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9 Smart Ideas for Open Kitchens

open kitchens combined with living rooms

Open kitchens can be designed visually in different ways. Depending on your needs, you can visually separate your living room and kitchen from each other, or combine them with a similar design. These nine ideas for open kitchens will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Establishing connections through similar designs

If you want to coordinate the cooking and living areas to create a particularly comfortable atmosphere. Then you can choose a dining table with the same wood tone as the kitchen counter or chairs with similar nuances to the front of the kitchen cabinets. Repeating the same materials, colors and shapes easily create a connection between the living area and the kitchen.

Small kitchen and living room combination

Delineate the open kitchen through glass doors

If you are not quite sure if an open kitchen is right for your design concept, then room dividers are the best solution. For example, sliding glass doors may be a good compromise for you. Glass doors allow enough light into the kitchen that they can be opened or closed as needed. This means that if you want to talk to your guests while you are cooking. You can leave the glass door open.

open kitchen cabinets with partition

Use different floors for visual differentiation

In the kitchen, most people prefer a surface that is easy to care for. For kitchens, tile is usually the first choice. For living areas, tile gives the impression of being cold and uncomfortable. This is why wood flooring are preferred. If you choose a different floor covering for the kitchen area than for the living area, you will create clear visual separation.

different flooring for open kitchen and living room

Smart choice of open kitchen shape

You can choose an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen or a kitchen island. In principle, almost any kitchen shape is suitable for an open kitchen. When planning a kitchen, you can also make particularly clever use of its shape by placing it in a position where it can be used as a room divider.

choice of open kitchen shape

Open kitchen with counter

One of the key questions when planning an open kitchen is where should there be seating? In addition to large dining tables, small counters where guests, roommates, friends, or family can sit, drink and eat near the chef are popular. The countertop of a cooking island can be made a little wider, or an additional countertop can be added to create a sort of counter so that there is enough room for legs.

open kitchen with counter

Open kitchen with cooking island

A popular alternative to a kitchen with counters is a freestanding cooking island. But this type of kitchen requires more space. Freestanding cooking islands are very versatile, for example for cooking, for the sink, or as additional storage space. The advantage of an open kitchen with a cooking island is that it creates spatial boundaries for other living spaces.

open kitchen cabinets with freestanding cooking island

Pay attention to the order

For open kitchens, if you don’t pay attention to the order, then it can quickly look untidy. This is especially annoying to you if you see a messy kitchen directly from a tidy living area. If you tend to keep things neat, you should leave worktops as empty as possible and leave shelves open. It is also important to plan enough storage space with the right kitchen cabinets so that there is enough room for kitchen utensils, small kitchen appliances, and crockery.

open kitchen cabinets storage systems

Choose quiet kitchen equipment

If you choose an open kitchen, then you can choose quieter kitchen appliances. After all, it’s not particularly comfortable if you’re chatting while the refrigerator, dishwasher, or range hood buzzes loudly in the background. Many electronic devices are now available in silent versions. Therefore, when choosing appliances for your kitchen, you should pay special attention to these versions.

Small open kitchen

With the perfect furniture, you can plan an open kitchen for a small living room with a small kitchen. Open kitchen design is something that requires special attention, especially for one-bedroom apartments or so-called “tiny houses”. If the space is small, we recommend building higher, because every centimeter is usually important.

small L-shaped kitchen cabinets

What are the advantages and disadvantages of open plan kitchens?

An open kitchen has advantages, such as it creates a comfortable atmosphere. But it also has its disadvantages. To some extent, the lack of doors limits your privacy and you need quieter kitchen appliances so that you are not disturbed in the living area. A well-functioning range hood is also important so that odors are not distributed too much in the room. Before you decide whether to use an open kitchen, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of an open kitchen.



A place to socialize  

Less privacy due to the open room design  

Comfortable atmosphere  

Low noise kitchen appliances required

Lots of space

Cannot be implemented in every room

How much does an open kitchen cost?

For open kitchens, you need more space and usually more budget. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the kitchen and living room furniture should be coordinated, and on the other hand, it has to do with quieter kitchen appliances, which are usually a bit more expensive. Depending on the shape, materials, and appliances you choose, the price of your kitchen can vary greatly.

Find the right kitchen specialist

kitchen cabinet from China

When planning an open kitchen, you can get the best support from a professional consultant. Parlun will help you find the best kitchen solution for your home. Just contact our professional consultants and then, you can plan the kitchen of your dreams and get a free quote.

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