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Design ideas for small kitchen

Design ideas for small kitchen

Visually enlarge small kitchens with color and light

In principle, there are no limits to the design and layout of small kitchens – families, couples, or singles. However, some styles and designs are less suitable for small rooms. A country kitchen, for example, can’t look right in such a small space, and country-style decor elements take up a lot of space. But with the right fronts, worktops, or kitchen splashbacks and the proper lighting, small kitchens can appear more prominent.

Design The Small Kitchen With Color And Light

Design The Small Kitchen With Color And Light

Glossy or matt, light or dark – color and light influence our mood. Although suitable for everyday use and functionality, the kitchen should appear inviting and homely. A harmonious color concept, a uniform front look, and the proper lighting make the small kitchen cabinets look modern and more extensive.

Which colors are suitable for the small kitchen cabinets?

When we talk about kitchen design, white is generally a classic choice. But this color is particularly suitable for small kitchen cabinets. White looks bright and timeless and reflects light better than other colors. In addition, it suits the puristic modern kitchen and the country kitchen. If all white in the kitchen is too boring for you, you can choose from light natural tones or pastel nuances. These colors ensure a homely atmosphere even where space is limited. Light colors, especially in combination with glass in the kitchen, loosen up the look of kitchen cabinets in the small kitchen and make the room appear larger.

Light gray small kitchen cabinets
Light color small kitchen cabinets

Dark fronts set strong accents and appear high quality. Black kitchen cabinets, in particular, are trendy at the moment, but they can quickly become overwhelming in a small kitchen. Light grey kitchen cabinets are more suitable for small kitchens. Both colors can also be combined; they will be more suitable for open kitchens. If your kitchen has a little wall or only a few cabinets, colored countertops and sinks will also fit you. If you only use this small kitchen for a few years, you can also be consciously braver when it comes to colors.

Use patterned wallpaper and kitchen splashbacks, specifically in the small kitchen

Wallpaper and patterns can also be used in the small kitchen. However, it is recommended to use less expressive patterns and bright colors in small spaces, for example, by decorating only one wall or part of the wall with wallpaper.

patterned wallpaper for kitchen

Some Chinese manufacturers have unique wallpapers for kitchens and wet areas in their range, which is insensitive to moisture, and some are even washable. The splashback of the small kitchen can also be designed with patterns. Some manufacturers have glass back panels with various decorative motifs. We have a variety of wallpaper for you to choose from. If you have purchase requirements can contact us to get the product catalog.

TIP: A pop of color to the kitchen niche or the ceiling. However, the ceiling should be painted lighter than the walls. Otherwise, the ceiling will look like a downwards feeling.

Try with different light sources and optically enlarge your small kitchen

Small kitchens often only have a small window or, in many apartments, even without a window. Because there is little or no daylight, the topic of light in the kitchen plays a decisive role, especially in small kitchens. Since light makes a small room appear larger.

lighting for small kitchen

It is essential to have basic lighting in the room and functional lighting of the worktop and hob for optimal work in the small kitchen. Indirect lighting, also known as mood lighting, creates a homely atmosphere.

Practical Tips On How To Put Small Kitchens In The Limelight

As is well known, there is no arguing about taste. Nevertheless, it is advisable to follow certain rules when designing kitchens under 10 square meters to make the kitchen appear larger and not overload it.

  • Light colors convey lightness and space.
  • High-gloss fronts reflect the light and are also easier to clean.
  • Small kitchens without wall cabinets look spacious.
  • If you can’t do without wall units, open or staggered wall units make the small room appear airier.
  • Wall units with glass doors display beautiful crockery and glassware and appear lighter when arranged neatly.
  • Fronts without handles appear calmer and also reduce the risk of knocks.
  • With wide pull-outs and drawers, the front becomes uniform and spacious.
  • Colorful accents can be set with food processors such as mixers, kettles, or dough kneading machines.
  • Whether it’s an entrance or a built-in cupboard – sliding doors don’t take up any space.

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