and sleek luxury of this design. The light gold hardware on the cabinets looks warm yet unobtrusive, maintaining the harmony of this kitchen.

Midcentury Kitchen with Brushed Brass Hardware and Blue and White Cabinetry

The navy blue and white duo speaks up in this kitchen. The midcentury touch shows itself with the raised-panel cabinet layout. The navy blue cabinets with the seamless quartz countertop form a harmony of color and texture and this harmony is accentuated by the brushed brass hardware and square offset subway tile backsplash. The thin-framed window adds a cohesive appeal while bringing a modern vibe with the crystal texture.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

Normally, white is the perfect match for navy blue, so is the white countertop for navy blue cabinets. White countertop can brighten the space through reflecting almost all lights whilst the navy blue cabinets often make the space gloom and dim. In this case, white countertop can balance the depressing feels of navy blue cabinets. The materials of white countertop are varied, including marble, quartzite, soapstone, and tile, which can suit for different styles of kitchen designs.

Navy Blue and White Cabinetry in a Shabby-chic Style

Navy blue cabinets, white  marble countertop, wood island, and worn subway tile backsplash form a charm of shabby-chic style. Recessed-panel cabinets in navy blue and white finishes look elegant and fresh at the foil of the backsplash. The gold hardware add sparkles to the cabinets while the dark wood flooring contrasts clearly to the cabinetry. The wood open shelves offer plenty of space to place kitchenware, making the kitchen more homely and inviting.

Custom Cabinetry with Navy Blue Finishes and White Countertop

What an impressive kitchen it is! The orange wall paint provides a warm and touching setting for the interior designs. The navy blue cabinetry with worn finishes, contrasting strongly to the wall, stands elegantly and shows itself delicacy. White solid surface countertop mediates the calm tone of cabinetry and echo with the orange wall, forming a harmony of style. Besides, the stone tile backsplash behind the stove and the curved plaster range hood compose an antique look of farmhouse, which is also strengthened by the black metallic hardware, the brushed brass faucet, the brass quartz clock, wood sculptures, and the copper chandelier with vines and crystals glam lighting. Wood elements of the windows, flooring and the countertop of the island make this kitchen inviting.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinetry with White Countertop and White Backsplash

This clutter-free kitchen almost with naked walls makes a statement with the full-height cabinets. The squeezed-looking formats of the porcelain tile backsplash offer an intriguing background, while the grey grout emphasizes the pattern itself as is here. White countertop topping the navy blue paneled cabinets beautifully combine with the diamond check butcher block countertop on the island without eliminating its statement. The brass hardware and pendant lights create warmth while the rug adds a classic beauty. Wooden floors and the farmhouse sink mediate the toughness and coldness of those stainless steel appliances. Additionally, in the biggest frame, the windows bring nature into the kitchen through a forest view and the black frames define the distinction between the interior and exterior space at the same time.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and White Countertop

This kitchen in a polygon shape incorporates organically all function areas, making the best of the space. The navy blue cabinets and the white countertop form a calm and soothing tone for this kitchen whilst the extravagant backsplash made up of a window and terra-cotta tiles and the orange laminate floors brighten this kitchen up. A metallic island with a butcher block countertop adds a natural texture to the kitchen and makes this kitchen appealing.

Transitional Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinetry and Solid Surface Countertop

This navy blue tone kitchen creates a serene corner in this house, forming a fresh contrast to the white house designs. The combination of recessed-panel cabinets and glass cabinets offers versatile functions for the house owners, including storage, placement and exhibition. And the dark laminate flooring with wood textures calms down this airy kitchen and it receives warmth and unique beauty from the multicolored rug. Moreover, the blue island with butcher block countertop makes it different from the cabinets with solid surface countertop and it serves as a tranquil dining space for the kitchen.

Navy Blue and White Cabinetry in a Shabby-chic Style

The stunning and noble appeal of the navy blue cabinets carries a traditional vibe to this delicately designed kitchen. The beaded inset cabinetry makes itself catchy with its special design, brushed bronze hardware, and the honed and brushed limestone countertop. Also the open cabinets and glass-fronted cabinets are integrated perfectly in this cabinetry, which gives exhibition areas for different china, and the blue and white porcelains echo the cabinetry and backsplash, creating a harmony of colors.

Kitchen with White Cabinets and Navy Blue Island

Your kitchen island doesn’t have to match the cabinets in terms of colors or styles. Different island colors or styles make an island stand out in the kitchen and turn the island into an appealing center that completes the perfect of the kitchen. Besides, the contrast of navy blue and white makes the space refreshing and lenitive. Under this circumstance, a navy blue island surrounded by white cabinets offers a focal point to the kitchen and it also puts on an arresting look.

Traditional Kitchen with Navy Blue Island and White Cabinets

This gorgeous and roomy kitchen unfolds in various textures and patterns cocooned in a white-blue palette. As the kitchen flows in whites and blues, it also drags wood, beaded inset panels, solid surface, and textured materials with itself. The beaded inset panel cabinets, the framed windows, the glass cabinets, and the massive wood hood cooperate harmoniously together to form an elegant and classic vibe while the navy blue island with brown butcher block countertop adorns the kitchen with its sparkling hues and brilliant shapes. Luxurious kitchen wares and the color-painted inner wall of the spectacular sink respond to each other, adding a vibe of vintage and luxury.

Craftsman Style White Kitchen with Navy Blue Island and Peacock Green Backsplash

Rich wooden applications to this kitchen form a keynote of the craftsman style, carrying on a traditional design aesthetic. The essence of this craftsman-style kitchen is featured by light wood floors, wood elevated shelves, exposed beams, butcher block countertop of the island, and wood top part of the stools. Besides, the subway tile backsplash with different shades of peacock green and gold grouting deepens its character and also embodies its unique craftsman skills. Moreover, the classy look of the white cabinetry is complemented by the deep and calm appeal of the black metal hardware while the navy blue island plays a powerful impact  in catching people’s eyes. Thanks to its delicate layout, the kitchen design is organic yet functional.

Mid-century Kitchen with Navy Blue Island and White Cabinetry

The pure and clean look fills the entire kitchen thanks to the white cabinetry, the white countertop, the white backsplash, sconces with nickel coating, and chrome hardware. The navy blue island brings an elegant appeal and using the medium-tone laminate on floors is a terrific idea to add warmth and coziness. The glass hanging lamps, stainless steel appliances and the metal feet of the stools take a modern touch to this kitchen design.

French Country Style Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Blue Island

Look at this fabulous and charming kitchen! It flows with an extravagant and chic vibe all over the place. The French country style is backed by the fancy oven hood, the navy blue island with carved patterns, and rustic allover patterns on the windows shade, chair tops, and the hood. Besides, the stone tile and travertine backsplash, the granite countertop, and the travertine flooring put on a crude and heavy texture to this kitchen, making the countryside atmosphere even stronger. The white and navy color scheme applied to the raised-panel cabinets and island works harmoniously with the rest parts of the kitchen and put on a classic and elegant look as well.  

Navy Blue Island with Wood Countertop in a Beach Style Kitchen

In this spacious kitchen, the blue and white companionship gains the personality of a beach style kitchen while the kitchen is characterized by wooden applications, a matte finish, and metallic dots. The white cabinetry is decorated with black metal hardware and the porcelain backsplash brings weight with a grey hue to this plain and white space. Light wood floors with natural patterns, butcher block countertop of the navy blue island, and the beautiful chairs create a soothing view and warm up the kitchen profoundly while the blue island serves as a focal point in the kitchen. In short, all elements in this kitchen are integrated harmoniously and achieve a tranquil atmosphere.

Navy Blue Island and Distressed White Cabinetry in a French Country Style Kitchen

How magnificent and extraordinary this kitchen is! Abundant wood, stone and metal elements contend in beauty and fascination in this space, singing a heroic and solid trio together. The  massive exposed beams, the large and heavy cabinets and island, the weighty chairs and the medium-tone wood floor offer a rough yet soft feel to the environment. The granite countertops, the stone tile backsplash, the embossed tile, and the stone sink give a natural and rustic texture and the metallic range hood, metal chandelier, metal hardware and faucet set serve as tough decorating parts to balance the other two elements. More importantly, the distressed white cabinetry connects these three organically and unveils the long history of this kitchen.

Distressed Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets and Island

Different from the glossy and sleek finish of cabinets, distressed finish is more distinctive and characteristic. A distressed finish means a finish that is destroyed or damaged intentionally to look less than perfect. Generally, it’s suitable to make the cabinets appear aged or weathered to intensify the sense of history and experience of the cabinets and to give a vintage-inspired look. Distressed cabinetry often shows in a rustic farmhouses and country kitchens but it also appears in other styles of kitchens to express creativity and innovation.

Eclectic Kitchen with Distressed Navy Blue Cabinets and White Concrete Countertop

This eclectic kitchen has almost everything, unfolding in various colors and textures, ranging from wood to concrete, blue, red, white, and orange. As such, the kitchen embodies an old soul with a timeless look to it that redefines and reimagines the kitchen’s design possibilities. White upper cabinets form gentle contrast to the distressed navy blue base cabinets while the multicolored ceramic tile backsplash connects the two parts organically and offers vitality to the cabinetry. The white concrete countertop makes the cabinetry harmonious and tender and the unique hardware equips the cabinetry with an exotic charm and echos the red chairs to achieve consistency. Moreover, the dreamy lighting sets make the kitchen romantic and imaginary.

Mid-century Kitchen with Distressed Navy Blue Cabinets and Limestone Floors

In this mid-century kitchen design, distressed navy blue cabinets create a visually profound appeal. Granite countertop complements the blue cabinets and enhance the depth and weight of the space. Using a grey ceramic subway tile backsplash, a patterned rug and limestone floors add lightness and vitality to the kitchen. And finally, the stainless steel appliance and chrome faucet make a stylish stance in mid-century kitchen design.  

Distressed Navy Blue Cabinets with Grid Doors

This French country style kitchen spreads vibrant hues and shows enormous vitality. The distressed navy blue cabinets form a contrast to the cream beaded inset cabinets and the porcelain tile countertop softens the blue cabinets and gives the cabinets a sleek appeal. The grid doors of the cabinets looks airier and lighter, which can avoid bacteria breeding in the cabinets. Plastic hardware on the cabinet adds a crystal appearance to the cabinets and strengthens its homely vibe of the countryside.

Southwestern Kitchen with Distressed Navy Blue Island

The non-glossy finish is best for the cabinets in a southwestern kitchen and it works perfectly in this kitchen. The black cabinets with a distressed finish play a sophisticated and serious tone in the kitchen and the navy blue island with a beige solid surface countertop lightens the cabinetry and accomplishes a coherence in style with the black cabinets. The white square tile backsplash contrast strongly with the cabinetry while the blue-orange backsplash with geometric designs collaborates with the trio of range hood made up of Talavera tiles to produce a casual and cozy atmosphere of southwestern kitchen style. In addition, the lights with wrought iron make the kitchen delicate and the glass-fronted cabinets can exhibit those characteristic kitchen wares, putting on an excellent look.

Distressed Navy Blue Island in a Traditional Kitchen

In this traditional kitchen, the two-tone kitchen cabinetry consist of navy blue and white colors and the contrasting color palette offers a classic and elegant atmosphere. The stone tile backsplash completes the beaded inset cabinets and create a rustic yet luxurious and antique look with them, which was intensified by the tough granite countertop. The distressed navy blue island standing in the center of kitchen breathes mysterious and precious airs out to this kitchen, deepening the solid vibe of this kitchen. Besides, the floral structures on the massive range hood, the cabinets, and the chandelier brings out the antique but vibrant charm while the patterned ceiling with exposed beams and the dark wood floor do their best to offer a connotative space for those interior designs.

Contemporary Kitchen with Distressed Navy Blue Cabinets and Wood Countertop​

The navy blue cabinets look fresh and antique with the light wood countertop and the  distressed finish. The thin wood backsplash and white wall paint complement the cabinets, making the kitchen cozy and attractive. The peninsula makes itself extraordinary with the smooth shape of an oval and the attached dining table.  Besides, the skylight invites daylights to this kitchen, boosting the natural vibe of this kitchen formed by the wood countertop and open cabinets and glass cabinets. Moreover, the travertine flooring is paired perfectly with the wall and ceiling to create consistency while decorations made up of metal and mirrors add sparkle to the bright kitchen.

Matte Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Matte finish is perfect for a gentle and tender kitchen with its slight reflections of light, soft edges of the cabinets and a tender palette. And a traditional or rustic style kitchen often takes a matte finish to emphasize the texture of the wood or laminate cabinets. Generally, matte finish cabinets are easier to clean because it is less prone to scratches and fingerprints. Matte navy blue kitchen cabinets usually give a velvety and calming look and feel to the kitchen and make the kitchen elegant and sophisticated.

Matte Navy Blue Cabinetry with Solid Surface Countertop

This modern kitchen with a smooth feel provides an interactive design thanks to the flat-panel cabinetry and stylish interior design details. The cabinetry with matte navy blue color runs through the whole kitchen and connects all functional parts with an L shape, forming a sophisticated integrity of style. Contrasting the matte navy blue cabinets, the white solid surface countertop matches well with the white backsplash and greyish wall paint to serve as a gentle backdrop for the cabinetry. And the brushed satin nickel hardware, along with the stainless steel appliance, lightens the cabinets for a little bit while the medium tone wood floor mediates the metallic textures of the hardware and appliances, making the space harmonious and pleasant.

Modern Spanish Kitchen with Matte Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets and Wood Island

The matte navy blue cabinets and the light wood island are perfect together. Combining matte navy blue and light wood makes the open-concept kitchen adorable and fresh. And the ceramic tile backsplash with navy blue patterns echos the cabinets and also brings rustic and ethnic beauty to the kitchen, playing a floral and lively backdrop to integrate the matte navy blue cabinets with the wood range hood. Besides, the brass faucet, the brass pendant lights with a birdcage shape, and the brass frames of the stools sparkle up the space and add another layer of texture. Moreover, the black hardware works harmoniously with the cabinets whilst the dark red wood floors form a strong contrast with those light interior design details. 

Traditional Kitchen with Matte Navy Blue Cabinets and Stainless Steel Backsplash

The refreshing look and the sophistication fill the entire kitchen thanks to the matte navy blue cabinets, quartz countertop, and stainless steel details. Stainless steel texture pervades through the kitchen, including the peninsula, the backsplash, the open shelves, and appliances, and casts a serious and clean vibe to the kitchen. Using the ceiling lamps is a terrific idea to adorn the matte navy blue cabinets with a sleek gloss to enhance the quality of the cabinets. And the golden hardware stands out with a luxurious touch.  

Mid-century Kitchen with Matte Navy Blue Cabinets and Brass Hardware

Simple and clear lines of the cabinetry and backsplash make up for a friendly cooking environment, flowing a vibrant vibe of a mid-century style. Two-tone cabinetry of wood upper cabinets and matte navy blue cabinets offers a harmonious look to this kitchen and the white porcelain tile backplash add a sleek and glossy texture to balance the matte palette and form a vivid contrast to the blue cabinets while strengthening the elegance of the wood cabinets. The peculiar walnut dividing wall with repeated triangle shapes, walnut cabinets, laminate stools, exposed beams, and the brown wood floors collaborate with each other and warm up the cool atmosphere made up of the blue and white cabinetry. And finally, a modern and  characteristic feeling spreads through the brass trim of the navy blue hood, the golden faucet, the gold and chrome hardware, and the eclectic lighting.

Bold Mediterranean Kitche with Matte Navy Blue Beadboard Cabinets

This compact yet functional kitchen look elegant and delicate. Matte navy blue beadboard cabinets are custom designed to embrace those necessary appliance, forming an integral look. And the patterned ceramic tile backsplash add versatile vitality to the plain cabinetry while the brown slate floors warm up the kitchen. Thanks to those black parts of the space, such as the wall mounted pot rack, the ceiling fan, the heater, and the pendant lights,  the kitchen looks homely and appealing.

Rustic Cottage Kitchen with Matte Navy Blue Cabinets and Terrazzo and Wood Countertop

What a rustic kitchen it is! This kitchen is made of logs creatively and all the logs are presented without any covers. The matte navy blue cabinets look outstanding and calm with the support of full wood environment and the finish make the kitchen elegant. The terrazzo countertop of the cabinet and island strengthens its rough and tough value while the butcher block countertop of the island softens the roughness and offers a quiet place for dinning. In addition, the metal pot rack with an eclectic shape and the metal pendant light put on an industrial look in this raw cottage.

Kitchen Cabinets with Navy Blue Gloss

On the contrary to a matte finish, the gloss finish adds a luxurious, sophisticated and contemporary texture to the blue kitchen cabinets. It looks sleek and expensive and it matches well with clean lines and flat surface to create a feeling of perfectly polished lightness that will make the kitchen spacious and airy.  Furthermore, the navy blue gloss often gives people an impression of precious sapphire, which increases cabinets’ value.

Navy Blue Cabinetry in Metal Gloss with a Beige Island

The open kitchen design consists of laminate cabinets, a wood island, and a terrazzo countertop. The navy blue cabinets in metal gloss look stylish and chic and they complete an integral appearance with the metal hardware and stainless steel appliances.  And the hardware and the laminate shelves with wood veins in the cabinets echo the independent island to narrow down the differences between the cabinets and the island. The functional island incorporates sections of cooking and preparing food to make room for storage of the full-height cabinetry. Moreover, the deep grey plywood floors serve as a sophisticated background for the interior designs.

Glossy Navy Blue Cabinetry with Stainless Steel Countertop

Deep colors bring depth and weight to this kitchen. Glossy navy blue cabinets look like luxurious sapphires with the foil of black solid surface floors while the stainless steel countertop intensifies the glamor of the cabinets with its smooth surface and tough texture. Besides, the stainless steel appliances implanted in the cabinets pair well with the stainless steel backsplash, making the kitchen modern and chic. All those flat and sleek surfaces offer house owners conveniences to clean and maintain, saving owners from heavy housework.

Spacious Kitchen with Glossy Navy Blue Cabinets and Beige Island

Look how spectacular this kitchen is! Full-height flat-panel kitchen cabinets fill this spacious kitchen and their glossy navy blue finish adorns this space with a feeling of serenity and freshness. Unlike other depressing kitchens choosing navy blue as the main color, this kitchen looks more bright and vibrant thanks to the diverse lighting settings. Moreover, the beige island in the middle of the kitchen works as a focal point to balance the two parts of the cabinetry and the cork flooring expands the beige area to pair with the glossy navy blue. Additionally, the stainless steel hood and the pendant lights frame produce a strong modern sense to this kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with Glossy Navy Blue Cabinets and Concrete Floors

This open-plan kitchen offers an industrial design thanks to the glossy navy blue cabinets, concrete floors, metal stools, and the relatively raw wall. The glossy flat panel cabinets look shiny with their light reflection and make the kitchen larger. Besides, the sleek wood countertop with the undermount sink embedded perfectly supports the cabinets in clear lines and solid shapes. The white solid surface backsplash and countertop and the stainless steel appliances intervene in the glossy navy blue cabinets with their texture and natural colors, bettering the overall appearance of the cabinetry.

Glossy Navy Blue Cabinetry with Recycled Glass Countertop

The modern style pervades this kitchen with the glossy navy blue cabinetry, the recycled glass countertop and the stainless steel island. The navy blue cabinetry formulates a calm and sophisticated tone for this kitchen while its gloss finish lightens the deep color. In addition, the unique and rare recycled glass countertop connects the cooking area with the bar table in a waterfall shape. It gives a distinctive look and offers a modern edge, which pairs well with the stainless steel island and appliances, the chrome hardware and the stainless steel stools. The sleek ceramic tile backsplash contrasts softly with the cabinetry and the laminate floors in wood color warm up this cool kitchen.

Mid-century Modern Kitchen with Glossy Navy Blue and Latte Cabinets

This contemporary gallery kitchen seizes the charisma of the 1950s but with a 21st century twist. A two-tone kitchen with bright decors  is a popular design idea in the 1950s while the flat panel cabinets, the combination of white and blue, the stainless steel appliances, and the chrome hardware are acquaintances in a modern kitchen. The glass wall with black metal frames allows more lights in this space and also expresses a modern vibe. The latte cabinets soften the glossy navy blue ones around the fringe of the cabinetry and pair perfectly with the ceramic backsplash and the island in the middle. The eye-catching pendant lights bring a touch of romance to this kitchen.

Grey in Navy Blue Cabinets Kitchen

Grey, as a neutral color, is suitable for the navy blue kitchen cabinets. It can lessen the dreary atmosphere created by navy blue cabinets and sometimes it can make other hues pair with the navy blue cabinets in a harmonious way. Generally, grey can be applied to various parts, such as cabinets, countertops, backsplash, wall paint, and other decorations. Below are the ideas of grey in a navy blue cabinets kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets, Grey Wall and Grey Cement Countertop​

The navy blue cabinets looks elegant in this industrial kitchen. The industrial feeling runs through the brick wall, grey wall paint, and cement application in the countertop and the floor. The rugged texture of the brick wall with lime covered forms a strong contrast to the smooth surfaces of the flat-panel cabinetry, stainless steel countertop of the cabinets, and the cement countertop of the grey island. Stainless steel countertop, along with the chrome hardware, produces a harmonious look while the modern appliance, stainless steel hood, and the simple stools enhances the advanced feel of the kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

This transitional kitchen is home to navy blue cabinets tied together with a refined taste. The flat-panel cabinets offer a humble look, complemented harmoniously by a grey granite countertop. The white grouting on the subway tile backsplash makes the backsplash look refreshed and connects with the white recessed-panel upper cabinets and grey countertop. Besides,  the dark wood open shelves offer space to hold kitchen wares that add vitality to the wall and the wood flooring brings depth and warmth to the kitchen. Chrome hardware on the cabinets softens the sophistication of the navy blue cabinets.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Navy Blue Island and Grey Matchstick Tile Backsplash

Cold and warm shades define the outlook of this Scandinavian kitchen while bringing an inviting ambiance with them. The navy blue island topped with a deep grey granite countertop produced a fresh contrast with the white cabinets, reaching a harmonious balance. And the matchstick tile backsplash with varied shades of grey adds vibrant energy to the foil of the grey ceramic tile backsplash. What makes a focal point in this space is the butcher block dining table attached to the island, creating a smooth chromatic and functional transition. The versatile lighting scheme of this kitchen complements natural lights from the skylights and the glass wall and makes this space warmer.

Navy Blue Cabinetry with Grey Concrete Countertop in a Southwest Kitchen

The multicolored brick backsplash set a colorful keynote of a southwest style for this kitchen. The navy blue cabinets with a grey countertop looks stylish and delicate with the support of brass hardware, stainless steel hood, and metallic appliances. Besides, the open wood shelves and wood cabinets strengthen make the brick wall more attractive and strengthen the natural vibe of the kitchen. The beige plywood flooring and the brass pendant lights warm up the space and bring soothing energy to the kitchen.

Navy Blue Cabinetry with Grey Terrazzo Countertop

The traditional kitchen shouts comfort and serenity with its classic design and owes it to mostly the navy blue cabinetry and the terrazzo countertop. All those embedded appliances adorn the cabinetry with advanced technology and flawless layout while the white subway tile backsplash, along with the daylight from the window, attempts to lighten the cooking area, which is complemented by several lights under the upper cabinets. The red wood floors execute warmth and timeless beauty and form a glamorous contrast to the navy blue cabinets.

Mediterranean Kitchen with Grey Cabinets and Navy Blue Island

How gorgeous this Mediterranean kitchen is! It synthesizes grey, navy blue, beige and white shades masterfully with a sense of power and harmony. The smooth surfaces, characteristic decors, and multiple uses of materials prove the inherent  Mediterranean character of the kitchen. The vaulted ceiling with cement tiles in a braided shape forms a rough yet thoughtful background for other design details and it provides opportunities for the high and magnificent cabinets. The distressed surface of the cabinets cooperates with the stone tile backsplash and the limestone floor, creating a great and natural charisma. The terra-cotta tile backsplash behind the stove pairs well with the beige plaster hood, flowing with a terrific appeal of the Mediterranean style.

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