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Matching kitchen appliances for small kitchen

appliances for small kitchen

Save Space In The Kitchen With Small Appliances

The kitchen appliances can take up scarce storage space in small kitchen cabinets. But don’t worry, there are clever solutions for the small kitchen cabinets, so you don’t have to go without anything. Compact kitchen appliances or combination solutions are good ideas when space is limited. Below you will find out which devices are suitable for small kitchens. On top of that, we give tips on choosing the right appliance for your small kitchen.

Practical Tips For Buying Kitchen Appliances For Small Kitchens

Limiting the essential kitchen appliances may seem necessary to get more storage space in the small kitchen. However, it is not necessarily. The goal should be not to accept any loss of comfort despite the small area. This requires planning and knowledge.

Tips For Buying Kitchen Appliances

Tips for choosing kitchen appliances when space is limited:

  • Only buy the kitchen appliances that you really need.
  • Choose built-in appliances because they make the kitchen look more uniform.
  • If there is little space between the wall and the kitchen unit or two kitchen units, opt for an oven with a retractable door.
  • Reduce the number of devices and choose combination devices.
  • Opt for small kitchen appliances if they can be combined with your everyday kitchen life.
  • Consider top space: You can plan several kitchen appliances on top of the cabinet if you have space for a tall appliance cabinet.
  • Make the best use of corners by planning a corner sink or corner cabinets that offer easy access.

If you have specific questions about kitchenware, you can contact us to get a catalog. We can meet your different needs for kitchenware and provide reasonable suggestions.

Clever Appliance Solutions Especially For Small Kitchens

Many manufacturers offer special appliance solutions, especially for small kitchen cabinets :

Small kitchen cabinet appliances in a compact (compact = low appliance height of around 45 cm) or narrow design

Space-saving combination devices that combine several devices

Compact appliances with a low height: a flexible solution for the small kitchen cabinets

If you don’t have much space but want to retain the functionality and comfort of the small kitchen, you should use compact devices. Compact ovens and microwaves with a practical height of 45 cm, such as kitchen cabinets offered by Parlun, can be combined with other compact appliances and installed in a tall cabinet to save space.

oven installed in a tall cabinet
oven installed in a tall cabinet

Find yourself which compact kitchen appliances can be combined depending on the space in the kitchen, even if there is little space:

  • compact oven
  • built-in microwave
  • built-in steamer
  • Built-in coffee machine
  • warming drawer

Compact appliances with a slim design: particularly attractive for single kitchens

There is no space in the small kitchen for standard-width kitchen appliances. Appliances with a narrow design are especially suitable for single kitchens. But consider this: These small kitchen appliances are less suitable for “heavy cookers” or families and are more alternative for singles or couples.

single kitchen with appliance

The following kitchen appliances are available in a narrow design:

  • Narrow dishwashers
  • Small hobs

Instead of considering using a dishwasher or washing by hand because of space, plan for a narrow device in the kitchen. A so-called single dishwasher is only 45 cm wide and is perfectly adequate for a two-person household.

Single kitchens often use a hob with a maximum width of 60 centimeters to solve space problems and increase cooking area. But there is even more space-saving: Singles and students can also switch to a hob that is only around 30 cm wide. This prerequisite is that everyday kitchen work can be handled through two electric stoves.

Space-saving combination appliances for small kitchens

In addition, all common kitchen appliance manufacturers also offer combination appliances, so-called 2-in-1 solutions. A combi-steam oven, for example, combines a cooker and a steamer as a practical 2-in-1 appliance. As a single device, it is comparatively more expensive. However, it should be remembered that it combines the advantages of several kitchen appliances while saving space. This is a wise choice for those who want different kitchen appliances in a limited space.

combi-steam oven design

The following combination devices are available:

  • Ovens with microwave and/or steamer
  • Steam cooker with microwave
  • Hobs with extractor fan

Choosing the suitable combination device depends on your preferences.

The microwave oven is ideal for those who want to fast heat food in the microwave oven at night. At the same time, valuable space is retained on the worktop. On the other hand, if you like to prepare food with steam, you can choose a compact oven with a steam function or a steamer with a microwave instead of a separate steamer. And if you don’t have space for an extractor hood above the hob and you have the budget to do so, you can also plan for a hob with an integrated extractor hood.

hob with an integrated extractor hood

If you would like to find out more about combi appliances: We are familiar with the products of the oven with microwave function and hobs with extractor hood so that we can provide you with professional purchasing advice. In the meantime, we can recommend kitchen appliances for you according to your needs and your usual usage habits.

TIP: Ovens with a microwave or steamer plus a retractable door are ideal for cooking in a small space because they don’t restrict freedom of movement.

More Equipment And Planning Solutions For Kitchens Under 10 Square Meters

The following kitchen appliances cannot be grouped into any of the above categories, but they represent practical solutions for small kitchens that we would like to share with you:

Small refrigerators in miniature dimensions for the student kitchen

kitchen with Mini fridges

Mini fridges with little or no freezer compartment are common in single kitchens. Fridge-freezer combinations, available from a height of 122 cm, are the best choice for modern single kitchens. As for mini-fridges, we have various styles. If you have a demand for buying small refrigerators, please consult us to get the product catalog.

Extractor hoods integrated into the wall unit for more storage space in the small kitchen

built-in extractor hoods

Although a wall hood with a flat hood screen can be used as a shelf, built-in extractor hoods such as flat-screen hoods or substructure hoods are optimal for small kitchens. So we also can do wall cabinets above the cooking surface.

Modular dishwasher for the single kitchen

dishwasher for the single kitchen

There are also modular dishwashers 60 cm wide and only 45 cm high, which can also be installed high up or under sloping ceilings. Free-standing tabletop dishwashers are also available.

Functional sinks for small kitchens

Functional sinks for small kitchens

If a single-room kitchen doesn’t have room for a dishwasher or only a few dishes are used, most kitchen plans will use a sink without a drainboard. You can put a cutting board on the sink to gain more workspace. Suitable models are available directly from the manufacturer. We have various models of functional sinks to meet the needs of small kitchens. Check out the narrow multipurpose sink from Parlun, which is relatively priced at low prices to local suppliers. A corner sink is also an option for a corner kitchen. In this way, an easily accessible work surface is retained.

Small width washing machines

Small width washing machines

You will face an additional hurdle if you also have to accommodate your washing machine in the small kitchen. Small washing machines are recommended. However, the space requirement of narrow front loaders is obvious. The situation is different for top-loaded models, which have a width of 40 cm.

Where Can You Buy Space-Saving Kitchen Appliances?

In addition to standard appliances, kitchen appliance manufacturers now offer a wide range of space-saving kitchen appliances for small kitchen cabinets, which can be purchased from specialist retailers. However, the prices vary considerably depending on the manufacturer, size, and functions. You have to consider it carefully.

Although fewer dishes fit in narrow dishwashers than standard appliances, they are cheaper to buy and consume less energy. Small dishwashers are a natural alternative to the standard device, especially for single households. With ovens, on the other hand, we need to think about what additional functions are required.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

In China, there are many professional suppliers.  If you need to buy space-saving kitchen appliances or custom small kitchen cabinets from China, you might contact us and we can give you advice according to your actual needs.

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